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  1. Echolalia

    Goal GOAT Poll

    think about where Ovi's totals would be if he didnt lose time during his prime from the lockout
  2. Echolalia

    2020 Draft Thread

    He’s played 35 games in the NHL. I’m not sure how anyone can label his career anything at this point. Maybe it’s only a “hot streak”, maybe it’s a stepping stone into something else. But at least for now he’s been good for the team. Since Dec 1st, the only one on the team who has scored more points than Zadina is Larkin. So keep riding that and see if he continues to grow.
  3. Echolalia

    2020 Draft Thread

    The other half of that is finding a willing buyer. A quick look through the recent past shows 1st overalls are rarely traded to begin with, and when they are have generally tended to be traded with another asset (2nd rounder, player, etc) for something like a top 5 pick +/- 3rd rounder or middle-tier player, which isn’t the haul we are necessarily talking about here. I don’t think GMs as a whole are as dumb as armchair GMs believe. Trades don’t happen because we want them to.
  4. Literally would be the only thing I watch tbh if I tune in. The traditional all star game never appealed to me because, well, I’ve never cared to watch a bunch of stars half-ass it out there and try to look pretty with their passes that don’t matter, and there is no incentive to really put forth a serious effort by them. The woman’s game might actually be a competition. edit: maybe everything already happened? I haven’t been paying close enough attention apparently
  5. Echolalia

    Laviolette Fired

    omg lets go Stevie
  6. Echolalia

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    that is what teams hire GMs to win, yes.
  7. Echolalia

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    as a GM, how many cups has he won?
  8. Echolalia

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Some people are incapable of conceptualizing that a team cannot remain a Stanley cup contender for 30 years straight in a salary cap era. So then rash decisions happen and quality people are removed simply for the sake of change. So instead of proven winners in Babcock and Holland running the ship we have two unproven commodities. Meanwhile the personelle we let walk are continuing to ice competitive teams, just for different cities now.
  9. Echolalia

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    it comes off a bit like a power move to let everyone know that Yzerman is in charge of this team tbh
  10. Echolalia

    Rumors Thread

    they are going to be a lot of fun to watch
  11. I feel like Sulak should have had more opportunity with the club. Every game I saw him in he was outstanding
  12. Echolalia


    at least I wasn't one of those pretentious clowns who says "present"
  13. Echolalia


    here I am
  14. Echolalia

    WPG vs STL - Series Thread

    you are running this thread boss
  15. Echolalia

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Ken Holland went from the undisputed best GM to ever walk the planet to the worst GM in the league in the fan’s eyes. I wonder what might happen with Yzerman if the Wings haven’t won a cup in 3-5 years.