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  1. "Less can be more exciting." - Ken Holland

    Like I said, if you want my opinions from 2008/09 they're somewhere in my post history. I have no idea what my ideas were. They'll have been better than Cleary and Williams though.
  2. "Less can be more exciting." - Ken Holland

    They weren't all depth signings. He signed Jason Williams for example to score "20 plus goals." He signed Commodore for an enforcer even though he sucked at fighting. He signed Cleary for a man crush several times even though he sucked. Weiss was already on a downward trend when he was signed to that God awful contract and he sucked, and that definitely wasn't a depth signing. The rest of the crap was just blocking our young guns' chance to get some decent ice time on the 3rd/4th line. They were the only real moves I can comment on, because he barely made any. Best thing he ever did was sign Aaron Downey and Dallas Drake.
  3. "Less can be more exciting." - Ken Holland

    I probably would have done a bit more than say "we like our team" every ******* year. I also wouldn't have signed rejects nobody else wanted like Dan Cleary, Jason Williams, Mikael Samuelsson, Dan Cleary, Mike Commodore, Stephen Weiss, Mike Modano, Dan Cleary...just to name a small amount of the trash that's been signed in the past 5 years or so. Probably would have at least tried to draft some players with a bit of balls to grind out some wins when the going gets tough. If you want to know precisely which players I would have signed instead in each year I'll have no doubt posted about those in detail at the time (been a member on here since 2006). I'm not going to try and remember who I thought was better 8/9 years ago, but feel free to search through my posts if you're that bothered. And hey, what do I know, I've only been right and talking sense for a whole decade. Holland is a lazy ******* scrub who contributed nothing except nodding when Hakan Andersson told him who to draft.
  4. "Less can be more exciting." - Ken Holland

    Not my ways. There were a few of us "Holland bashers" that got ridiculed. Just because we were at the time a successful team so many couldn't see the truth that was staring right in front of them. Lidstrom. Holmstrom and Dats couldn't last for ever. Ah well. Go Cardiff Devils.
  5. "Less can be more exciting." - Ken Holland

    Pretty sure I first called Holland out as a fraud way back in like 2008 or something. There were a few of us old guard who could see through all the scouting talent at the front to the lucky GM at the back. Don't even think Blashill is that much of a bad coach in all honesty. He can't physically get on the ice and make Sheahan an offensive hockey player. Anyways, the mighty UKRedWing thanks the NHL for banishing all the enforcers to the British ice hockey league. Last game I went to I saw the likes of Patrick Bordeleau and Brian McGrattan. Also old-Wings prospect Gleason Fournier. Even in our league he sucks.
  6. uk_redwing

  7. Official - Little Caesars Arena

    Awful. Has the word "little" in it. Although I guess that's pretty apt for the current roster.
  8. Mitchell Callahan

    Poor Mitch. Was on the road to good things until he blew his ACL. Not really been the same player since.
  9. Ownership shows Support for Kenny Holland

    Just popping in to say it looks like the penny has dropped with a lot of people. Ken Holland is a clown who hid behind the success of Håkan Andersson for many, many years. With the majority of Andersson's players gone or on the decline there was never any real attempt by Holland for so many years to keep the Wings at the top, just a lot of cast away one-year rentals that and the never ending presence of Dan Cleary. He has literally waited to the point where we're on the cusp of becoming a team that won't even make the playoffs before he's decided he actually has to do his job and make us a better team...although his job is apparently for us to expect less, so then he's doing a better job without actually having to do anything? The guys a joke. Huge thanks to Håkan Andersson for giving us such a good team between 2006-10.
  10. Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

    Mitch Callahan. Blash loves the Mitch.
  11. Callahan, Ferraro and Porter placed on Waivers

    Gonna be a sad day for me if Callahan gets claimed. I've followed his progress since the day he was drafted and have been waiting for the day that seemed inevitable in that he would get a regular spot on the Wings team. I think choosing someone based on a few incredibly crappy exhibition games is a flawed process, but what do I know. Not like Detroit has made mistakes in choosing it's roster in recent years At least we've got Cleary on the roster That'll be worth it if Mitch gets claimed. Something to laugh at.
  12. I have a feeling I'd hate Callahan if he was on another team
  13. 2014 Preseason Thread

    Since when is Callahan an enforcer? Fighting =/= an enforcer. People don't half form some strange opinions on here.
  14. 2014 Preseason Thread

    Not sure if serious?
  15. Callahan and Nestrasil re-signed

    I said he was better than Cleary, who is projected as being nowhere in the NHL without his man-crushees. A 4th line agitator/mini-Holmstrom>absolutely nothing. Callahan brings skills that this team has lacked for a while.
  16. Callahan and Nestrasil re-signed

    Erm...every possible hockey attribute?
  17. Callahan and Nestrasil re-signed

    Signed for a German ice hockey team last I heard.
  18. Callahan and Nestrasil re-signed

    Callahan>Cleary. We'll lose him to waivers.
  19. Red Wings & the Media

    Why lighten up? I'm already light as a cloud. An inside joke? I see how it is...
  20. Red Wings & the Media

    I honestly took nothing out of this post and don't understand its point.
  21. Red Wings & the Media

    Since when did having an opinion not become part of journalism? Especially sports journalism? That's half the point of the job, otherwise there would only be one writer writing all the content for every outlet! There is also a strong difference between an opinion and stating the obvious a-la Cleary. You don't have to tear the move to shreds, but you especially don't have to go the other way and provide counter-PR bulls*** like Khan on MLive. His recent Q&A session ignored about 90% of the questions about the management and their pathetic moves in the past few years. Why not make an article on the after-effects this may have on the other young players? Why not make an article on the other possible options the Wings could have had for the money, or other options that are still out there? That isn't opinion, that's realistic possible scenarios based on facts. That's journalism. Journalism isn't about being a mindless type writer. I will finish by saying my views are based on the fact I am a sports journalist.
  22. Red Wings & the Media

    He has a valid point about the damp rags that are the local media. MLive is the worst offender for being suck ups and not giving a critical word to anything. He's right that the only local press that rightly tore apart the Cleary signing were the bloggers. The rest just posted PR bulls*** about how Cleary is better and how he can rebound.
  23. Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

    Mitch Callahan > Dan Cleary. I hope this is reflected in next season's roster. That is all.
  24. So yeah. All in the poll, which I hope has worked. A lot of decent choices there and so many that made no sense at the time that we all rightly predicted doom and gloom from the start. Can any of them really beat the latest Daniel Cleary signing? I think the Samuelsson contract just about shades it because of the length at 2 years $6m for a guy that was basically ignored in the last season.