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  1. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Watching this Cup win took me back to 97 for sure. Definitely some parallels. Very happy for Ovie finally getting his Cup.
  2. GDT Detroit V. Ottawa; "Tank" Battle!

    This team kills me. Stop trying. Stop. Come on. Pride ain’t worth s*** if the team is s***. Do better...at tanking.
  3. I don’t even really dislike the deal in terms of the return, but I think Mrazek was mismanaged and unless he somehow sneaks back into the fold this summer as a UFA, I think this was a dumb move. As I’ve said all along, we are sorely lacking in prospects with his upside. He squandered a lot of good faith, but beggars can’t be choosers unless they want to live with regret. I think there’s a high likelihood we’ll regret this one. And f***, Mrazek has been good in the playoffs. That’s what really kills me. He seems to have that rare extra gear. Will be interesting to see how he plays with Philly in the playoffs.
  4. Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    $4-4.5 mil for 2-3 years would sit okay with me if he’s healthy. Still should’ve found a way to trade him.
  5. Rumors Thread

    Viagra is for closers.
  6. Rumors Thread

    Exactly. This is way too fishy. I think Kenny went soft. We’ve seen it many times before.
  7. Rumors Thread

    So you're telling me you couldn't get anything for Green at all? I just don't buy this line one bit. A minor neck injury that he's close to coming back from shouldn't dramatically affect a deal for someone who only a week ago was considered to be the top guy available. Something doesn't smell right about this. They should've been able to get something from someone.
  8. Rumors Thread

    I bet he signs an extension. I don't mind the idea of him signing on again, but he absolutely should've been traded. If this turns out to be some asinine loyalty move, Holland absolutely needs to GTFO of the GM office this summer. He's too soft for the cap era.
  9. Rumors Thread

    Unless there's something to the injury we don't know, this seems utterly and completely inexcusable. My mind is truly blown. This was as obvious as any move Holland has ever had to make. I had a feeling he overplayed his hand. Insane.
  10. Rumors Thread

    Anyone want to defend Holland now?
  11. Rumors Thread

    Still worried about Green relative to the teams we've heard are out and other deals and no whispers. Who didn't make a big move that was interested in Green? Didn't we hear Toronto was out? Caps out, assuming Lightning out unless we got hosed. Sharks?
  12. Rumors Thread

    Killer deal for Tatar. Kinda bummed to see him go but I definitely dig that return.
  13. Rumors Thread

    Another happy Czech gone...
  14. Rumors Thread

    For sure, but have there even been many whispers? Getting the feeling the hand might've been overplayed and it's going to be a last-minute scramble.
  15. Rumors Thread

    Well, now I'm nervous.
  16. Rumors Thread

    Zero f***s.
  17. I think this was a pretty damn good deal considering it could turn into a bit more should things get going for him. And end of the day, if we want a chance to bring him back, we may get it if he goes UFA which is possible, and certainly ideal relative to having to automatically having to drop 4 mil. I think the guy has a ton of upside, but even I never felt great about having to go 4 mil after the shakiness, and I don’t think any of the scams people were talking about would fly in reality any other way. Either way, is what it is.
  18. 2/6 GDT Bruins at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    Maltby has been a favorite of mine since his first game as a Wing. He got into a fight and thus began a long and wonderful ride of him being a premier pest. He was so fun to watch.
  19. Goalie Flame War

    Tough to compare those teams. Even Osgood’s 2008 victory was a team built in the pre-cap era and still benefitting from RFA deals on core players, plus we didn’t just have a great defensive core, we had a great defensive core and arguably the best defenseman to ever play the game. Not saying the logic is all flawed, but it’s not airtight either. And I definitely wouldn’t use it as reason to hang with Howard given that he has a history of being more of a playoff underachiever, whereas Hasek was elite period and Osgood and Vernon were big game playoff goalies with Cup wins from their younger days as well. Osgood in particular won a lot of playoff games and posted a lot of shutouts as well; for a non-elite goalie, he could sneak in and steal games in the playoffs and he always bounced back well from rough games. We haven’t seen that from Howard in the playoffs. One of the big reasons I think they need to give Mrazek this shot is because he’s had two solid playoff outings now with bad teams in front of him, despite the lack of experience. Again, what happened with Mrazek and Howard the last time we were in the playoffs? Howard got pulled, and despite a rough regular season, Mrazek came in cold and played well all things considered. That’s what you want to see in a goalie more than anything if you ask me. I like playoff goalies. I can tolerate a bit of regular season shakiness (Osgood was notorious for this down the stretch of his career) for goalies that know when and how to turn it on for the playoffs. You’ve got to be able to elevate your game when it counts and find that extra gear if you’re going to have a prayer, and I’ve never once seen that from Howard in the playoffs. I just think we should give him one more year. He can’t do it somewhat consistently next year, f*** him and move on. I’m trying to be pragmatic in the context of our prospects or better said our lack thereof.
  20. Goalie Flame War

    Yep. Best to wait and see and be patient, especially with the more talented ones.
  21. Goalie Flame War

    I forgot we got McCollum back. I remember when he was the next savior. Love LGWs...always a bit of a funny farm when it comes to prospects.
  22. Rumors Thread

    This is why I’ve been saying for years we need a more balanced approach to building this team between adding players through draft and adding players via trade/FA. Drafting is more important than ever, but outside of the very top guys, as many have said, it’s a crap shoot.
  23. 2/2 GDT - Red Wings @ Hurricanes - 7:00 PM EST

    It sounds like we're playing well...?
  24. 2/2 GDT - Red Wings @ Hurricanes - 7:00 PM EST

    I hate these blackouts. I need to sign up for Unlocator again...