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  2. jagr68

    Helm hates Pittsburgh also

    That is unfortunate about his girlfriend, if true, and I understand that we are supposed to hate Pittsburgh because Crosby plays for them and they beat us last year but you can go to any arena in any city and any sport and have something bad happen to you. People from Pittsburgh have stories about things that happened at the Joe the last two years. To say that they have the most classless fans is a stretch. The problem is evey team always has a few fans that take things to far. To label a whole city or team as classless because of a few fans may not be fair. From what I understand, going to a Flyers game wearing another team's jersey wouldn't always be wise. I'd say they have the worst fans, but that doesn't mean that every Flyers fan acts like that.
  3. jagr68

    Don Cherry's Comments

    Really this comes down to if you like Ovechkin better than Crosby. I may be one of the few that like both of these players. I think Sid is the best playmaker in the league, and probably the smartest player and one of the best skaters and plays good two way hockey (Yes, not as good as Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Hossa), but better than most top forwards. Alex is a beast who has top speed, a hard shot, can hit and the best pure goal scorer. If you like Ovechkin better you're one of those people that still call Crosby a whiner because he complained about getting his teeth knocked out by Hatcher his rookie year and there was no call on the play. People can't get over that. Let them never forget if it helps them sleep. Ovechkin hit a Tampa player from behind on the glass about a month ago and the guy was injured. Play was stopped and he was taken off the ice. Can't remember his name, just a role player, but he still hasn't played since. Nobody talked about it, no fine, no suspension. If that was Crosby everybody would be calling for his head. People see the clip of him "jumping" that Toronto player off the face off, what the clip doesn't show is that same Toronto player slew footed Sid on the opening face off of the game. When you like Ovechkin you tend to ignore things he does that are not so great, and if you like Sid better you tend to do the same thing. Just last game against Florida, Ovechkin got a stick in the face and he went up to the ref and was trying to figure why there wasn't a penalty. People are not calling him a whiner. Lecavalier got sticked in the face a few games back and he was pretty upset and confronted the ref, and no one is calling him a whiner. Ovechkin did score with 20 seconds left to make it 6-2 Florida, and he didn't celebrate. Crosby's comments were actually directed towards Ovechkin taking shots at people after the whistle. That isnt anything new anybody who watches Caps games a lot knows that. He wasn't referring to his goal scoring antics, so you have to take Sid out of the equation and focus on what Cherry said, not Sid. Crosby does celebrate after big goals, he wasn't calling Alex out about his celebrations. Problem Sid has is that anything he says or does, he is under a microscope. I agree with what Cherry said because he is right. I like Ovechkin and I'm one of a few that hope he can break Gretzky's goal scoring record, but I'm tired of his celebrations too. It's one thing to score a big goal, like a big goal towards the end of the game, or a OT in the season or playoffs, or even a milestone goal, but this guy celebrates like every goal is a playoff winner. Last night Iginla broke the Flames points record and in the same game, Lecavalier scored his 300th career goal, you wouldn't know by watching the two celebrate. They have class and they have scored and will score again. Basically, Don is probably making a bigger deal out of it than it really is, but he is right when he says you really shouldn't rub it in the other teams face because it makes them want to take a run at you. No one has done it yet, but he is saying don't be surprised if it happens. No NHL player or team likes to be embarrassed. He named a few players, but just Mario or Yzerman for example, sometimes those guys wouldn't even raise a their stick when they scored. Brett Hull is another one. So yeah, if you're a Ovechkin fan, his celebrations are justified, if you don't they are not.
  4. jagr68

