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  1. gcom007

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    Blashill ain’t going anywhere this season. Can’t rock the tank.
  2. gcom007

    January Trade

    Steve’s working the phones tonight, eh?
  3. I was wondering where the thread was yesterday.
  4. It’s hard to believe how incredibly bad this team is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen worse NHL hockey in my life.
  5. None for us in NC yet. How about all these dating sites? Who knew?
  6. Flip on a breakaway is as sad and hopeless as anything in hockey. I napped too long and missed the first. ******* terrific.
  7. Pickard called up on emergency basis.
  8. You know, we’ve been losing so much I haven’t even bothered thinking about the tank, it’s just sorta a given. But then when we win a little, I get worried.
  9. I can’t believe this guy has two goals tonight.
  10. gcom007

    1/3 CRL GDT ((Get in here)) Red Team @ Dallas Stars - 5:30 PM PST

    Might actually be around for this one now that the holiday crazy has run the course.
  11. gcom007

    Trade deadline bait available this year?

    Remember when that looked like a decent signing? I don’t remember how I felt, but what a dud of a deal it’s turned out to be.
  12. Did I just ignore a GDT because of Discord?
  13. gcom007

    Jeff Blashill History

  14. Hate to say it, but I could easily see this being another 5-1 or 6-1 loss.