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  1. Swimming with the Sharks

  2. LGW Fit Club

    ^ ^ ^ Keep up the good work! In case you need some extra motivation, my weight chart from last year:
  3. LGW Fit Club

    I WILL run the Silicon Valley Marathon this November! Last year I had to drop out due to knee injury, then got sidelined over the winter after hernia surgery. But this year I've greatly improved my running mechanics and have made it up to 10 miles pain-free so far. Oh yes, and I'm raising money for autism research again. Thanks to SouthernWingsFan and vladdy16 for donating last year!
  4. You can buy the Stanley Cup for $250

    That would probably be another $250.
  5. WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    Oh that was scary.
  6. WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    Lilja still on the bench. Blocked a shot off his heel, they said.
  7. WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    Puede ser, pero me gusta la rima, todavía significa "The Train to Punishment."
  8. WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

    And Marchant goes right back into the sin bin.
  9. WCF Game 5 (5/20): Ducks @ Red Wings, 3pm ET

  10. WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    Have a good game boys! Weather the first ten minutes, then season and roast 'em. BTW: If you have the Versus/Golf combo HD channel, look for the game on MOJO.
  11. Who is this Kopetsky guy?

    I don't know to what extent it's borrowed; it may just be a Mexican borrowing. It does seem that Spanish tends to localize more given how closely the orthography is tied to pronunciation. In English of course we don't care because we know ours is the sausage of the spelling world. By the way, Olga diría: "Adelante las alas rojas."
  12. Who is this Kopetsky guy?

    The Slovak c gives some English speakers trouble, yet most have no problem with other foreign sounds like those in "pizza" or "loch". Look at it another way: In English we have ways of pronouncing letters that are unusual to speakers of other languages. No other language as far as I know associates our long i sound with the letter i -- Spanish pie ("foot") does not sound the same as English "pie". And in cases where the source language is also written with the Latin alphabet, we don't usually Anglicize the spelling when borrowing words or writing out names. Similarly in the other direction, the French borrowing for "weekend" is not spelled *wiquende or *huiquende, nor is the Spanish borrowing for "jeans" spelled *chins. (Of course, there are exceptions: the Spanish word for a long-sleeve knit top is suéter.)
  13. So much for Versus in HD.

    That combination Versus/Golf HD channel is just weird. The last thing hockey fans want to be reminded of is golf.
  14. Lilja interview

    The only thing rarer than a Lilja goal is a Lilja interview. (J/K, we love ya Lils!) NBCSports.com - Facing off with Andreas Lilja Quite personable and has a great attitude toward the game.
  15. "...good luck Ottawa and take your best shotawa."

    When I first read the title, I thought that maybe Buffalo had stolen the Leafs' playoff song from a few years back. High flying high drama. It's going to be a great series!