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  1. Pskov Wings Fan

    Shea Weber leaves game with Injury

    Just wear the stupid visor.
  2. Pskov Wings Fan

    Sedins Sign 4 year $28 Million/piece extension

    They always sign the same contracts. It does not matter what the "worth" of either brother is. You either sign both to the same deal or you get none. Better question would be is the pair worth $14M per year.
  3. Pskov Wings Fan

    10/14 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Bruins 2

    I should stop reading this. Gamecenter Live is like a minute behind forum updates.
  4. Pskov Wings Fan

    10/14 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Bruins 2

    Entertaining game to watch. But it feels like only the first line generates offense and the others mostly try to hold Boston off.
  5. Pskov Wings Fan

    Tomas Hertl

    I do not recall anything special about his celebration. Given that he scored 4 goals in one game it was rather tame. And Oates got OV on his team who likes to jump into the glass after his goals.
  6. Pskov Wings Fan

    Tomas Hertl

    If Rangers do not like opposing team's goal celebrations then maybe they should consider not allowing them to score. If they can't then shut up and go cry quietly on the bench. I never understood this "not rubbing it in" crap. These are both NHL teams with similar payrolls. It is not like Sharks ran over Pee Wee team while laughing at the kids. Listened to the players comments about this goal on TSN. I am with Luongo on this one.
  7. Pskov Wings Fan

    Laviolette out in Philly

    Watched the press conference. What a pile of garbage. The owner seems to take any question as an insult.
  8. Pskov Wings Fan

    Steve Yzerman wants Game Misconduct penalties for fighting

    I really would not care all that much if a guy who just put Dats or Z out of commission for few week had to fight after the fact. A player I love to watch play hockey would be gone for a while and instead I got to see a fight between couple of guys who probably should not even be in the league anyway. Does not sound like a good deal at all.
  9. Pskov Wings Fan

    Steve Yzerman wants Game Misconduct penalties for fighting

    I agree. Lost income is much better deterrent against cheap shots than fighting. That black eye will go away soon enough but losing nearly quarter of your annual paycheck got to hurt.
  10. Pskov Wings Fan

    Devils sign Brunner 2 yrs. $2.5 million AAV

    Somewhat surprising given that his preseason was so far unspectacular. But I guess Devils are desperate for offense.
  11. Pskov Wings Fan

    buffalo and toronto fight

    It does not matter what Kessel was saying. There is just no justification for Scott trying to fight Kessel. Find a willing opponent of a similar stature. Scott was around long enough, he should know that it is basically impossible for a prized fighter to go after other team's top line scorer. Such a fight should never happen and there is little reason to try.
  12. Pskov Wings Fan


    but assuming that the second line is Franzen-Weiss-Alfredsson who do we have left for the top line?
  13. Pskov Wings Fan


    If the choice is between Abdelkader and Cleary I'll take Abdelkader on the top line.
  14. Pskov Wings Fan

    Change to goalie pads.

    I think you need to look further back into history before talking about shrinking goalie equipment and excessive goal scoring. Take a look at a game from the eighties. 6-4 was not a ridiculous score back then (average was almost 8 goals per game). Currently we are in one of the lowest scoring periods in NHL history. And do the pads need to be so much wider then the leg they meant to protect? Or the catching glove, which would fit a soccer ball?
  15. Pskov Wings Fan

    Buying First Wings Sweater - Advice wanted

    If you want to go cheap you can always buy one from China for about $30. Sites selling them do not seem to stay under the same domain name for long (my guess would be that NHL is fighting them), but there is always one of them around.