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  1. gcom007

    Howard = Average

    I could give a f*** about Cleary, but Howard is every bit deserving of a classy retirement press conference and they’ll likely give him a job, but certainly not another players contract. They bring him back next year and he’s even older and likely just as bad if not worse. So then you’re probably going to have to make a move anyways. This is a situation to sort out in the summer. Bernier if anything has proved he can hack it as a decent starter in transition years, but he needs a backup that can actually give him a day off here and there without letting in 3 goals in the first 10 minutes, because chances are Bernier’s play will dip or ebb and flow too.
  2. gcom007

    Howard = Average

    You’d have to be pert near crazy to bring Howard back next year. Solid career all in all, but we definitely don’t need another year of backbreaking 1st periods and 5-1 losses. That said, if we end up picking 4th, sign him up, make him the starter. Tank on.
  3. If they do summer hockey, how will that affect contracts and free agency? Contracts will have to be extended out until the end of the season, and there’d likely be a real short window then to sort things out. I’m thinking that if we don’t see a significant dip in the next 2-3 weeks that accelerated getting back to some normalcy, this season is over. Whole lot of complexities at this point. I just really, really hope they don’t somehow f*** us in the draft.
  4. This would be beyond amazing for us. Yeah, for sure. It’s not heartbreaking but it’d sure be nice to still have them.
  5. gcom007

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    10-ply, bud.
  6. gcom007

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Seider is the next Captain.
  7. gcom007

    2020 Draft Thread

    So this whole Coronavurus charade is really about the 1st draft pick. Stevie is king.
  8. Knew this was coming when NBA called it and saw the ticker saying “NHL mulling options,” as in still working on the press release. March Madness off too. Concerts right and left. This ******* sucks.
  9. gcom007

    Goal GOAT Poll

    Ovechkin. Come on. No one has scored like he has so consistently in an era like this. You can talk about injuries and whatnot but f*** that, gotta stay healthy to score goals and he’s been incredibly durable. Health shouldn’t be held against him nor used to prop others up. You get to an upper echelon of talent like all these guys and it’s almost silly debating who’s the greatest as they’re all basically the .00001% in goal scoring, but no one’s done what Ovechkin’s still doing in an era even easier to score goals in than this.
  10. gcom007

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    I hope this guy ends up in the KHL. What a bum.
  11. gcom007

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    I agree with this. I think it’s within reach barring a major change in his health status. It’s going to be a real interesting conversation in 5 years.
  12. gcom007

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    100%. If this offseason is like the last or maybe even worse, I don’t think Yzerman sees his core on this team. Maybe a few pieces but I think it’s fair to say Yzerman won’t be building the team around Larkin and company per se.
  13. gcom007

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    I hate to say it, but half of me truly does expect Blash back next year.
  14. gcom007

    AA traded to oilers

    Sounds like he’s not the only Athanasiou suffering from delusion then. Very interesting. Not really surprising. I’m glad he’s gone. Not every player is worth hanging on to and two 2nds really ain’t that bad for a -45 player with one good season under his belt and apparently an attitude problem.
  15. gcom007

    AA traded to oilers

    Can someone elaborate about him not being liked in the locker room? Does he tell jokes like his brother?