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  1. Video explanations are excellent. Now they need to make the War Room put out the same for In-Game video reviews. Won't have to be during the game, but at least afterwards showing why they called it a goal/no goal.
  2. Is that you Harlan - I thought you only wrote about basketball.
  3. Hmmm I thought the blue line was already going all the way across...
  4. They'll be playing at "Rink of Dreams" for the price of 1 Starting Goalie Position.
  5. Because I'm sure he watched the 1 hour Disney special in the afternoon of the 24th every year, just like I used to in Denmark. Probably doesn't mean as much to kids these days, with 8 channels blasting out cartoon 24/7, but back then we started looking forward to that show in October.
  6. Am I the only one thinking....
  7. Difference is - you can't buy a goal in the playoffs...
  8. Better believe Datsyuk will be there. Wearing the special skate tested in todays practice....
  9. Man, another good reason to like The Captain.... Remember buying my Liverpool gear when I was 10 or so, and wearing it until it fit like Sammy Lee's.
  10. Watched the game from the second row and that Kane-Kid is pretty good. Not exactly a showcase of great goaltending, and neither team impressed, but fun to see so many "old friends". Interesting enough, 3 of the Blackhawks starting lineup were Red Wings-"rejects" (Williams, Lang and Sobel). ....and yes - Lang was lazy and he sucked, but Federov's still cruising.