    Sidney Crosby is leading by the example

    Wow, lots of Malkin/Pens bashing. The Crosby whining talk isn't suprising, you see lots of that here and other places. I think it will take a few more years for people to forget things he did his rookie year. It took a few years for Mario and Wayne to lose the whiner label, but then again, some still see them today as whiners. I remember Yzerman was sometimes called a whiner. But he lost that label early on. I can't say Sid didn't whine his rookie year, cause he did. But he was 18 and he was young. He still is young. He is much more mature and it a true leader. But people won't let it go. Very odd. The problem Crosby has is that he has so many cameras on him. If he talks to a ref about a bad call, non call, etc, people want to jump on him and call him a whiner. All captains and assistant captains talk to the refs about the happenings in a game. He used to talk to them before he was a 'A' or 'C', (surely not the only player that does so) some will call that leadership others call it whining. Objective. You can watch any game and see players interact with the refs, but if Sid does it, it's whining. People here used to dislike Ken Hitchcock, but the other year he comes out and says Sid whines and dives and now his word is gold. Far as Malkin, I'm not sure where one can accuse him of whining. What he is saying is, he is not sure why Ovechkin goes out of his way to take runs at him. He can take a hit and knows hitting is part of the game. But if you watch the games, Ovechkin goes out of his way to hit him. In fact, it cost the Caps a goal last season by OV putting himself out of the play to go and hit Malkin, that resulted in a odd man rush. Like someone else said, their is something going on between them and no one really knows what. Well, I'm sure some do, but it isn't known to the public. So this is just making a big deal out of nothing. Malkin doesn't know why OV goes out of his way to hit him. So what. I know that any team I played for where a player would put himself out of position to hit a guy would get disiplined by the coach, especially if it cost us a goal. Malkin didn't say the hits were dirty, because for the most part, they are not, just ill advised. I've had guys go out of their way to hit me, and it would confuse me to. Especially when I didn't have the puck. People love OV and I used to like him more. But taking runs and actually trying to injure someone isn't very wise or respectful. People want to say Malkin is a ***** and such. Malkin plays a far different style than OV. OV is a aggressive player, Malkin isn't. One could argue that OV is more of a ***** to go after a guy like Malkin. It's all in your perspective. If OV played against the Wings more than once a year and everytime they played he took runs at Datsyuk people here would not be praising him so much. That's what OV does to Malkin. He is trying to injure him. Claude Lemieux intentonally injured Draper many years back, and Colorado fans thought that was funny. Whether you like the Pens or not, or any team, seeing a guy trying to injure someone else intentionally isn't exactly something great. Far as Malkins hit on Semin. It's borderline. Fans of Don Cherry would agree it wasn't a dirty hit. He had the puck, saw Malkin and turned his back to him. Malkin hit him. He didn't rock him but he didn't back off as much as he could have. He could of leveled him but he didn't. He didn't exactly take it easy though. Cherry sees those plays all the time. He always says never turn your back on a guy coming at you. Semin did just that. I can't totally defend Malkin because he could have eased up, but on the other hand, it's a bonehead play by Semin. Not sure if someone mentioned Malkin ducking a hit by OV, if not, someone will. There isn't much to say about that. Any smart hockey player would avoid getting hit, so Malkin dodged it. I can't say I ever chose to take a hit over avoiding it. Whether that makes Malkin a ***** or a smart hockey player is debatable, but the fact that he he didn't get hit and didn't get injured should say it was more on the smart side.
  5. I think of all the teams that have won the Cup last few years, the Wings have the more talent to do it back to back. They are one of a few teams to not only win the Cup but actually get better in the off season. Watching the Pens play through the playoffs, and how well they played, and I was rooting for them to beat the Wings, as they are my top two favorite teams, but the way the Wings played, owning pretty much the whole series. The way the Wings made the Pens look bad many times in the series, the Wings are a very talented team that only got better by getting Hossa. Saying it's easy isn't the right word, but compared to other teams that have won in recent memory, seems the Wings have the best odds. Like others have pointed out, simply desire and staying injury free, they will be very very tough to beat. But anything can happen. They can be number one in the league again and win over 60 games, but lose to a hungry team in the 1st round. I guess what most can agree on, is on paper, they should repeat. They were the best last year, and no matter what team improved, the Wings improved also. As a Pens fan, I have to admit no team stacks up to the Wings when you look at all four lines and defense. Sure I'd take Malkin and Sid over anybody on the Wings, but as a team, no team can compare. Can't wait for hockey to start. Watching the Pens and Bolts on Centre Ice, and the Wings on local TV, can't beat that!
  6. jagr68

