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  1. I mean... even if he turned out to be exactly Holmstrom. Is that a bad thing? Hes not a franchise guy, but our team could reealllly use a prime Holmstrom mucking it up in the greasy areas.
  2. Here at LGW, we should have a pretty good idea about how easily and commonly the most promising prospects in the AHL fizzle out into nothing once they get into the NHL. From purely an odds standpoint, Vegas selecting anyone off our AHL roster over currently established NHL players is likely going to be a long-term win for us. Keeping Mrazek would buy Holland another season to work out a solution for a backup role as well (cuz Coreau I don't think is ready, and Howard is likely going to be injured). Not losing any sleep over these results if they're true. Also regarding Mrazek's low trade value: lets not give this kid a scapegoat and blame everything on Holland. He's struggled to put together a consistent showing since coming up to the NHL and his attitude and entitlement problems are widely reported. Maybe if he wants to be a number one goalie or be a valuable asset he should work more on his game and behavior. Its not Blashill or Holland's job to coddle him.
  3. i wonder what skin condition he has
  4. Seems like a very rational reason why he wasn't picked up in a trade and why he's being exposed. Although rational isn't LGWs forte.
  5. I think Howard/Coreau is a disaster waiting to happen, something I already mentioned in this thread. Regardless of whether Holland went with Mrazek or Howard, I think a priority in this offseason is finding an established backup who is capable of playing half the season if need be, because Mrazek has shown he's too inconsistent (and as you alluded to mentally fragile) to handle the top spot, and Howard is injury prone. Frankly I think the real issue here isn't a Mrazek vs Howard one, but who is going to be on the bench waiting on the likely event one of those two is unavailable.
  6. The last person I want in net is someone with a fragile ego and the ability to get shaken easily. If Mraz can't handle the pressure of something as basic as a qualified starter backing him up, how can you reasonably expect him to handle real adversity (which he has also struggled with)?
  7. I mean Mrazek has sucked. In his three years here he's been unable to string together a single consistent season. Having said that, I don't trust a Howard/Coreau tandem either. One is injury prone and the other is unproven. I would hope Holland is actively pursuing a solid backup if Mrazek happens to be claimed on the likely event that Howard goes down.
  8. Pick up Brendan Smith at the deadline, buy out Girardi in the offseason. I bet most Wings fans didn't see that one coming.
  9. Many of the point-per-game players in the NHL spend very little time in the AHL. The AHL is where most of the solid complimentary guys are developed and prepared for the NHL, although yes, there are some guys who require seasoning in the AHL and then continue on to become stars in the NHL, but for the most part, its the complimentary, second line, third line, fourth line guys that you're getting from the farm teams. The Red Wings have never lacked in that department. What they need is star-calibre talent and franchise guys to build a team around. The type that are drafted and often immediately put into an NHL roster.
  10. fan favorite former pro hockey players always make the best candidates for coaching staff. theres a correlation between how popular someone is among the fanbase during their career and how much guaranteed success they will bring to a club in a coaching position.
  11. yup. In my draft thread last year, evaluating the draft from now 6 years ago, there was roughly an equal chance of drafting an NHL caliber player from 15th pick to 60th pick, while 1-15 was obviously much higher odds
  12. Haters gonna hate
  13. you're all haters lol I love that hockey is becoming as big as it has down there. That building was electric for games 3 and 4
  14. This Preds team has been so fun to watch all playoffs
  15. I love that all these people on the camera side of the rink are standing constantly