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  1. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

  2. Who would you Rather Have?

    Ah, gotcha. I hear ya. I don't blame you for calling bull**** on me, as I didn't explain up front that I was on the Burns-or-bust bandwagon way back when the Wild were looking to move him. I'd wanted us to land Burns because we'd just lost Rafalski to retirement, Lidstrom wasn't getting any younger, and we were in an arms race with the Sharks.
  3. THN's 20/20 Vision

    At the end of the day, I think the cold, hard truth is that we need to get lucky in one or more of the next several drafts and score us some truly elite talent. I don't think the UFA market will save us. I don't think the trade market will save us. I highly doubt the talent that we already have in the system will be enough. We need a Rasmus Dahlin in the worst way.
  4. THN's 20/20 Vision

    Agree on both counts. But I figure we might be due for a Franzen-esque overachiever or two. I'm more hoping than expecting. I mean, realistically, maybe one of our current D prospects becomes a really good NHL defenseman. So...yeah. We don't appear to have much #Legit talent in the system, so this is all kind of an exercise in self-delusion.
  5. THN's 20/20 Vision

    Tatar Larkin Mantha Elfstrom Holmstrom Nyquist Rasmussen Nielsen Svechnikov Bertuzzi Glendening Abdelkader Fleury Jensen Cholowski Hronek DeKeyser Saarijarvi Mrazek Petruzzelli ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Who would you Rather Have?

    I had wanted us to trade for him at the time. Babcock had wanted us to trade for him at the time: “They just hit a home run,” Babcock said of the Sharks. “That’s a gold medal pick. I’m pissed off.” I agree that losing a franchise defenseman to retirement can put a GM in a tough spot. I disagree that you "really can't replace that."
  7. Who would you Rather Have?

    Brent Burns.
  8. 2017 Opening Day Roster

  9. Who would you Rather Have?

    I want to believe. Sobering fact: we haven't produced a true high-end NHL defenseman since NIklas Kronwall. Kronwall's breakout season was ten years ago, and now he's in the final stages of his career, so we've basically gone his entire NHL career without producing a single Kronwall-caliber defenseman. (That can't be right. Right? Someone tell me I'm forgetting someone. I genuinely want to be wrong on this. .__.)
  10. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    We have Luke Witkowski; everything is going to be fine.
  11. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I'm still holding out hope that Chuck Fletcher becomes available. He hasn't won anything with the Wild, but I generally like the way he rolls. I think he could be a reel gud fit.
  12. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    That lineup's my best-case scenario. I'm fully expecting Witkowski to be in the lineup.
  13. Looks like we are right!!

    WINGS: It's because we missed the playoffs, isn't it. FANS: NO. NO IT IS NOT. WINGS: You can't expect an organization to make the playoffs every season. There's no hockey st-- FANS: DON'T YOU SAY IT. DON'T YOU DARE SAY IT.
  14. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    The best I can realistically hope for: Tatar Zetterberg Mantha Athanasiou Nielsen Nyquist Abdelkader Larkin Svechnikov Sheahan Helm Glendening Ouellet Green DeKeyser Daley Ericsson Jensen Howard Mrazek PIPING HOT TAKE: We need a 1D, a 1W, and a(n additional) 1C. Aside from that, we're in great shape! #FreeFallin4Dahlin
  15. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Kid Rock for GM. Make the Red Wings Great Again.