    More proof that Ovechkin is basically awesome

    Yeah can't really argue that. If it was Dats or Zetts getting the media attention Sid gets, most people here would be all for it. But if you went to other message boards, they would say how much they suck. Just how it works. No matter how great Sid is, some people will always think he sucks. And same goes for Ovechkin. For every guy that thinks he's the best, you can count on another thinking he sucks. Still, surprises me how many people compare them and who is better. They play two different styles. Sid will never score 50 goals. He isn't a sniper, he's a set up guy who can also score. Sid is more like Joe Thornton, but obviously better. Ovechkin is a pure sniper, like Kovalchuk. When people compare the two, what are they comparing? Any given year that each of them play (injury free) Alex will, and should, have more goals and Sid should,and will have more assists. Just a few short years ago, people complained that the league didn't have a player that was marketed so non hockey fans would even know who he is. The league and fans wanted a face of the game after Wayne and Mario left. Now they have one and they still complain. The same in the NBA. They chose Labron James and you can still find tons of people that think he sucks and how other guys should be in his place. You can't please everybody. Like the other year when Ken Hitchcock calls Sid a diver than all of a sudden you have Hitchcock bandwagon fans here and other places saying the same thing. Maybe Ken's word is golden, who knows. If Ken says he's a diver, than he is. I love OV. And I think he should be marketed more. But even if he was, after a while people would complain his broken english is no longer funny, they would say it's pathetic, he's been here for a few years now, learn to speak proper english. No matter who is on top, people want to complain and bring them down. People did it to Wayne, Mario, Jagr, Forsberg, and now Sid. But like someone else said. Both of them are getting paid their millions. They could care less what the other is doing. They are good friends. Any time they play each other, they tend to get food before the game or atleast pass the puck around on the ice hours before the game. Same with Malkin, him and Alex usually sit in the stands for a while and chat on gameday. The league can market who they want, the fans can hate it or love it, but the players make their money either way. Ken Hitchcock calls Sid a diver and everybody else jumps on the bandwagon. "Hey, if Ken says Sid is a diver, then he is." That's when it all started.
  7. jagr68

    More proof that Ovechkin is basically awesome

    I love OV too, and it was a great article to read. But I don't see how this makes him better than Crosby. Many players train in July in the off season. Some players train at the end of June, and some players train all year around. None of us know if Crosby or any other superstar happens to be training right now. Far as ESPN naming Sid the NHL player of the year? Much as I like Sid, I can't agree to that either. But like many have pointed out, it's fan voting so what does that even mean. How many times did Mario put up numbers far better than Gretzky (once he left Edmonton, when his numbers mysteriously declined) but people still looked at Gretzky as the best player in the world. OV had better numbers last year but played more games than Sid. If you take points per game the two of them were neck to neck.
  8. jagr68

    A Pittsburgh columnist with a clue

    Yeah, I can see why Pens fans would be frustrated. I wanted Hossa to stay in Pittsburgh like any Pens fan. I think the problem people have is that many times Hossa and his agent said Pittsburgh was his number one choice to play. I think that had he not said that, the Pens fans wouldn't be so upset. When the free agency period started, I didn't even really think to much about Hossa. I just assumed he would resign with the Pens based on his comments. So it was a surprise to find out he went to Detroit. As far as him going to Detroit, I can't really blame him. The Pens are my favorite team but the Wings by far have the best chance of winning the Cup this coming season. So if he can take less money than offered to play for the Wings one year, fine. Can't blame a guy for wanting to win the Cup. Many in Pittsburgh feel he only signed one year because he plans to win the Cup then go back to Pittsburgh. So maybe you won't hear all those boos that the writer says you will. At the same time, I have heard that he will resign with Detroit after this year because their will be more cap money after the end of next season. Who knows, I'm sure Hossa doesn't even know yet. This season has yet to start so I doubt he has plans for next year.
  9. jagr68

