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  2. So who are the top RHed Dmen?

    While I understand that we have a glaring need there, a lot of those players are almost untouchables. Petry isn't spectacular by any means but he has Detroit connections and who knows? I think he would actually be a decent signing. Tom Gilbert is another guy who I think could be a realistic target, perhaps one of those veterans that finds a home with the Wings. However, he has been available before and Holland left him alone so I think that says it all.
  3. Howard = Average

    While I admit that Jimmy isn't a goalie that will steal many games much less an entire series like Lundqvist or Rinne, he is a far better goalie than Reimer is. The NYR have a stronger defensive group of defensemen than we do and that can help Lundqvist out...I mean McDonough and Klein both block a lot of shots and clear rebounds very well. I am not making excuses for Howard but you're not factoring in some of the shall we say, disadvantages Howard has in comparison to some other goalies. We are really lucky to have the two best two way players in the league on our side and that can only help from a defensive standpoint. Having Lids, Raf, Stuart, Kronwall as the top four with Jimmy as the starter is a bit of a catch 22. Yes, that is an amazing top four but Jimmy was in his first two seasons as "the guy" and that comes with some adjustments (especially in the playoffs). You also have to factor in that Rafalski wasn't getting any younger (this doesn't apply to Nick), Stuart had won his Cup and his head and heart were in a different place in 2010 and Kronwall missed half a season due to injury. All that said, I do agree with you. However, if we put the Howard of last year in a net with the aforementioned top 4, I think he would definitely be a winner.
  4. What would it take a get Shea Weber?

    Well to be fair, Phaneuf's biggest hit came against his teammate haha but on a serious note, I think Weber's game has changed a lot in recent years and perhaps for the better. Also, I don't think he is gambling on hits as much since he no longer has Suter to bail him out if he gets caught. I always thought Suter was the better all around dman of the two. Back to Phaneuf and Weber, if we look at where they both started at and look at where they have ended up in terms of development, I don't think there is a sane person that would take Phaneuf over Weber. Weber has evolved and adjusted a whole lot more than Phaneuf has and is by far a better all around player.
  5. What would it take a get Shea Weber?

    Don't forget that it isn't exactly common for a team's top defenseman or even player in this case to be dropping the gloves too often. Trotz would lose his mind.
  6. 3/11 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blue Jackets 4

    Exactly. The refs did not help the Wings at all but they didn't help themselves either. The Jackets were everywhere, especially in the third period. They were winning battles in all three zones and appeared to be playing intense playoff style hockey and the Wings simply couldn't match up and after they went down a goal, they folded up like an accordion. Emmerton losing the puck on the second goal. Tatar not tracking back well enough on the third're spot on.
  7. What would it take a get Shea Weber?

    To get Shea Weber himself Kenny would have to pretty much give Poile a free run at anyone and everyone in the organization. To get a Shea Weber type player, it would take a high draft pick or a diamond in the rough type of draft selection.
  8. 3/11 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blue Jackets 4

    Ericsson's role has changed a lot in the past three years though and we cannot forget that. I am not opposed to him fighting in scenarios where he is defending or standing up for his teammates but we need him on the ice. Abby strikes me as a Maltby, a s*** disturber who will seldom, if ever, actually drop the gloves. I thoroughly agree that all of the Cup teams have had that fighter style player. Not necessarily an enforcer but someone who would answer the bell. I think you forgot about Drake as well, he was important in his own way in 2008, moreso than Downey was. I feel Tootoo should be up with the team as the 13th forward because he isn't a bad player. He can skate well, hits anything that moves and obviously has been in a lot of fights over the years. I also loved to see Smith pop up and want to go after Comeau, we need that and Smith has no problem doing that. The trouble there is that he isn't a true fighter but hey, I would have done the same thing had I have been him. The CBJ's game plan against the Wings in recent times seems to be take a run at number 2 whether the hit is legal or not. The refs dropped the ball majorly last night but that kind of stuff does happen.
  9. Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

    They needed a player that could help us win now and Holland felt that Legwand was the best available player. He went out and got him. Yes, it sucks to see Jarnkrok go, especially since he was pretty much untouchable last year (Sheahan, Andersson and Glendening obviously made him expendable this year). I am upset to see Jarnkrok go but I am also excited to see Legwand here and helping already. I don't like this Legwand now vs Jarnkrok in the future. It is unfair, right now Legwand is far better suited to help this organization make the playoffs than Jarnkrok. If Jarnkrok goes onto be a star in this league then so be it but I am comfortable with our depth at centre and realize that the trade was made because Holland needed a proven NHL centreman who fit the Wings system. No sense in getting all bent out of shape, its done. Lets move on and be happy that Legwand is making contributions for the Wings right now.
  10. Mark Fayne

    While Zidlicky is a good defenseman, seeing him this week kind of makes me uneasy of him ever being a Red Wing. He was all over the place in a negative kind of way. He was caught out of position many times due to bad pinching decisions. I do not believe he is what this team needs. Fayne on the other hand could help our defensive core...just as long as Quincey goes.
  11. Wings sign Stephen Weiss, 5-years, $24.5m

    Very pleased with this. Very pleased.
  12. Players of Interest

    Good God. Tyler Bozak is pretty atrocious. I would rather see Fil stay or Weiss brought in over him. "Reaching out" to Scuderi is not a bad thing at all. He has some size, gets in shooting lanes and is more physical that most of our lineup.
  13. Brunner Contract Talks

    This is exactly it. I do not think exceeding 2.5m per season is or will be bad for Brunner over a 3 or 4 year term. Sure he was streaky but it was his first season away from Switzerland so in addition to learning a new style of hockey, he was also adjusting to a new lifestyle and getting himself situated in Michigan. At the end of the day, athletes are people too and adjusting to such a far relocation does not come easy. His game will continue to improve and hopefully by next year, we're all pleased and saying what a steal he is for 2.5-3m Brunner likes to shoot. This team desperately needs someone who can waltz in and shoot the puck or just shoot in general. Him being an right handed shot does not hurt either. End of the day, Brunner is worth the risk.
  14. Kindl-Kronwall on the PP

    Smith or DeKeyser for sure with Kronwall. Smith needs time to develop (almost more than Deke if that is possible). Smith is prone to errors and Deke plays a very safe game and has the more accurate shot between the two. I think they will both see a fair share of PP time. Brunner is best off on the left side to have the inside shot, but to be totally honest, he doesn't impact the PP in a hugely significant manner.
  15. How much is too much?

    I would have done 5m for 3 or maaaybe 4 years but to give an aging player a full no trade clause is questionable. I say this because having Vinny around for too long would eventually take away opportunities from Sheahan and Jarnkrok. I was big on having Vinny because he provides a dimension that this team lacks and at 33 and declining, he brings far more to the table than Fil ever has or ever will. Too bad it didn't work out.