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  1. The Official bring back Fedorov topic!

    This does seem like the dream scenario. Of course, that is, if your dream is to keep the average age on our team above 35. Yea, great idea, lets trade a draft pick, maybe hudler, and another prospect for Sundin, who's probably going to retire in 2-3 years. Did we learn NOTHING from our deadline mistake last year? We trade that Mathias guy (forget his name) for Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi is gone 2 months later, meanwhile that other prospect we traded was kicking ass on the Canadian World Juniors and doing decent for Florida. Now I know that the World Juniors isn't exactly the NHL, but give it time. We wasted a good prospect on an old injured bum (Bertuzzi) who left us 2 months later. Now you guys want to go out and get Federov? I have an idea, maybe we could dump Zetterberg, and get Larionov and Fetisov out of retirement. Then, Maybe we could dump Rafalski, Filpula and maybe a prospect and use that cap space to get Shanahan and maybe even convince Yzerman into a one year deal. Then we could get rid of Sammy and Howard, use that cap space to find a miracle cure for Konstantinov, trade Franzen and 2 draft picks for Kozlov and BOOM, we got out russian 5 back. We could then release Kronwall, and more draft picks and convince Larry Murphy to make a bit of a comeback. Maybe, if we're lucky, we could sign Gordie Howe to a small little contract as well. Or, we could be smart, not trade our prospects, young players, and draft picks for old washed up injury prone players who will probably be with our team for a year or 2. And one more thing...Whats all this crap i'm hearing about McCarty? Are we trying to an assemble a Stanley Cup team or a Red Wings Alumni team? ooooooo He got a hat trick with the Griffens, excuse me while i go call CNN. Who cares????? He's not young, he's not a prospect, he's an old washed up bum with a gambling problem. So why have him take up a spot on our team? If I recall correctly, he was a healthy scratch on Calgary, a team with far less talent and depth than ours. So lets just end this McCarty thing. Its not going to happen and if it does, Holland is either and idiot or really desperate.
  2. Babcock quote in The Hockey News

    hockey left detroit with yzerman
  3. something that worries me about osgood.

    haha what worries me about osgood is that he sucks ass
  4. NHL is killing hockey in Detroit

    its because detroit is a peice of crap of a city and people can't afford to go the the games. seriously, detroit is like gotham city. And, the joe louis arena is a peice of crap. They have like 4 bathrooms in the whole place. they need to do some SERIOUS renovations and make the games exciting. do a light show at the begining, do an inense introduction like they would do at Bulls games back in the day. They did light shows and intense introductions at pre season leafs games.
  5. Chelios got Mark Messier Award

    i hate mark messier
  6. Free Agent Names to Look At

    agreed, we dont need any forwards. we need to think long-term, once Lidstrom retires in 2-4 years or, if not retire, becomes less effective with age, then our defense is completely f***ed. by that time, chelios will be gone, and probably schneider as well, we need to lock up some D. The only person on our roster who needs to go is Lang. Im sorry, i know there are a lot of lang fans on here, but jesus christ, he's slow, he cant pass, and cant handle the puck, the only thing he can do is shoot. He sucks, get rid of him. also, what happened to that swedish goalie we signed last year? i forget his name
  7. Who has been your biggest disappointment

    yzerman, lidstrom
  8. Leafs fans

    hahaha Federov, Osgood, Hasek and probably a lot more that im forgetting The reason leafs fans boo there team on a regular basis is cuz they lose on a regular basis and it pisses them off and by mildly booed, you mean pple throwing hasek jerseys on the ice after the game (if ur refering to the vancouver playoff game)
  9. First Round Matchup

    St. Louis, Colombous, LA or Chicago works pretty well for me
  10. Return of Hatcher?

    i'd rather have lilja
  11. New York Daily News says Schneider is available?

    we did fine with out schneider when he was injured, so i say, lets get that irish bastard back
  12. The Streak is Over...GOOD!

  13. Greatest Red Wing

    Why isn't Lilja on there???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Sean Avery...

    hell no. Sean Avery, though he does posses speed, and would probably kill anyone who hits Yzerman, is undesciplined, and would add about 200 PM to the Detroit team. One of the many problems Detroit faced in the playoffs this year were penalties which resulted in those 6 to 7 minute break downs we had every game. Think how much worse it would have been with Avery on the team. I would hate for him to be on Detroit.
  15. Lang for Zednik

    depending on if Yzerman retires or not. If Yzerman doesn't retire, it's a tough call. Lang and Yzerman have such great chemistry. If Yzerman retires, I would do that trade in a heartbeat.