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  1. Datsyukismyhero

    Another Goalie Poll

    I'm sorry I mentioned the Cup in my post. I honestly didn't realize it. When I talk about Manny or Osgood it's who is going to win the Cup. I guess I just got overly excited when talking about Manny, like I always do. I am really sorry though. I didn't overlook your comments, I just forgot them. But I still pick Manny. He's been a backup goalie for far too long in his career and he deserves to have a starting position in the playoffs. He's the man. Not only a good goalie, but I respect the hell out of him. I read an article once when he said that he remembers when he was a kid and went to open practices and asked some guys for their autograph and they ignored him. Manny takes the time, it seems whenever he can, to sign autographs. On the Olympic break, he signed at the Van Andel before a Griffins game. Manny is an amazing goalie and an amazing person who deserves the best out of life that he can get. I'm sorry again
  2. Datsyukismyhero

    Another Goalie Poll

    Manny all the way. Ozzie is an ok goalie, though. I don't think he'd make it as a starter on any team but as a backup goalie, he's ok i guess. I think he's inconsistent though. And if all the Manny haters are right about Manny not making it in the playoffs I think we're screwed if we have to rely on Osgood. But I don't think Manny will have any problems in playoffs. GO MANNY!!!!
  3. Datsyukismyhero

    Keith Tkachuk

    Samuelsson has never been able to score at the NHL level or hold down an NHL job as anything more than a reserve winger. Scoring 30 on this Wings team would not be huge bargaining power as he would still be 4th or 5th on the team in goals and has no productive past to call upon. I think 1.3m sounds like a fair salary for Samuelsson to sign at given those facts. Legace has good numbers, but he has also been injury prone and has shown a tendency to place his own desires ahead of the good of the team. Plus, who is going to go out and sign Legace for more than say 1.75 or 2m? Teams that might be looking for a goalie are Edmonton, Phoenix, St. Louis, Toronto. Edmonton won't offer more than 2 for Legace. Phoenix would probably be able to resign Cujo for 2.5 or less. The Blues have almost 3m tied up in Lalime, they won't put that much down on Legace. Toronto might put more than 2 on Legace, if Belfour retires and they can't get Fernandez for less. And Detroit wouldn't match Toronto's 3m for Legace, given the fact that several other solid goalies will be available. One question....How the hell does Legace put his own desires ahead of the team??? He is the best damn goalie in the NHL and has been for a couple years now. He deserved the #1 spot when he was backing up Cujo, who any team would be better off with 6 skaters and no goalie than 5 skaters and him. Legace is the man and he is going to prove it by backing the Wings to another Stanley Cup this year. Would you rather have Ozzie or Legace in goal for the Wings during the playoffs?