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  1. gcom007

    News From Around the NHL

    Glad this is over and done. Will be interesting to see how this plays out for SJ.
  2. gcom007

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nhl/red-wings/2019/06/04/pavel-datsyuk-red-wings-reunion-likely-not-taking-place/1342313001/ Looks like he announced it on Twitter and Instagram as well.
  3. gcom007


    “Collapse” may be an oversimplification, but the suggestion that more could’ve been done to prevent things from getting so bad is not off the mark. Holland did in fact make a lot of bad moves over the last ten years and failed to react in a timely manner far too often. I’m not saying that a decline of some sort isn’t inevitable at some point, but Holland did plenty to usher the process along after 2009. What I don’t recall though was the part about Illitch wanting Yzerman to take over as GM before he went to Tampa and Holland blocking it. Was that in the news way back when or did it come out recently, or is it speculation?
  4. gcom007

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    K nerd. Always a full-time Wings fan. Side-hustling on that Carolina.
  5. gcom007

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    The dream is all but dead...too many poorly timed penalties and Rask has been playing too damn good. I wonder how this series would’ve gone had they not lost game one the way they did, but it is what it is. I’ll be surprised if it’s not over tomorrow. Then it’s back to being a full-time Wings fan.
  6. gcom007

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    I think Holland’s biggest fault was he was here too long; he got sentimental. I’m sure ownership pushed their agendas, but I don’t think Holland fought it. You look at the signings as time went on, it’s clear his heart and head were at battle. It scares me a little to wonder what Holland might do without all the history and sentiment to cloud his judgment. I honestly think he’ll be great in Edmonton.
  7. gcom007

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    Carolina gave that game away with two stupid and unnecessary penalties. At least they know they can skate with these guys now. Two days to get yelled at and hopefully a more disciplined effort and win Sunday. And I really can’t stand Boston.
  8. gcom007

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    Canes have to be happy with that first. Looked a little slow at the start but picked it up by the end of the period.
  9. gcom007

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    Big news day on the Datsyuk front today: https://www.vgr.com/pavel-datsyuk-return-to-nhl-19-teased-ea-asks-for-updated-player-rating/
  10. gcom007

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    The interviewer was kinda a dick to him last year and he didn’t take kindly. I’m guessing it goes back to that.
  11. gcom007

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    Those two get on great. Such palpable and dynamic energy.
  12. gcom007

    Poll: Datsyuk on the team at 41?

    So is this official-official or still out-there-official? I can’t seem to find any recent updates...
  13. gcom007

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    I wish nothing good for the Bruins and hope they fall apart and become endlessly frustrated. I think it’ll be a tougher series for the Hurricanes than the Isles, but I think they’ll be in better shape with some time for injuries and aches to subside some. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out.
  14. gcom007

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Wow, didn’t think he’d jet so quick. Thought Seattle was a possibility in time but this is surprising. Honestly sad to see him go. I think him stepping away as GM was for the best, but he’s been an important part of the organization for so long. He had his ups and downs, what can we say? Frustrating as he has been at times the last few years, it’s really ******* weird to think of him as a part of another organization, especially Edmonton. Very strange indeed... So maybe the best compliment I can give him, end of the day, is there aren’t many in this organization that seem to be “Red Wings” at the core like Holland. It’s going to be like seeing Steve working for Tampa. I get it, but it doesn’t feel right.
  15. gcom007

    CAR vs NYI - Round 2

    I would’ve traded Howard and given Mrazek more rope. I’d bet on talent at this stage in the Wings progression as a team. Goaltending is the least of their problems most nights, but Holland was nostalgic and wouldn’t deal Howard and I do think that played a big part in the goaltending issues here with Mrazek. You might not like or respect it, but goalies are funny and that is what it is. I get it. But if you ask me, I think had we traded Howard and given Mrazek a legit fair shot at number one without the tension and bulls***, we’re not talking about this right now.