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  1. Icteria virens

    WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 2 OT (CHI wins series, 4-3)

    they were doing this all game, letting them not just gain the blue but all the way to the top of the face off circles. it was ridiculous. and it came back to bite us.
  2. Icteria virens

    Fraser's take on Penalty Shot

    the league doesn't fix games so to speak but they can nudge/push games in a certain direction with schedule (remember round 2 against Pens when the series started on a weekend which hadn't happened in something like 30 years and the Wings got LESS rest for winning that series in 6 vs. 7 games, lidstrom's family jewels being out of commission and all etc) and with ref assignments, which they refuse to spell out any length of time in advance, and yes, the league, all leagues, keep stats on their officials, some more prone to call sticks, obstruction, more majors, etc, Dan O'Halloran, who literally has been quoted as saying he "hates the city of Detroit" reffred games 1, 5 and 7 of the Pens series for instance. Guess who was reffing game 6 two days ago when the league needed a Chicago win for a lucrative O6 game 7? and then you have the NHL higher up who , again, literally admitted in the press that it's good for the league when the series go long, are extended to 7 games for revenue purposes. Sorry I don't have a link right now but all this has been discussed and documented here and other places. and finally, although I haven't checked this year or lately, I know that for many years in a row how do you explain the Red Wings being, over an 82 game schedule, one of the LEAST penalized teams league wide but during the PO's they suddenly are one of the most penalized? How do you explain an Anaheim team that's one of the most penalized during the season and all of a sudden Detroit is penalized more than Anaheim. Has happened more than once as well. And this from a skilled 'soft', euro team as well??? go ahead and respond with snark and derision but the FACTS are on my side, again, it's all been hashed out and DOCUMENTED. see my post above, amazing how they have been in the past one of the least penalized teams over 82 games and then end up getting called for more penalties than even clutch and grab opponents like Anaheim et all. Has happened multiple times. Once is one thing.
  3. if this isn't a penalty, then neither was the other.
  4. Dan "the company man" "the I hate the city of Detroit" OHalloran didn't even flipping make the call.
  5. you're darn right we can, that game should be in OT, Period. that was beyond ridiculous. How was he denied a reasonable goal scoring opportunity????? HOW? that b.s. call directly lead to a 2 goal lead. So yeah, we can talk about the refs. These are supposed to be the best, they are supposed to have earned these games. that call was horrible. his stick was on him for .5 seconds, and that's worthy of a penalty shot? it's not even worthy of a minor.
  6. WTF are you talking about , the refs are the reason this isn't into overtime. How in the f$#@# did he deny him a reasonable goal scoring opportunity? HOW?
  8. come on boys! more direct play to the net, get some pressure and crowd the net, we've become too fancy, DIRECT play and simple clearances from our own end LET'S GO RED WINGS
  9. Icteria virens

    WCSF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 4, (DET leads series 3-2)

    need to play much more simpler in our end and much more direct in theirs, we are wayyyy too passive, not going to net, passing up shots, DRIVE TO THE NET come on Wings, let's get it done. Still have faith.
  10. Icteria virens

    WCSF Game 1 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Blackhawks 4, (CHI leads series 1-0)

    QFT seems to me they got rid of this in game 7 and 6 etc., less fancy sometimes, more direct, they didn't do this in game 1, need to get back to it.
  11. Icteria virens

    I do / I don't

    I do believe that I'm proud of the Red Wings this season I don't believe I'll be able to stop stress eating until the Wings are knocked out of the Playoffs.
  12. I miss a lot of what's been said already but I'd like to comment on the butterfly style of most goalies in the league. it's boring to watch b/c they all do the same thing, go down, cover 99% of the net, they are so big, their equipment is so big - that's enough to do it seems. they are like robots with no imagination. I miss Hasek.
  13. Icteria virens

    Refs this series!

    Go back and re-watch it, If Ab left his feet if was 1/2 a second before contact, seriously second and very important point: where did Abs hit the Anaheim player first? was it his head? no. He hit him shoulder to shoulder, if you are trying to say that a player can control incidental follow thru at the speed the game is played you're crazy. and how do you account for players of different sizes? a taller player making a check on a shorter player , well, it's going to be lined up a certain way, should taller players not be allowed to check shorter players? also what if the player being checked bends down lower right before the hit or reaches with his stick for a pass that's just a big off, thus making him lower his body, this happens all the time, it happened on the big hit in the Montreal series, watch the player reach for the puck causing him to lower his upper body, how can a player react given a half second like that? the real problem nobody talks about is the players have gotten bigger, faster, stronger, all the equipment has gotten bigger with hard molded plastic and the ice surface hasn't changed.
  14. he wasn't too hurt to look up while lying on the ice to see if there was a call that was going to be made, no call yet, I'll stay on the ice.
  15. that call was BS the ref was 3 feet away and made no call, if Ab left his feet it was 1/3 of a second before he actually made contact. the $%^&& was lying on the ice with his head up looking around to see if there was going to be a call, there wasn't so he stayed down didn't anybody else notice this? embellishment, dive,