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  1. BlakChamber


    St. Arnold's has limited distribution. They're only in Texas and the larger cities in Louisiana. I generally like all their beers. Summer Pils is a go-to warm weather beer for me. The Winter Stout is good as well, although I generally prefer dry stouts over sweet stouts.
  2. BlakChamber


    Just get a decent paying job (I know, easier said than done). My craft beer consumption went up when I got a real job, since I could afford to drink good stuff. Then I got into homebrewing. So not only was I drinking my beer, I had to drink different craft beers to find different styles I liked. There's always a keg of homebrew and various craft beers in my house. Rough life... If you want an American lager but don't want a BMC product, go with Kona's Longboard. No adjuncts and perfect on a warm day.
  3. BlakChamber

    Members photos

    ^^^ I was there a month ago, no Transformers though.
  4. BlakChamber

    The Big Chill

    The MSU hockey program has gone in the crapper, even with the National Championship in 2007. Fire Comley.
  5. BlakChamber


    Just out of curiosity, what is keeping you from branching out to other brands? Sam Adams makes a good beer and is a good brand to use as an introduction to craft beer. But you live in Michigan, one of probably the top 5 states for craft beer in the country. There's so many good breweries in the mitten, what's stopping you from patronizing them? I'd love it if I could get Bell's, Founders and Short's (among others) at my grocery store. I've seen a couple of the MBC/Celis beers here in Texas, but that's it.
  6. BlakChamber


    Anyone beer watching Brew Masters on Discover Channel. Pretty entertaining show. As a homebrewer I wished they showed a little more on the brewing process. But I'm not surprised, Sam talking about mash temps and ph levels wouldn't be very interesting.
  7. BlakChamber


    They're two different styles so you other than the fact they're both dark beers, it's tough to really compare them.
  8. BlakChamber


    Excellent recommendation. Picked up a six-pack of SN Celebration and Real Ale Coffee Porter. The SN is great, I should have been buying this earlier. Looking at the label I just assumed it was a winter warmer, and I'm not a huge fan of those. Instead, it's an IPA that hits you with a great piney/citrusy aroma with your first sip. The Coffee Porter is one of the better ones I've had in a while. Real Ale did a good job featuring the coffee, but not letting it overpower the rest of the malts.
  9. BlakChamber


    I've seen it at Spec's but I haven't tried it yet. I'll have to give it a try.
  10. BlakChamber


    I think its some kind of IPA/Wheat with Belgian yeast. Whatever it is, it works. And at 4 bucks, the price is right!
  11. BlakChamber


    Can you send some Shorts to Texas? The only Michigan beer I've ever seen down here is a few of the Celis ones from MBC, probably because Celis was located in Austin for a while before Miller than MBC bought the brand. Every time I go home, I always stock up on Michigan beer. The mitten is easily one of the top 5 states for beer in the country, way way better than Texas. I've had plenty but I'm not just not a huge fan of Belgian and/or sour beers. I did have the lagunitas little sumpin wild a while ago, which is a Belgian pale ale that was pretty good. I don't know if Lagunitas distributes in Michigan, but they make some tasty beers.
  12. BlakChamber

    2010 College Football Season Thread

    What makes you think Harbaugh has any interest in coming back to Michigan? Has Mike Hart given him his Michigan Man card back? Really, what makes you think he'd coming running to Ann Arbor if the new AD picks up the phone? Why leave a program that he's turning into a winner to pick up the flaming and charred remains of the DickRod trainwreck? The NFL is going to come calling, Stanford certainly has the money to keep him if they want. He's got some great options in front of him. Why throw that away for a program on probation that has won 4 Big 10 games in the last 3 seasons and stocked with guys who aren't right for his system? I'm hoping for one of two things to happen with Michigan and their coaching situation. Either 1) give their current coaching staff a big fat extension; or 2) fire DickRod and conduct their next coaching search with all the competence they showed on their last one. Say hello to you new head coach, Brady Hoke!
  13. BlakChamber

    Are hockey hits harder than football hits?

    The average career for a running back in the NFL is 3 years.
  14. BlakChamber


    Been brewing for a couple years now. Right now I have an American Pale Ale in my kegerator (drinking a glass of it right now) and a bottled a hard cider a few weeks ago. Miller Lite. I'll drink just about anything, Bud Lite, Natty Lite, PBR, High Life, etc before Miller Lite.
  15. BlakChamber

    2010 College Football Season Thread

    UM left those points on the field because of the defense. I can't speak to the Iowa game because I didn't watch all of the game. But MSU took the big play away from UM. He had 86 yards rushing and his longest run was 16 yards. They stopped Robinson on the ground and forced him to pass, which was the plan. Robinson is certainly a better passer than he was last year where he chucked the ball into the ground regularly, but he's still not that good. MSU forced him to pass and he started to make mistakes. Looking at the box score of the Iowa game, it looks like the Hawkeyes tried the same thing. Robinson only had around 100 yards on the ground and again didn't break off any huge runs. Mistakes weren't made for no reason, the defense forced them.