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  1. Dabura

    2020 Offseason

    Thanks for the tip. I saw it was Yahoo and was prepared for a load of bulls***, but it's Adam Gretz and he's pretty decent. Overall, a not-terrible read. 5/10. Would maybe recommend. Gretz makes a good point about Seider -- that he's probably a ways away from being a legit dominant top-pairing guy. Even if we think he's the next Victor Hedman, we need to realize and remember that it took Hedman roughly half a decade to become That Guy... Grezt doesn't really touch on Bertuzzi, which makes me think he hasn't watched much Wings hockey lately. (Fair enough.) But I agree with him that 1) Larkin and Mantha are legit top-line players and 2) you're not winning a Cup with Larkin and Mantha as your best players, i.e. the Wings need a superstar. Gretz says Zadina becoming That Guy is still a possibility, but I think we all understand that that's looking like a long shot at this time. Realistically, a "fully realized" Zadina is probably something like T.J. Oshie.
  2. Dabura

    2020 Draft Thread

    (Note: I don't think they'd trade Dahlin. I'm trying to pull blood from a stone here.)
  3. Dabura

    2020 Draft Thread

    Because Sabres.
  4. Dabura

    2C Options

    What's your take on compliance buyouts? Have people figured out if that'd even be legal under the current CBA? I feel like the NHLPA would riot.
  5. Dabura

    2020 Draft Thread

    You're hitting on one of the main reasons why I wouldn't have much of an appetite for trading the Lafreniere pick: On the whole, I'm not particularly high on most of our fellow basement teams' young talent.
  6. Dabura

    2020 Draft Thread

    Well, for starters, we can put a line through Eichel's name, as he's about as untouchable as it gets. Dahlin for an interesting idea. Maybe Buffalo's not thrilled with what Dahlin's shown and they're salivating over the idea of Lafreniere playing on Eichel's wing for years to come. I doubt Yzerman helps them -- an Atlantic rival -- make that a reality. I don't wanna see Lafreniere-Eichel-Cozens six times a season, even with a top pairing of Dahlin-Seider/Hronek. (God help us if Buffalo wins the lotto.), I don't know what's going in NJ. Maybe they're like, "F*** it, we're blowing this s*** up," and they offer us Hughes and their 1st. If their 1st is in the top four, I think I have to seriously consider it. Hughes has had a very underwhelming rookie season, but that doesn't surprise me all that much cuz the Devils are clownshoes and Hughes needs to go through puberty. I still believe he's going to end up being a stud. I don't really see Winnipeg as a realistic player for the pick; they're in win-now mode (or, at least, they were...?) and they're pretty deep at the wing position(s) and their 1st is probably going to be a mid-rounder.
  7. Dabura

    2020 Draft Thread

    I mean, I'm still firmly in the "Lafreniere is f***ing unreal" camp. He's very likely not going to be as good as Crosby or McDavid, but I still have him down as a sure-thing franchise cornerstone player who challenges for the Art Ross every season of his prime. But I'm also still open to the idea of trading that pick for a ransom.
  8. Dabura

    2C Options

    That's fair. Didn't mean to bash on him too hard, just sayin' we probably wouldn't be getting the Turris of a few years ago, if that's what people would be expecting. 50+ points might be a little optimistic. Could come down to usage. If Larkin can continue to eat really hard minutes and Turris's line gets a lot of cake minutes, I suppose it's entirely possible.
  9. Dabura

    2C Options

    I mean, he does kinda suck. He's a scorer who doesn't score much lately. Borderline washed up. BUT, we all know forward pairings are all the rage with coaches these days, and Turris & Mantha seemed to show legit chemistry at the worlds. It'd be dope if we could get two solid lines out of a Bertuzzi-Larkin-? pairing and a ?-Turris-Mantha pairing. Sign Turris to a show-me contract with the understanding that he's gonna get juicy minutes (cushy deployment) with good players and no other club's gonna offer him this caliber of cake. Sign a good-not-great veteran winger, preferably a RH shot, e.g. Craig Smith. Trade for Vinnie Hinostroza cuz I like him. Use a compliance buyout on Abdelkader. Maybe Nielsen retires. Tyler Bertuzzi -- Dylan Larkin -- Craig Smith Robby Fabbri -- Kyle Turris -- Anthony Mantha Filip Zadina -- Michael Rasmussen -- Vinnie Hinostroza Darren Helm -- Valtteri Filppula -- Luke Glendening (Dmytro Timashov, Some Guy) Hell, maybe give Fabbri some quality time at center too. Hinostroza's also a converted center, which is why I have him flanking the inexperienced Rasmussen. I dunno. Just thinking out loud.
  10. Dabura

    2020 Draft Thread

    I'm thinking we picked a pretty good year to get cheated out of 1st overall by the lotto gods. Byfield, Stutzle, Rossi, Raymond, Drysdale...lots of studs available. The pool is strong enough that I'm not even sure Yzerman would take Byfield @ 2. If the draft were today and we were picking 2nd and Yzerman took Rossi, it wouldn't surprise or upset me.
  11. Dabura

    2C Options

    I've done a lot of thinking on this over the past couple of months and my conclusion is we're probably f***ed re: the 2C slot -- and that that's probably ok ("ok"), cuz we're probably destined to suck next season anyway. I'm thinking Nielsen might retire this summer. Flip, I dunno, whatever. Maybe Rasmussen overachieves. Veleno isn't ready. Of the UFA options, I think I might like Soderberg the best, assuming we're just looking for a stopgap veteran. Maybe Yzerman goes outside the box and thinks a Euro like Fredrik Handemark could work. Speaking of outside the box ideas...what if clubs are in fact gifted a compliance buyout or two this summer? There was some talk about that a couple weeks ago. Didn't really dig into it, but I'm assuming it's maybe kinda sorta on the table. So, like, what if Nashville buys out Turris?
  12. Dabura

    2020 Draft Thread

    Honestly, I'm kinda here for it. Unless we get him, in which case, no, he absoutely IS g e n e r a t i o n a l and will score his 900th NHL goal before he turns 30.
  13. Dabura

    2020 Draft Thread

    (S***, they're on to us.)
  14. Dabura

    GDT - Yzermans Ex @ Stevies current trainwreck - 5:00 PM ET

    What a game!!!
  15. Dabura

    Congrats, General!

    Shout out to my kindergarten teacher who said I'd never amount to anything.