    Anybody going to the games in Pittsburgh

    Yes. My buddy and I are making the 6 hour trip from Michigan to Pittsburgh for game 3. My brother lives there and had two tickets but a medical emergency in his family won't allow him to be there so we are going to buy them. I'll be wearing my Crosby jersey most likely and he'll be sporting his Red Wing gear. Should be exciting!
  10. jagr68

    Crosby is back tonight

    Yeah I am excited. Hopefully he is fully healthy. They been showing clips of him the last few weeks skating, shooting, and practicing with the team. He looked ready to play over two weeks ago, but I guess it's best to not rush anything. Also helped the Pens have been playing so well without him, he didn't feel like he had to be rushed back to save them. Tonight should be interesting for me. Pens vs. Bolts. My gf's favorite team against mine. If the Pens win i'll be happy, but on the other hand, won't be good for me...
  11. jagr68

    Is Crosby the best player in the world?

    Sure you'll take a D man that plays 30 minutes a night over a forward that plays 20. But come on, any forward would love to play 30 minutes a night. But teams tend to have four forward lines, and three sets of D (typically). Some teams have a extra D or extra forward that goes out every so often. Could a forward play 30 minutes a game? Sure, most of them are in great shape, some better than others. Playing forward you skate a lot more than D. But a guy like Ovechkin, Crosby, Kovalchuk, etc, these guys have the endurance to skate 30 minutes a game. You just can't really give forwards 30 minutes of ice, because you're going to have one line that will hardly get out there.
  12. jagr68

    Is Crosby the best player in the world?

    I don't know what you mean by Ovechkin has outperformed him. His rookie year? Yes. Ovechkin had more points his rookie year, but since then he hasn't. He has more points than Crosby now, but Crosby is injured. When Crosby last played a game, he was tied with Vecavalier with 63pts, to lead the league. Crosby played two or three less games. He was top of the league with his points per game average. I don't like comparing the two because I do like both of them. But you have to remember, Ovechkin came to the NHL at 20 from the Russia Super Elite League. Most would say the top Euro league. Playing against guys good enough for the NHL and guys who used to be in the NHL. Crosby came from the Q, playing junior hockey against guys slightly older than him. So Sid's jump from the Q to the NHL was much more of a change than Ovechkin's jump from Russia to the NHL. Hockey purists don't forget that, and realize how special he is to come to the league and play at such a high level as a rookie and to get better so quick. The idea of even talking about Crosby as possibly being the league's best player adds to the arguement. When is the last time in the NHL you could even consider a player at 18, 19, or 20 being the best in the world, or close to the best? Probably not since Mario or Wayne. Lindros? When he came in he was good, but most wouldn't say he was the best in the world. Better than Wayne or Mario? No. They like to focus on Crosby becaue he is Canadian, no doubt. Any country would love to have their player be the best in the world. Just as the USA is proud of players like Modano. What is great about Crosby though, is how he performs on such a high level every night and at such a young age. Assuming this injury he has doesn't bother him again, and he doesn't get hampered by another injury, the thought of how good Crosby WILL BE in five, six, or seven years down the road is something to look forward too. People question whether he is