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  1. Echolalia

    GDT 9/17 - Blackhawks at Red Wings 730 EST

    I was most impressed with Hicketts and Cholowski, personally. Hicketts definitely doesn't play as small as he is. It didn't seem to be a hindrance on him at all; on the contrary, he seemed like the most aggressive, physical guy on the ice. Cholowski is 100% head looking up the ice, fast skating, quick outlet pass defensman. He was good at getting the puck out of the zone and up the ice without turning it over, and kept the puck moving around the O-zone from the blue line. He had a couple opportunistic pinches down low that the Wings were unable to capitalize on as well, but he found the quiet area of the ice and if a puck was able to get through to him he would have a golden opportunity at the net. Svechnikov looked dangerous a time or two, but overall didn't stand out all that much to me. Rasmussen had the goal, but other than that didn't really stand out much to me either.
  2. Echolalia

    GDT 9/17 - Blackhawks at Red Wings 730 EST

    this is the equivalent of you telling me at least i still have the cone when i spill my delicious ice cream all over the street
  3. Echolalia

    GDT 9/17 - Blackhawks at Red Wings 730 EST

    lame. i bought tickets to see some of top prospects play. i feel cheated
  4. Echolalia

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    it comes off a bit like a power move to let everyone know that Yzerman is in charge of this team tbh
  5. Echolalia

    Rumors Thread

    they are going to be a lot of fun to watch
  6. I feel like Sulak should have had more opportunity with the club. Every game I saw him in he was outstanding
  7. Echolalia


    at least I wasn't one of those pretentious clowns who says "present"
  8. Echolalia


    here I am
  9. Echolalia

    WPG vs STL - Series Thread

    you are running this thread boss
  10. Echolalia

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Ken Holland went from the undisputed best GM to ever walk the planet to the worst GM in the league in the fan’s eyes. I wonder what might happen with Yzerman if the Wings haven’t won a cup in 3-5 years.
  11. Echolalia

    Larry Murphy Returns to FS-D

    there is no escaping it for me :/
  12. Echolalia

    Larry Murphy Returns to FS-D

    Things are going great I hope your intern year has been smooth!
  13. Echolalia

    Larry Murphy Returns to FS-D

    I seem to recall a game back when Murphy was doing color commentary for us where Mickey or Ken asked him a question and he didn't respond and they chalked it up to technical difficulties, and during the game you could see that he wasn't between the benches. Then a couple shifts later he was suddenly back, talking, and enjoying a hot dog lol, presumably retrieved during the 'technical difficulty' Does anyone else remember this or did I dream it?
  14. Echolalia

    2/1 TGIF GDT - Maple Leafs @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    We cant go winning too many games now can we
  15. It feels like forever since I've seen any hockey