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  1. Wojtek Wolski

    At one point, he was referred to as "Goalski" by Av fans and was considered to be one of the pillars around which Colorado would build its team. Then Phoenix and Colorado think maybe a change of scenery would do some good for two very promising young talents that had plateau'd (the other being Mueller). Then Wolski starts getting lost in the shuffle. If we can pay him only a small amount over what he is worth, then we may get a good deal on what he can be worth.
  2. WCQF Game 3 GDT: Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 2

    Kronwall has looked like garbage in the first 2. Both on the O and D side of the rink.
  3. 2/6 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Kings 4

    Question for those more knowledgeable: 2 goals 16 seconds apart. Why are the Wings changing the forward lines AFTERWARDS?
  4. Detroit to offer Hossa long term deal

    Fedorov is not going to make much more than 2 mil if that. I don't know all the dynamics, but I think signing him for 1.5 (if possible) and letting him play forward is great. Then, if a D goes down, you shift him back to D and let a GR kid come up. Either way, even WITHOUT thinking about signing Hossa, this team is strapped.
  5. Detroit to offer Hossa long term deal

    I'd rather have someone who can play both Forward and Defenseman for 1.9 and keep Hudler and Sammy, than Hossa for 4. *cough*Fedorov*cough* All I'm saying is think about it.
  6. Detroit to offer Hossa long term deal

    I'd like to have him back. Basically, this is the only way to get under cap and keep Hudler. Also, haven't heard great things about his health.
  7. Detroit to offer Hossa long term deal

    Maltby and Draper are tying us down. Without them, and with Lilja not coming back: 2009-2010 Detroit Red Wings FORWARDS Pavel Datsyuk $6,700,000 Henrik Zetterberg $6,083,333 Marian Hossa $4,000,000 Johan Franzen $3,954,545 Valtteri Filppula $3,000,000 Daniel Cleary $2,800,000 Tomas Holmstrom $2,250,000 Jiri Hudler $1,015,000 Ville Leino $875,000 Justin Abdelkader $850,000 Darren Helm $599,444 Mattias Ritola $511,666 DEFENSEMEN Nicklas Lidstrom $7,450,000 Brian Rafalaski $6,000,000 Brad Stuart $3,750,000 Niklas Kronwall $3,000,000 Jonathan Ericsson $900,000 Brett Lebda $650,000 GOALTENDERS Chris Osgood $1,416,666 Ty Conklin $500,000 ROSTER SIZE 20 BONUS MONEY (0.3% of cap) $165,000 SALARY CAP $56,700,000 PAYROLL $56,305,654 CAP ROOM $394,346 EDIT: I realize their salaries do not come off unless traded. I also realize there is NO way we trade them. This year is going to be tight. After next year, Holmstom, Maltby and Lidstrom come off the books.
  8. UFA's

    Where do you get off saying that? Because he enjoys his homeland and played 2 years with a fellow countryman? Regardless of you you feel about Feds effectiveness on the Wings, personal attacks are cheap.
  9. UFA's

    Fedorov back as a DEFENSEMAN. Cheap, talented, and versatile. It is time to bring him back. Lilja is a huge question mark. As good as Lebda looked for certain games, I'd rather have Feds in. That being said, I don't know the chemistry.
  10. Line Moves Making Me Feel Good

    They shouldn't even play the game now. Just award it to the Wings.
  11. Sykora's in the lineup tonight.

    Panic Move.
  12. Cujo will not be re-signed by the Leafs

    I think he means Giguere. That'd be a stupid move by Burke . . . then again, he let young talent go in exchange for Bertuzzi, so maybe you're not out of line.
  13. Cujo will not be re-signed by the Leafs

    A smart move by the Leafs. Always felt bad about how poorly Joseph's situation turned out here. He was blamed for a whole lot of things that weren't his fault.
  14. When Pavel Met Evgeni--The turning point of the series

    The worst kind of deception is self-deception.
  15. When Pavel Met Evgeni--The turning point of the series

    I could have jumped in to help you out at keeping conspiracy theorists away. Then you make the bolded part of your statement. It ruins your argument because it shows that you have lost objectivity, just like your adversary. Shoot straight, and there are a lot of posters on here that will get your back. Just a suggestion.