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  1. gcom007

    Babs got fired

    I’d like to revisit this in six months.
  2. gcom007

    Babs got fired

    I think the goal in the last minute tonight is the shape of things to come.
  3. gcom007

    Babs got fired

    He’s won at every level. What could go wrong?
  4. I would’ve agreed with you on Howard as a backup last season, but at this point I’d definitely rather have Bernier. Howard may just be slowing down. 35 ain’t exactly young by NHL/goalie standards. Surprised Bernier got a three year deal, but it could be worse, I guess...? In the meantime, this is starting to feel like a more pressing situation in a weird way. If you’re pro-tank, there’s no reason to make a move and maybe Howard reverses course at some point, but it’s tough losing games like this where you feel like the team found a way to win in spite of being outplayed but the goalie didn’t.
  5. You’ve got to wonder if Yzerman doesn’t deal with the Howard situation. I don’t know how committed we are to the tank, but it’s starting to feel like we’re bound to lose when Howard starts, and Bernier can’t be relied upon to be the starter. We didn’t play great but we played well enough to win this game if we had a halfway decent goalie who didn’t give up back to back to back goals so consistently. Bernier will give up the first goal or a bad goal and tighten it up and not give up the next and keep us in games. Howard doesn’t seem capable of that this season. I know we’re not thinking playoffs this year, but how long can the Howard situation go on like this? Did anyone tell KRSmith we’re back?
  6. gcom007

    Babs got fired

    Well, Sheldon Keefe has won at every level. I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before... He’s Dubas’s guy, until Dubas is gone.
  7. gcom007

    Babs got fired

    It’s do or die for Dubas and that roster at this point. That Babcock was a big enough name to dominate the headlines so often is a luxury that’s now gone. They keep flailing and it’s going to be a total “******* embarrassing” situation. Not that it isn’t already...
  8. Well f*** a duck, we’re back. Stupid game. Not all on Howard but f***, he can’t come close to keeping us in a game let alone winning one at this point it seems. He gives up a goal and then gives up two more. That Bernier hasn’t been very good yet so much better than Howard is very telling of how dire this situation has become. Bert’s a real stud; he’s gonna be expensive but I predict he takes the most team-friendly deal with all my wishful thinking. Why wasn’t Fabbri on the ice at the end? We put out the 2-3 point or so collective line but not Fabbri? I don’t get it. Bums me out. This feels like one of those games we should’ve won even though we didn’t quite deserve it, but we gave up five goals again. This is a win with Bernier in net, which is a sad sentence to write.
  9. Fabbri killing it right now. What a start. What a shot by Mantha. Great little win!
  10. These f***s won’t let me sing my seasonally late but appropriate song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c2RTvP0bEQ&feature=youtu.be
  11. gcom007

    Howard = Average

    Bernier is the new Howard is the new Average is the new trade bait that will never be.
  12. I’m at a buddy’s house with a ton of friends doing karaoke while I had noise cancelling headphones in watching the game on my iPad. I’m kidding no one. I may go to the bars in the next hour though now that I’m finally in a winning mood.
  13. Hell yeah he’s dabbin says the guy who lives in the land of trade Cam Newton now!
  14. The last time we acquired a 14 in the fall we won the Cup. You’re my density.