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  1. Dabura

    2019-20 Prospects Thread
  2. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    I'm 100% willing to eat crow on Zadina if it comes to that. In the here and now, I think Zadina looks like a good prospect who's fairly close to putting it all together but not close enough that he should make the team out of camp if everyone's healthy. He's probably going to need another full season on the farm. Disappointing, but it is what it is. Seider has looked solid. As Blashill pointed out in his presser, Seider did make a number of mistakes last night. Personally, I want to see him in a few more games against NHLish lineups before I jump on the "Seider needs to be on the opening night roster" train. Ultimately, I think the big takeaway is that it doesn't even really matter where he starts this season; it looks like he's going to be a very good NHL defensemAn and it looks like we won't have to wait as long as we might've feared (i.e. he's not really "a project"). I liked everything about that sequence. But, yeah, Hronek is a stud. If we can get our power play straightened out (and a lot of that is on Hronek, to be fair), he's going to pile up points.
  3. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    I dunno what it is about the Wings and OT. Sigh. Thanks for being here tonight, folks. I'ma hit the hay now. Next game is...Sunday? I think? Rematch. @ NYI. G'night!
  4. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    Well that sucked.
  5. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    Well, we did get Veleno out of it. He'll be generating lotsa home crowd HYPE! soon enough. Isles tie it up late with the goalie pulled. FIRE YZERMAN.
  6. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    It's so weird. I'm assuming they're the scoreboard graphics. The Wings' HYPE! program is run by boomers. Sad!
  7. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    What a pass from Erne. Hirose with another point lol
  8. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    HRONEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-2
  9. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

  10. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    DeKeyser-Seider could be a low-key good pairing. Isles take the lead. Wings trail 1-2. BLOW IT UP. THIS REBUILD IS A DISASTER.
  11. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    Agreed. Ludicrously small sample size, of course, and he's probably going to be exposed a bit as we get deeper into the preseason, but right now I think he looks like a pretty good second-pairing NHL defenseman. Q: What sound does a zebra make? A: "honk honk"
  12. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    Oh, that's definitely legal. And hilarious. Who's the ******* on the bench trying to reel Erne in with his stick? THAT would be illegal, I think.
  13. Dabura

    9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

    Missed that too. Would have to see it to be able to answer but generally speaking low-bridging isn't illegal unless it's really low. Specifically: at or below the knees, which would be clipping. End of 2nd. Tied 1-1.