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  1. gcom007

    2020 Offseason

    The Hungry Howie’s down south aren’t the same. It’s quite the bummer. I’ve got a Domino’s near me that’s solid in a pinch though. I’m still scared to eat Little Caesars anymore.
  2. gcom007

    2020 Offseason

    Jimmy, You can’t play anymore. XOXO, Your 2019/2020 Season
  3. gcom007

    2020 Draft Thread

    I’m expecting Pittsburgh, Toronto or Edmonton to get it. I’m expecting to be disappointed. Outside of being a bit of a Canes fan now that I’m down here, this league exists to disappoint me.
  4. gcom007

    2020 Draft Thread

    https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nhl/red-wings/2020/06/27/analyst-brian-burke-nothing-short-disgrace-what-happened-wings-lottery/3269787001/ Who would’ve thought this guy would become our most vocal advocate?
  5. gcom007

    2020 Draft Thread

    I thought I was pissed last year. Where’s Brian Burke? Begin rant. ******* roast these NHL clown execs.
  6. gcom007

    2020 Draft Thread

    f*** this s*** to hell.
  7. gcom007

    2020 Draft Thread

    Oh man oh man oh man
  8. gcom007

    2020 Draft Thread

    Man the nerves are real.
  9. gcom007

    Recent Spam Attacks

    Get an Adblocker. Makes this place infinitely more palatable.
  10. Where’s the C? And fanf***ingtastic across the board. Check’s in the mail.
  11. gcom007

    Howard = Average

    I could give a f*** about Cleary, but Howard is every bit deserving of a classy retirement press conference and they’ll likely give him a job, but certainly not another players contract. They bring him back next year and he’s even older and likely just as bad if not worse. So then you’re probably going to have to make a move anyways. This is a situation to sort out in the summer. Bernier if anything has proved he can hack it as a decent starter in transition years, but he needs a backup that can actually give him a day off here and there without letting in 3 goals in the first 10 minutes, because chances are Bernier’s play will dip or ebb and flow too.
  12. gcom007

    Howard = Average

    You’d have to be pert near crazy to bring Howard back next year. Solid career all in all, but we definitely don’t need another year of backbreaking 1st periods and 5-1 losses. That said, if we end up picking 4th, sign him up, make him the starter. Tank on.
  13. If they do summer hockey, how will that affect contracts and free agency? Contracts will have to be extended out until the end of the season, and there’d likely be a real short window then to sort things out. I’m thinking that if we don’t see a significant dip in the next 2-3 weeks that accelerated getting back to some normalcy, this season is over. Whole lot of complexities at this point. I just really, really hope they don’t somehow f*** us in the draft.
  14. This would be beyond amazing for us. Yeah, for sure. It’s not heartbreaking but it’d sure be nice to still have them.