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  1. Sheahan and a 5th for Wilson and a 3rd

    I should add that I'm ok with waiting it out and letting things play out for the next few years. I've kind of accepted that that's likely how it's gonna be. If it means stockpiling assets to the ceiling, including a handful of sexy first-round selections (assuming we're a basement team for the next few years), then, sure, let it happen. I'd still like a trade or two, though.
  2. Sheahan and a 5th for Wilson and a 3rd

    More than anything, it's the inaction on the trade front, in the face of a slow and dispiriting decline, that has soured people. Swinging a trade for a really good defenseman doesn't necessarily fix the team and it probably doesn't stave off the overall decline, and maybe the trade backfires and blows up in the organization's collective face. But, personally, I feel we've reached the point of ridiculousness re: not adequately addressing the elephant in the room. "DO SOMETHING!" is not an intellectualy compelling demand, but at this point I think Wings fans are justified in voicing it, even if they don't all grasp the complexity of the Wings' situation and the pros and cons of trading x package for x defenseman. The Detroit Red Wings are in a hole. Maybe we were always going to end up in this hole, regardless of how many trades Holland did(n't) make. But I think we could've at least prevented the hole from getting as deep as it is. That's in the past, though. In the here and now, I think we have enough forward assets that we can acquire a player or two that could immediately improve our situation in a significant way without dealing a huge blow to our forward depth. We need help on D. If Holland is genuinely aiming to pull of a successful rebuild-on-the-fly, something's gonna have to give. One of Hronek, Cholowski, Saarijarvi could become a cornerstone defenseman, but I wouldn't count on it. We could get lucky and land Dahlin, but I wouldn't count on it. We're not getting Doughty or Karlsson in 2019, just like we didn't get Suter in 2012 and just like we didn't get Stamkos last year and just like we won't get Tavares next year. Maybe it's time for a significant trade or two. There are worse things Holland could do.
  3. Sheahan and a 5th for Wilson and a 3rd

    It's both; the two aren't mutually exclusive.
  4. I vented. I feel better now.
  5. So far this season I actually haven't had much to complain about re: Blashill's coaching and decision-making. Tonight was the first game of the season where I felt like the other coach just straight-up owned his ass. Travis Green had a clear gameplan and the team executed it extremely effectively. We had no answer. I think this loss falls mostly on the players' shoulders, but the lack of in-game adjustments was baffling. We came out of the second intermission playing the exact same game that had put us in a hole in the second period and Blashill didn't seem to give a f***. He and the players were totally outclassed tonight and they all took it lying down. Every single play that Z made with the puck tonight was a forced, low-percentage play. Brutal. Just brutal.
  6. He's a 4D that we need to be more than a 4D because we don't have anything resembling a true 1D. I'm just saying there will probably be puff pieces written about how DeKeyser is a stabilizing presence on our blue line and how we desperately need him back, all when everyone -- including the Khans and St. Jameses who get paid to be mouthpieces for the organization -- knows we have one of the very worst D groups in the league even when DeKeyser is in the lineup. And it continues to piss me off that things have gotten this bad. tl;dr Our defense sucks and it's depressing as hell that, after five years of no Lidstrom and no Rafalski, this is the best that Holland could scrape together.
  7. Ouellet had another costly turnover tonight and Green looked drunk and none of the defensemen were good -- but the Canucks exploited the bejesus out of Kronwall and Ericsson tonight. I'm sorry, but you can't have Kronwall and Ericssson in the top four, and you can't give Kronwall -- who literally has no cartilage in one of his knees -- first-pairing minutes. And when Kronwall is pinching and pressing all over the place and it keeps resulting in odd-man rushes and you don't force him to cut that s*** out, you are bad at your job. "This shows how important DeKeyser is to this Red Wings team" will be the storyline, and it's an extent. He's important because he takes some minutes away from Kronwall. Bring up Hicketts. If there's no space, make space. This D group needs to not be a thing anymore. Not that I'm surprised by the results, mind you. Just saying.
  8. Awful, awful game. One of the worst efforts in recent memory. Everyone was bad, no one was good. Travis Green coached Blashill into the ground.
  9. People paid money to see this game.
  10. Starting the period with the fourth line, when you have last change. Great idea.
  11. Bottom line: the Wings didn't come to play tonight. They straight-up thought they could take the night off and get away with it. And Blashill has made zero in-game system adjustments to counter the obvious ways in which the Canucks are taking advantage of us. Absolutely pathetic.
  12. Because he's from Michigan and he knows DeKeyser.
  13. They won't. They'll be on the road so they'll have the crowd behind them. (*rimshot*)
  14. Canucks score. 4-1. Game is probably over. Unbelievable.