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  1. Dabura

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    We traded 16OA + Datsyuk's contract for 20OA + 53OA. Took Cholowski at 20 and Hronek at 53. EDIT: Oops, beaten to it.
  2. Dabura

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    If I'm being objective, I don't know that I can look you in the eye and say Chychrun is better than Hronek. Indeed, I think there's a case to be made for Hronek being the better player... Career PPG (All Situations): Chychrun – 121 P / 290 GP = 0.417 PPG Hronek – 80 P / 167 GP = 0.479 PPG Career Corsi For % (EV): Chychrun – 48.6 Hronek – 48.4 Career Zone Starts (EV): Chychrun – 52.7 OZ - 47.3 DZ = 5.4 Hronek – 46.8 OZ - 53.2 DZ = -6.4 I like the idea of Chychrun on our blue line because I like the idea of Chychrun, Hronek, Seider, Edvinsson on our blue line. That's where the appeal really lies for me. If we didn't have Hronek and/or Seider, I wouldn't be interested in Chychrun.
  3. Dabura

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    Buffalo isn't trading Dahlin. Even if they *were* to trade him, it wouldn't be intradivison. And even if it *were* intradivision, we don't have the pieces. And even if we *did* have the pieces, you don't trade your young franchise defenseman to Steve Yzerman and expect to be the one coming out on top. And even if Kevyn Adams *does* have a deathwish, we're probably looking at a wash. I'm not particularly high on Broberg. Holland had wanted Seider; Broberg was a consolation prize. We could probably get him at a not-insane price, given that Holland's feeling the win-now heat and such. But I really don't know that it'd be worth it. I mean, I get it. We do need to be on the lookout for a solid top-four LHD, preferably someone quite young. I'm on record as saying Yzerman should be kicking the tires on Chychrun. But I figure Yzerman's going to be focusing more on finding a centerman.
  4. If you're pinning your hopes and dreams as a Wings fan on the Wings winning lotteries (or even just one lottery) and drafting sure-thing superstars (or even just one sure-thing superstar), you're setting yourself up for disappointment. That ship has sailed. We have to do it the hard way – and that's what we're doing. Fortunately, the returns on Yzerman's 1st round investments are looking pretty good so far. Seider? He's about as good a 20-year-old defenseman as a rebuilding organization could realistically hope to have. He projects as an all-situations cornerstone 1D. I see Sergachev as his floor. Raymond? He's about as good a 19-year-old scoring forward as a rebuilding organization could realistically hope to have. You're right that Raymond and Point are similar players. You're wrong, I think, to believe "Raymond = Point" is in any way problematic; Point is indisputably one of Tampa's best, most valuable players. Fun Point facts: Point's 2020 playoffs – 33 points in 23 games en route to winning Cup Point's 2021 playoffs – 23 points in 23 games en route to recapturing the Cup Granted, playing on a team with Hedman and Stamkos (et al.) helps Point's numbers. But, worth noting: Stamkos played a grand total of one 2020 playoff game. 2021 was a different story; he played 23 games. How many points? 18. So, five fewer than Point. Edvinsson? He's 6'6. He was #1 on Dallas's draft board. He's a top-pairing SHLer in his D+1 season. He could end up being better than Seider.
  5. Dabura

    2021 Training Camp, PTO's, Pre-Season Chat

    Raymond Supremacy Gang
  6. What I'm getting from this is... Raymond + playoffs vs. No Raymond + no playoffs + drafting 6-10th overall NICE TRY, LOTTO GODS, BUT WE DON'T ANSWER TO YOU ANYMORE. #KissMyTuchusGiveMeLucas
  7. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I liked Vanek. Bobby Ryan is American tho, so f*** Vanek.
  8. Which, honestly, wouldn't even be a huge shock. I talked about this at length in a different thread, but it bears repeating: Going into that season, everyone was expecting Raymond to 1) make a decent – possibly strong – case for going 1st overall, and 2) go 2nd or 3rd overall. Dude's been a known stud for years. Sure, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sour over missing out on the guys who ended up going 1-2-3. But getting Lucas Raymond as a "consolation prize" is insanely good fortune. No one wants to say it, but there's more than a little Datsyuk and Zetterberg in Raymond.
  9. Yup. Was nice to see him get on the board last night with a goal and an assist. Was especially nice to see his goal come off a half-slapper clapper (albeit on a screen), as his shot – or lack thereof – is pretty much the only deficiency in his game. But he's been working on it and I don't think it's going to be much of an issue. Of course, scoring isn't really the story with Seider. The story is he's 20 and he hasn't played a single real NHL game and I already trust him in a heavy-lifting role more than I trust any of our other defensemen in a heavy-lifting role. Dude is going to be the definition of a cornerstone player. Same with Raymond. On paper, we had no business making that game competitive. I don't like moral victories, but...statement made, message sent.
  10. Like I said, Raymond is winning the Hart.
  11. Dabura

    Young Guns 2021/22

    where is the german
  12. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I played against him a few times in peewee, so I have to root for him. Because sports. Seems like a good dude. Been through a lot. (Some of it completely out of his control, some of it maybe not so much.) Mainly, he had to play for the Ducks and Sens, which is something I wouldn't wish on anyone.
  13. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I love Bobby Ryan. But if he's on our second line, I am going to make the loudest mouthfart noise the world has ever heard. We're supposed to be taking a step forward this season.
  14. Dabura

    2021 Training Camp, PTO's, Pre-Season Chat

    All I'm saying is Raymond is winning the Hart this season.