the best right now, he isn't even in his prime yet. He is compared to guys like Heatley, Thornton, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Iginla, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, and even Malkin. Only three of those guys are under 25. Most players hit their price 25-28 or so. The media does favor him. Is he boring to listen to in interviews? Sure. A lot of players are. Because he gets interviewed more than any other player he would appear to be the most boring player. He does a lot of interviews for FSN Pittsburgh and talks to the media after each practice. He is actually pretty funny, him and Colby Armstrong making fun of each other in interviews, for example (Now that Colby is traded....eek). They don't tend to show that stuff on mainstream networks. The doesn't always work in his favor. When the league picks you as the future of the game, the savior, the next Gretzky, you can't always say what you want. You sort of have to keep it simple and clean. They want to promote this guy to everybody, to get anybody to watch the sport. It hurts a guy like Ovechkin no doubt, because he has such a awesome personality and is really funny, especially with his broken english. Imagine if Crosby were to tell the press, "All I want is to score goal." I wouldn't doubt if Crosby or another Canadian player said that it would come off looking selfish, but when Ovechkin says it it's pretty funny. And it really is. I'd love to see Ovechkin host SNL, he is really a unique and funny personality. It's a shame he isn't promoted as much as Sid. On the other hand, it's not Sid's fault he isn't promoted as much. He doesn't ask for the media attention. People hold it against him though for a reason why they don't like him or why he sucks. But is Sid the best player. Much like Mario vs. Wayne, it's all opinion. You'll find people who think Sid is the best player right now, like me, and others would wouldn't even put him in the top 10. I think winning a Art Ross Trophy with lackluster teammates is very impressive. He did not play with Malkin all the time last year, less than half the season, so to collect more points than anyone, playing with guys like Armstrong, Talbot, Recchi, Christenson, LeClair, and whatever nobody's they had wit him last year not named Malkin is impressive. Great players make guys around them better. Crosby was able to perform with below average players. People are surprised that Richards numbers dropped since the big contract. His best linemate Modin got traded, and Richards numbers dropped. He couldn't really find chemistry with anybody except Vinny and St. Louis, and they wanted to avoid having the big three on one line because they would be a one line team, easier to shut down. He appears to have some decent linemates and picked up 5 assists in his first game with Dallas, and I believe only one goal was a PP goal. Great players need great linemates, but to be a step above a great player, you can make your linemates better. I do agree though, that Malkin isn't talked about all that much now that he is leading the league. Maybe they feel it's only temporary. When Lecavalier gets his game back maybe he'll pass him, or when Ovechkin gets out of his slump, he'll pass him. But Malkin is in a slump too. He at one point had 30pts in 15 games without Sid. I think he only has 2pts his last 4 or 5 games. Malkin was always this good. But before he didn't play first line when him and Sid were separated, and also, when he did play with Sid he played wing. Malkin said it's tough for him to play wing, he prefers center. So to put them together, one of them has to play wing. They are both better centers than wings.
  13. jagr68

