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  1. Sens win! So far, so good!
  2. Notes: Puempel to make Wings debut as Rasmussen is out with injury []
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    2018 Prospects Watch

    > Me, before we'd even drafted Zadina: "His defensive game is actually surprisingly good for a scoring winger." > Blashill: "His defensive game is actually surprisingly good for a scoring winger. He just needs time to adjust to the pace and checking of pro hockey. I'm not worried about him. He'll be fine." (Blashill makes this same point several times over the course of the season.) > mackel: "I saw this kid when he was playing in the Q. Total Yakupov. Lazy, no interest in playing defense. He's having a tough time learning that you can't just cheat for offense on every shift. This is why he's sucked at the AHL level and why he didn't make a positive impression in his brief AHL stint. Kid is a bust. There's a reason why he fell three spots in the draft. I'm telling you guys, this kid is 19 and I saw him play in the Q and it's clear to me that he's nothing special." > Everyone who isn't mackel: "Zadina was actually pretty good in his NHL stint. You're literally the only person I've seen saying he was invisible. Who hurt you?" > mackel: "I'm just telling you what I've seen with my own two eyes. That's why it's called an opinion. Opinions are like eyeballs." > Habs fans: "Bruh, we love dunking on Zadina and even we think you're talking out of your ass."
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    2018 Prospects Watch

    cool story, bro
  5. I mean, winning the lottery is technically winning.
  6. NJ wins! It's a shootout win, but I'll take it!
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    2018 Prospects Watch

    If you've watched him at all this season, you know that "flying the zone waiting for a breakaway pass" is not an actual thing with him his game doesn't need to be drastically reinvented he wasn't invisible in his 9 NHL games That being said, you are a quality troll and I respect you on that level.
  8. I want the Wings to win, but I'm also ok with the Wings losing. Facts.
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    2018 Prospects Watch

    Not yet.
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    2018 Prospects Watch

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    2018 Prospects Watch

    Hello, my name is mackel and I am a Korean bot.
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    News From Around the NHL

  13. I'd like to see Vegas win it. They're the only non-Wings team that I don't really have a reason to hate.
  14. Local reporter dude. He's actually pretty decent.
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    2019 Draft

    Yup, he's been out for about a week now. I believe they won the first two games without him, weirdly enough.
  16. Honestly, I had a feeling we were going to win both games. I think the only thing that irked me about the wins is that, for me, they felt like totally hollow victories. Not because of the tank (though, I guess that's part of it) but because it felt like our opponents were only half-interested in actually winning. We gave them every opportunity to win and they said nah. Assholes. Right, I'm just saying this season has the makings of a 1995-96 choke job. That Wings team was unstoppable in the regular season, had everything going for it. This Bolts team feels similar, at least superficially. Everything points to them winning the Cup this season, which makes me think they're probably doomed. Because that's how it tends to work in the NHL. (F*** basketball.) Hmm, that's an angle that I hadn't really considered. I guess one obvious counterargument is that it's a small sample size. But you might be on to something. How do you feel about the possibility of a 2004 SCF rematch?