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  1. elriqo28

  2. Montreal vs Boston

    I wish the wings would show some balls like that. And what about the crowd? It was nice to see a hockey game where the fans were just as into it as the players fighting. It was just so intense. Wing's fans are so spoiled of winning they just don't cheer til playoffs. Sad.
  3. Mattias Ritola scores first NHL goal

    I love reading your useless banter. It makes me laugh.
  4. anyone have video of pronger in 1998

    yep thats the one, looking for the video if anyone knows where to get it.
  5. looking for video of the incident against the blues where Pronger collapsed. Was talking with a co-worker and we were trying to remember exactly what happened. I tried searching on youtube, but wasnt having any luck. Thanks in advance to whomever finds it.
  6. Who do you cheer for now?

    sick! you need help.
  7. This years playoffs

    sick dude!
  8. My rule changes for 2010-2011

    well, if they got a contract with ABC, it would probably be on ESPN as well. They are both owned by Disney, so they would spread the love. Doubt it will happen for a while though. ESPN dropped NHL because they didnt want to pay enough to stay there. Eventually if NHL wants to get as mainstream as they can be, they will tuck their tails and beg to come back to ESPN. I hope it happens. Soon...
  9. mccrimmon

    there is a limit to 1 coach per staff with a name ending in cock.
  10. Calder Trophy Watch Thread

    just LoL'ed
  11. Team USA Appreciation Thread

    gonna go ahead and say it. Besides Miller, Rafalski kept this team going. Lead in points as a D-man. pretty friggin good. Now come back home and do what you've been doing there for the Wings.
  12. Impact of Olympics on Hockey in America

    anyone else seen the Sports Center commericals with Gretzky? I'm hoping those give the NHL a little boost. And it's nice to see ESPN doing any kind of advertising with hockey as it's premise.
  13. Hossa

    a lot of angry people in here....what did you stir up?
  14. Why didn't Jiri Hudler make Czech's Olympic Team?

    he heard there were no hookers available in the Olympic Village.
  15. BABCOCK SUXX!1!1

    haha. I LOL'ed