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  1. clutchngrab


  2. clutchngrab

    Dan Cleary may return...sigh

    If Dan Cleary ends up wearing the Winged Wheel again this year, I will find a new team to support until Holland is gone. Oh and by the way, all of you who think a 2-way is a good idea are delusional. GR spots are pretty valuable too - especially when you need to be re-tooling via youth and there are waiver rules AND the GM has shown no ability to make a reasonable free agent signing in a number of years - (41 year old Alfie not withstanding) I remember each and every painful game. I found it hard to not be drawn to his ineptitude on the ice.
  3. clutchngrab

    4/17 GDT: Red Wings 2 @ Flames 3

    Can someone explain to me why Dan Cleary gets to play with NHL players? On the ice? Really?
  4. clutchngrab

    Babcock: Is he the right guy going forward?

    Babcock's system is to give players ice time based on nostalgia. Dan Cleary was horrible tonight yet the coach kept him coming, Wow!
  5. Best case scenario: We last an extra round with an Iginla signing. Problem is: We give up assets this team needs in order to stay the mighty red wings. Though I have to say right about now I would trade Franzen for Iginla straight up.
  6. clutchngrab

    3/20 GDT : Wild 4 at Red Wings 2

    I think there overall game has been remarkably consistent in its mediocrity. Due to the shortened season and other factors it all comes down to which team is gonna show on any given night. Tonight Minnesota is skating better and denying space better. Not to mention special teams and goaltending. And there you have it.
  7. clutchngrab

    3/20 GDT : Wild 4 at Red Wings 2

    The North Stars are winning the special teams game - that's the diff. Coaches? Anyone out there?
  8. clutchngrab

    Babcock: Is he the right guy going forward?

    This pretty much sums up my attitude towards Wings management:
  9. clutchngrab

    3/13 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Flames 5

    Wait, I thought the last game was the worst game of the year... lol I'm wondering what happens when we don't make the playoffs.... Wholesale personnel changes or coach firing? Frankly, I'm hoping for both and Kenny don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out as well.
  10. clutchngrab

    Babcock: Is he the right guy going forward?

    I always thought Lindy Ruff was a pretty decent coach. He did a lot with some marginally talented teams through his career unlike a certain coach who has pretty much been in auto-pilot for during his red wing tenure due to the talent sitting in front of him. As I said early on in this thread, Babcock has pathetic game-time coaching skills. He doesn't adjust lines or playing time in accordance with the evidence on the ice on any given night. Not to mention the evidence over the course of 10 games. That's fine when you are not scrambling for a playoff spot and can count on the skill and talent over the course of the season to equal out - but guess what? We ain't in Kansas anymore. Time to do some real coaching and he's not up to it.
  11. clutchngrab

    Babcock: Is he the right guy going forward?

    I'm curious what kind of coaching is required to coach team Canada to a Gold Medal. I would say very little. He's also lost 2 game 7s in the SC finals.
  12. clutchngrab

    Mikael Samuelsson

    It's a sad day when we hail the second coming of Sammie as our savior over Abs and Cleary. But that's where we are....
  13. clutchngrab

    Babcock: Is he the right guy going forward?

    Wondering if any of you are thinking the emperor might not actually have any clothes. Let the flaming begin!
  14. clutchngrab

    Babs: " ....the players decide who plays, not me...."

    Well when he says blatantly false stuff like this he gets what he gets.
  15. clutchngrab

    2/17 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Wild 3

    Yes, and playing with the slugs he has will make you look worse.