    Hossa To Pittsburgh

    Yeah, they say Hossa will want a lot. 10 million? Maybe. I think when Sid took that discount, that made some people think that it will help lower the rising salaries. So far, it hasn't. Ovechkin signed for even more. I think with Sid getting 8.7 million, it would be hard as a agent (Let's say I'm Hossa's agent) to argue why he should get more than Sid. Sid is MVP, Art Ross Trophy winner and a captain of his team. I can't think of much of a arguement for Hossa to not just demand more, but to even think he should even get 8 million. Sid won't be the highest paid player in the league for atleast the next 5 years, and many would say he is already the best, and probably will continue to get better. Problem is, even though a guy like Hossa doesn't deserve Sid's money, some NHL team will pay him. And as long as a team is willing to overpay players, Sid taking that discount really won't change a thing.
  14. jagr68

    Hossa To Pittsburgh

    Yeah, as probably the biggest Pens fan on here. My first reaction was that is great. The Pens need a scoring winger for Sid so they don't have to play him and Malkin together all the time. Malkin likes to play with Sid but said he has a hard time playing wing. He's a natural center. That could be one reason he has 32pts in the 18 games without Sid. He is playing his natural position, plus more ice time. Anyone who has watched has seen the Malone/Malkin/Sykora line play very well almost every game. They seem to dominate every time they are out there. With Sid coming back sooner than later you can keep the Malkin line together and add Hossa with Sid. So now you have two very good scoring threats out there. Critics for a while of the Pens feel that there is no winger on that team that can play at Sid's level. They have tried Armstrong, Malone, Christensen, and Sykora. Malkin and him played very well, but they became a one line team and Malkin wasn't playing his best hockey as a winger. Did they give up too much? It's hard to say now. Like many have pointed out, Christensen has some of the best hands in the league, mainly in a shootout, but for some reason he has a hard time using those same hands in a game. He scored a few pretty goals, but that's it. Armstrong, like many fans know is a 3rd or 4th liner at best. They tried him with Sid most of the time because they are best friends, but he just doesn't have enough skill or smarts to stay on a first line with Sid, or probably any team. He does hit though, it's about the only thing he is good for on the ice, but that's it. His biggest asset is he was a very popular guy not only in the locker room but the city. He was very funny and is great towards the fans. My take: Losing Armstrong and Christensen for Hossa (and Dupuis) made the team better on the ice. It may effect the chemestry a bit by losing Armstrong, but only time will show if that effects how they play on the ice. The 1st round draft pick? The way things are going, they will finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th best overal in the standings. With Sid coming back, their is a chance they could take 1st overal in the East. So they may give up the 25th to 29th pick or so. Esposito? That is the real question mark. Year before he was drafted he was looked at as the #1, #2, or #3 pick. Then as time went on he kept moving farther down the pack. Last season was nothing special. And this year, he has something like 55pts in 45games. Sure, it's over a point a game, but when you look at other guys who are the games top player today, they had much better stats in juniors. Also, don't forget. The Pens have three top center all 21 or younger (Sid, Malkin, and Staal). Esposito is a natural center, and lately his coach, Patrick Roy, tried putting him on wing (probably because the Pens are deep in center) and it hasn't been working out to well. Not sure if he's back at center again. And like someone else said, he's been known to be very lazy. So he can turn out to be a real stud in a few years, but just as easily can turn into a dud. You have to take some chances out there. As many know, the Pens will probably be down the same road Tampa Bay went down, having too many guys making too much money. So if your Shero (Pens GM) you know you only have a few shorts years to win a Cup with Sid, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, Whitney, Gonchar, and Letang. So why not take a shot on getting a top three forward? Also, Shero plans on signing Hossa next year. It's known Hossa is a greedy type of guy. But the main reason he left Atlanta is because he is 28 or 29, has not won a Cup, and wants to play for a Cup contender in the prime of his career. So if you're Hossa, the Pens may not be the favorite this year, but they certainly are contenders. Any team in the top of the league is a legit contender. The Ducks and the Wings are the favorites, but the Pens will compete. So I'm saying, sure it's not for sure he'll sign with the Pens in the off season, but it's not guarenteed he will not sign for them either. Him and Sid may tear up the league, and he may want to come back. He may play horrible with Sid and may take less money, or the Pens may not want him back. No one knows yet. Also, adding Gill to the Pens is huge. Doesn't seem like much. But Gill is a 6'7" guy who can shadow the others team forwards. Before, you had to have Whitney or Gonchar do it. They aren't bad, but are mostly offensive defensiveman. So now you have a big body back there that can play tough against other teams top players and give Whitney and Gonchar a bit of a break. Sid has said Gill is very tough to play against, so he is probably going to give other guys a rough time too.
  15. jagr68

    Sidney Crosby injures ankle

    Well if you are a Pens fan, it's obviously not good news. They did beat Montreal the other night without Sid, which is huge. They failed to beat Montreal at all this year and I believe only have one twice in the last 9 or 10 games against them (something like that). I am probably the biggest Pens fan and Crosby fan on here but I don't think they will do so well without him. They are looking at Malkin to lead the team now and he feels like he can. Although his last game against Montreal was proof that he could (his only point being a empty net goal is very misleading for the game he played). But as good as he is, I don't think he can carry this team on his back for a month or two until Sid gets back. I think he'll be able to take over/win some games, but leading a team is never something he really had to do (so far in the NHL, atleast). The Pens play very well against the Caps since the Crosby/Ovechkin battle started, but now the Pens don't have him, it will be Malkin vs. Ovechkin. #1 and #2 in the draft a few years back. This would be the best chance Malkin has to prove himself against the guy everybody said was better than him. Plus it's on Versus so atleast some people will watch on TV! So if your a Pens fan you're going to be holding your breath till Sid gets back. He contributes 43% or so to the teams offense, and it's hard to think guys like Malone, Christensen, Talbot, Armstrong, and Sykora can make up for it.