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  1. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Psh. Yzerman is, if nothing else, a trade ninja. Why did you watch Sabres hockey? I know you were/are in the area...but, still. What is wrong with you? Why do you hate yourself so much? AYO I HEARD Y'ALL LIKE DEFENSE
  2. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Isn't Kulikov kinda mean/dirty? Or am I thinking of someone else? Well, in any case, Kulikov's a pretty good left-shot shutdown guy and I think that's looking like an area of need, assuming Merrill doesn't return. Cholowski = Kindl until/unless he proves otherwise. Djoos was ultra-sheltered this season and may or may not be returning. DeKeyser is DeKeyser. Lindstrom's a RH shot and he hasn't impressed me. Johansson's 20 and he's coming over from the SHL. I want next season's team to be more skilled and more dynamic than the team we iced this season, and I agree that we should be trying to get a better class of player in our top roles. I just figure we're at least another year away from that being a legit thing with our team. So let's get Kulikov and Nikita Zadorov.
  3. Dabura

    Dekeyser's Value

    He's been a good soldier and he's been paid well for his service. Time to close the book next year, whether it's at the trade deadline or in the offseason. I'm tired of two-year veteran retirement tours.
  4. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Gut check time: How much do we like Cholowski? Because... ...I'm feeling like he's probably not part of our future. While he did pretty well in his latest stint, I'm still not convinced he isn't a Jakub Kindl. Here's Kulikov: He's been a low-key revelation this season – and it's carried across three teams, which is at the very least interesting. Solid CF% and solid CF% rel despite brutal zone start splits = good two-way hockey. Stecher's somewhat similar: So...yeah. Maybe Cholowski gets dealt this summer. Or maybe we don't protect him in the expansion draft and he gets claimed. (Unlikely.) I dunno. Of course, Kulikov probably gets way overpaid, which means this is all probably moot. [shrug]
  5. My dudes, here's the top 10 pool (give or take) + the goalie: Beniers, Matthew Clarke, Brandt Edvinsson, Simon Eklund, William Guenther, Dylan Hughes, Luke Johnson, Kent Lucius, Chaz Lysell, Fabian Power, Owen Wallstedt, Jesper Point being: It's gonna be ok, we're gonna get a good player.
  6. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    getterdunsteve.wmv I do feel like Cossa is a legit possibility, assuming he's as good as advertised. Yzerman took Vasilevskiy with a second 1st, 19th overall (as we all know). I think Dmitry Kulikov could be a really good UFA add. That means someone would have to go, though. And it wouldn't address the PP QB problem. meh
  7. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I'd be good with all of this. I think you're right about the kind of player we need to be mining for with our first two picks. In 2018 (which was billed as a weak draft), we took Rasmussen over the likes of Necas and Suzuki. Because 6'6", or something. That felt dumb at the time and I dare say it doesn't feel any less dumb here in 2021. Vrana creating offense out of nothing on a toothless Wings team serves as a reminder that the kind of high-end scoring prowess we so desperately need isn't something that can be taught; a player has it or he doesn't. So you have to identify young players who ooze offensive wizardry and you have to spend your valuable picks on them. I know you and I both really like Trevor Zegras and I know that's the kind of player you have in mind. And I'm with you on that. Taking Seider over him was probably the right call. So now let's find a Zegras. Kent Johnson, to me, screams That Guy. Mackie Samoskevich is underrated. I'd be perfectly ok with those two picks. Any sense of what the hypothetical ask for Johansen might be?
  8. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I think there are good arguments for that and good arguments against that. At the end of the day, I'm not sure it really matters who's coaching this team right now. If we can bring in an absolute madman with a great track record who wants to coach this bottom-basement team? Awesome. But, like, is Gerard Gallant that guy? I'm not so sure.
  9. more like christopher coDUMBus Sure. I hear ya on that. I want Yzerman and his people to have as many options as possible. I guess all I'm saying is I'm just not as invested as I normally am. And that's because I honestly don't see much separation within the first 10+ guys. No clear-cut top dogs, IMO. But that's just me.
  10. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Blashill probably will be re-signed. I'm ok with it. The team was an absolute disaster in 2019-20; this season, we were back to 2018-19, i.e. playing reasonably good hockey and losing close games because we don't have high-end horses. With Yzerman confirming that the target date for the end of the rebuild is three or four years from now, there's no point in punishing the head coach. Well, unless you believe he's destroying the young talent. And maybe you could make a strong case for that being the reality. But, personally, I think our problems are ~85% roster and ~15% coaching. We have cap flexibility. Yzerman understands how valuable cap flexibility is. And Yzerman doesn't like hunting big game in free agency. So we're good on that front. I'd really like to see Bernier return. Throw money at him. I dunno what happens with Vrana, but I'm assuming Yzerman gets him on a good contract. I'd like to see the team start young and stay young. Do we need nine Filppulas providing insulation for younger players? No, I don't think we do. I get that injuries are a thing, but, hey, here's a counterpoint: I don't care. How about we don't go into a season with the mentality that we're going to get bent over a table by injuries. At some point that starts to look like an annual self-fulfilling prophecy. Enough. Seider is 100% NHL-ready. He is an absolute beauty. I think Raymond is still about a year away; he needs to get bigger, stronger, and a little quicker, and he needs to get used to the smaller ice surface and the different style of play. Worth noting: The SHL game is the opposite of what a lot of people who haven't watched it logically assume it is. It's low-scoring. It's smothering, stifling, boring. It sucks. So, while Raymond never tore the SHL apart (and was never given a major role), that might not mean much. It's possible he tears the AHL apart. Though, of course, the AHL isn't exactly known for high-flying offense. Berggren probably needs a season in the AHL. Johansson probably needs a season in the AHL. Our top pick in the upcoming draft is almost certainly not going to be an NHL-ready player. So, Seider is the big rising prospect. I've liked Rasmussen at center. I've liked Veleno at center. I'd like to see them playing center in the NHL straight out of the gate. Again, I don't want to see them spending half the season in Grand Rapids. Run them in the middle-six slots. "That means playing Namestnikov on the wing." ohnothatsucks.gif Hronek's had a not-super-great season, but we're kind of short on better options. Maybe Seider has himself a Calder-caliber rookie campaign. Cholowski's been surprisingly decent in a top-pairing role. That's cool. Stecher's been solid. We need serious help at LD. lol. So, yeah. That's where I'm at.
  11. Maybe I'm in the minority on this, but I genuinely don't care about our lotto positioning for this draft. It's not that I don't like the available players. I do like the talent. I just think perceived separation is kind of out the window this year, at least for amateur dinguses like us. So I'll trust that Yzerman's scouting machinery will do its best to identify and snag a gem at, like, 8th overall. If Yzerman's the mad genius people say he is, he'll murder at least one of these 1st-round picks in this "weak" draft. Also, f*** 'lumbus.
  12. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Couldn't be me.
  13. Dabura

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    who dat
  14. Dabura

    2020 Offseason

    If Bertuzzi's merely a complementary player who doesn't create his own offense, Mantha's an inconsistent, injury-prone 28-goal-scorer who gets to feast on a cake ES zone starts split of 55/44. Holmstrom was really good for us. Cleary was really good for us. Players like Bertuzzi aren't necessarily easy to find. If they were, we'd have a lot of them. Fortunately, we get to have both Mantha and Bertuzzi. All I'm saying is I dunno that Mantha is *much* more important than Bertuzzi.