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  1. Shelley Suspended 10 games for hit from behind

    Video explanations are excellent. Now they need to make the War Room put out the same for In-Game video reviews. Won't have to be during the game, but at least afterwards showing why they called it a goal/no goal.
  2. Is that you Harlan - I thought you only wrote about basketball.
  3. NHL itinerary for the "Shanahan Summit"

    Hmmm I thought the blue line was already going all the way across...
  4. Where will the Wings play next year?

    They'll be playing at "Rink of Dreams" for the price of 1 Starting Goalie Position.
  5. Larionov Daughters' Music Video

    Because I'm sure he watched the 1 hour Disney special in the afternoon of the 24th every year, just like I used to in Denmark. Probably doesn't mean as much to kids these days, with 8 channels blasting out cartoon 24/7, but back then we started looking forward to that show in October.
  6. KHL After McCarty

    Am I the only one thinking....
  7. Hudler is a "LOSER". Literally

    Difference is - you can't buy a goal in the playoffs...
  8. Game 1: Lidstrom will play, Ericsson questionable

    Better believe Datsyuk will be there. Wearing the special skate tested in todays practice....
  9. Stevie Y in Liverpool

    Man, another good reason to like The Captain.... Remember buying my Liverpool gear when I was 10 or so, and wearing it until it fit like Sammy Lee's.
  10. Columbus Stomps on Chicago

    Watched the game from the second row and that Kane-Kid is pretty good. Not exactly a showcase of great goaltending, and neither team impressed, but fun to see so many "old friends". Interesting enough, 3 of the Blackhawks starting lineup were Red Wings-"rejects" (Williams, Lang and Sobel). ....and yes - Lang was lazy and he sucked, but Federov's still cruising.