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  1. Passion =/= competency.
  2. honestly I think the whole NHL club is made to be way more elite than it actually is. I don't think playing hockey professionally necessarily makes you a better GM or owner or coach etc. Yet so many former NHL players end up in front office positions. Its a club.
  3. Washington is my desired team to win the Cup this year. Ovechkin needs to have his name on that thing.
  4. absolutely. But other than Kane, nobody else on that team is making remotely what Toews is. The missed assignments, giveaways, etc are much harder to swallow from the 10.5M guy than the 2.5M guy
  5. Yeah his stellar leadership and defensive skills were on full display in this series /sarcasm
  6. who would want to pay 10.5M for <60 points a season? Personally I think its one of the worst contracts in the league right now.
  7. wait... ever? Like in the history of the NHL this has never happened before?
  8. honestly I'm with ya. I like all the NBC crew other than that Blackhawks' slappy
  9. oh how sweet it would be to see Chicago swept from the first round. Frankgrimes would have a fit.
  10. His players would have the best knowledge of where their opponents grew up and played.
  11. If the Caps don't win the Cup I want the Leafs to.
  12. this series.
  13. This one pains me to see in round 1. The Caps and Leafs are the two teams from the East I wouldn't mind advancing to the finals.
  14. Not the first time either. After winning the cup in 2014, they missed the playoffs altogether the very next season with largely the same roster. No thanks to Sutter (although I do think he's an upgrade over Blashill).
  15. Franzen too? That's a relief.