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  1. Gonna be split open and melt happening all over.
  2. AA getting a first for suresies.
  3. In a weird way I kinda miss him too, more than Nyquist at least.
  4. I’m living for draft lottery day this season.
  5. That 4th line only exists on paper.
  6. gcom007

    Cholowski Sucks

    I try to avoid these arguments, but how you can suggest that Cholo is poised with the puck with his utterly terrified and reeling in desperation passes to no one is way beyond me.
  7. gcom007

    2/9 Cam Neely Has A Limp Handshake - Booins @ Wheel Team - 9:30 AM PST

    Surprised they’re playing this well this early against this team. Never miss a Sunday show I guess.
  8. Man, why’d I ignore an old-fashioned 4 page GDT? f*** a duck. Bernier’s half a stud.
  9. I usually hate flavored vodka, but I actually kinda like Pink Whitney. Shrugs.
  10. gcom007

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    Wouldn’t be shocked to see Gallant come here in the off-season if he’s still around, but I don’t think Yzerman cans Blash before then. I think on some level everyone in the org knows Blash is carrying a lot of the weight in blame for a garbage team, and I think Yzerman respects that based on what he’s said, and the fact that he hasn’t made a move yet when nearly any other team would backs that up. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to see Blash extended either. I don’t wholly get it at as I don’t think any team should be as consistently bad as we are, but somehow management seems to have accepted it and Blashill along with it.
  11. Howard gonna get himself traded at this rate.
  12. I hate early games on weekdays.
  13. gcom007

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    Blashill ain’t going anywhere this season. Can’t rock the tank.
  14. gcom007

    January Trade

    Steve’s working the phones tonight, eh?
  15. I was wondering where the thread was yesterday.