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  2. Has the Cheechoo train run out of NHL track?

    he was brutal this preseason, how the mighty fall
  3. Is Mike Modano This Year's Dallas Drake?

    yea I'd agree with this. Mo can be very good still, he show flashes of the player he was 10 years ago sometimes so I know the talent is still there unfortunately in Dallas with the team we had it was conducive for him to float a little more than he should. That being said I think he is a great fit for the Wings. I very much wish he was still back here and since it isn't looking promising for Dallas I hope he is the missing piece for the Wings. I will support Mo to the end, he deserves that and if that means cheering for the Wings I'll do what needs to be done. I am dreading opening night at the AAC in Dallas, it will be very bittersweet seeing my favorite player suiting up for another team.
  4. Modano's first skate with new teammates

    those pictures are hard to look at for me
  5. It's Official: Turco to Hawks

    Chicago just made an huge mistake, Turco has been scrub for the better part of two years. We kept waiting for him to return to normal it never happened and it will never I'd like to see that too but ugh don't get your hopes up. All we haven't got any better this off-season unless you count addition by subtraction with Turco and we were terrible last season.
  6. Mike Modano signs with Detroit

    don't underestimate stupidity of the masses. I am extremely unhappy with the direction of the Stars franchise while Nieuwendyk has been at the helm, partially ownership issues but mostly IMO his fault. A lot of people thing Mo is going to Detroit to spite us, which I think is obviously crazy, so I don't really know. The home opener will be really bittersweet to me knowing it might be one of the last times to see my favorite player live but for another team.
  7. Mike Modano signs with Detroit

    well you guys might be seeing more of me this season on LGW I am disappointed in the stars but I will still support Mo's decision and hope for the best. I sure hope not, what he has done for our franchise can't be overlooked. Modano helped make hockey viable in Dallas and built this franchise. If he is I will be ashamed to be a Stars fan.
  8. Modano

    they changed the rules for the Calder because of him, It is a shame he didn't win it
  9. Modano

    I will be sad to see him go, this game choked me up a little bit. My favorite player ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prpcjgySn68&feature=player_embedded
  10. Elias leaves his game on a stretcher

    hopefully he is okay [yt]fziXah_Dhtc[/yt]
  11. Poor Crosby / Double Standard

    that is the epitome of the reason people dislike him
  12. No suspension for Kunitz cross-check on Varlamov

    it was a ***** of a move by Kunitz (he sure learned from the best though) but there were too many ways the NHL could have said it "accidental" for them to actually do something
  13. The one thing you dislike about anaheim.

    their sense of entitlement
  14. No Suspension for Brown

    I think that while Brown's hit was a very late hit he got what he deserved with the penalties after the play. I was glad to see Hudler playing after that hit too. As for whether the league shortchanges the Wings, I wouldn't think so. I feel like fans for every team thinks the league is against them. I think fans of each team could make a list of reasons they think they have been wronged in the past. Every team has gets the short end sometimes. As for the Ribeiro thing I won't even get into that, it was a year ago.
  15. The series we've all been waiting for

    I am pumped for this series, I hope the Caps can get it done in 5 or 6 games.