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    Calder Watch

    I don't see why Seider doesn't win this, but i've been wrong before when it comes to award winners. Congrats to him on a great year, and a very exciting future here.
  2. MabusIncarnate

    11/21 "Yote Hunting" GDT @ Arizona

    Tough loss, thought this was one we would take.
  3. MabusIncarnate

    Seider for Captain

    I am ridiculously excited for this kid to get here.
  4. Full disclosure, just gonna be honest. I love this place and Matt was good enough to make me a mod. So many people have left, and the site continues to go down for months at a time. I think i've at this point moved onto HFboards. I seeming can't get a response to the state of the site, why it goes down, and basically every other mod has left by now. Surprisingly, I think we had a lot of fair weather fans here, and I get it, the Wings are really bad right now, but how far the activity has plummeted is disappointing to say the least. I thought a lot more people here would have stuck it out. We went from 15+ page GDTs to 15 replies. I have recently been battling alcoholism and it's been a very hard ride. My life right now is in jeopardy as a result, my liver is ruined. It made my tolerance drop, and I feel like i've been unfair here at times as a result. I always did my best to be fair and understanding. One time, a poster here pulled me into an ongoing private message and I was so drunk I didn't even realize it was a PM, and scolded and modded some people as a result and had no idea that it was exactly that, private. I had no place or reason to get involved and i'm sorry. I've been on an ongoing collapse but i'm getting better. I never wanted to see this site fall apart, but we all have lives, Matt has a family, the team is bad, and LGW isn't what it once was. I just want to apologize to anyone who may think my actions were a part of it. Maybe we can get up again and be what we once were, cool FlashyG GDTs, tons of people posting during games. Let's just do what we can to hold it together. Legit gonna be a softie here, but I love a lot of you guys and want to keep a hold here.
  5. Might be the shortest GDT in the history of this site. Blashill is a bonehead with that 5:15 left in the 3rd goalie pull. Mantha is lazy and sucks. Zadina had a couple nice goals. Svechnikov had 4 points in 4 games, that's a positive, and that's all I got. Flush another one down the crapper, it's gonna be a long rebuild.
  6. Rasmussen on the Taxi Squad, seems like Svechnikov still in, will post lines when available. I'm reading Brome, Rasmussen are up and Nielsen are down, 4th line of Brome - Rasmussen - Svechnikov? LGW!!
  7. MabusIncarnate

    3/2 GDT - Red Wings at Blue Jackets - 7:00 PM EST

    Svechnikov - Fabbri - Ryan Brome - Rasmussen - Mantha Zadina - Namestnikov - Gagner Helm - Glendening - Erne DeKeyser - Hronek Staal - Merrill Djoos - Nemeth
  8. Let's make it 3 in a row, hoping to see more from Svechnikov tonight. LGW!
  9. Lines seem to be the same as last game, will update if that changes. LGW!
  10. MabusIncarnate

    2/28 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 7:00 PM EST

    Fabbri and Nemeth out, top line is Ryan - Filppula - Mantha
  11. MabusIncarnate

    2/28 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 7:00 PM EST

    Best case scenario, Brome in for Filppula, Biega in for Nemeth Worst case scenario, Brome in for Svechnikov, Biega in for Djoos
  12. MabusIncarnate

    2/27 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 8:00 PM EST

    Great game outta Svech, he's making a case to stay up
  13. MabusIncarnate

    2/27 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 8:00 PM EST

    I believe in miracles, where Djoos from? You sexay wing.
  14. MabusIncarnate

    2/27 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 8:00 PM EST

    Fabbri and Ryan seem to click. Hirose and Fabbri seemed to click last season. Ryan - Fabbri - Hirose when Bert and Larkin are healthy? I'd bury Mantha on the 3rd line right now, make the top line Bert - Larkin - Zadina and see where it goes. Mantha can go play with a couple guys who work hard every shift in Erne and Glendening and see how it goes, or some combination with Namestnikov.
  15. MabusIncarnate

    2/27 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 8:00 PM EST

    Looks like Nielsen in, Svech in. Not set in stone but DailyFaceoff just updated the lines as these Ryan - Fabbri - Mantha Zadina - Namestnikov - Gagner Erne - Glendening - Helm Nielsen - Filppula - Svechnikov DeKeyser - Hronek Staal - Merrill Djoos - Nemeth
  16. MabusIncarnate

    2/27 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 8:00 PM EST

    Still no lines yet, Fabbri likely to center the top line with Larkin day to day with an upper body injury
  17. MabusIncarnate

    2/27 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 8:00 PM EST

    I haven't seen lines either, came to post up that Svechnikov is in. Eager to see his placement and who is down, Mantha scratched again maybe?
  18. MabusIncarnate

    Seider for Captain

    Wft are spam bots posting about flubber for? Real excited, god I hope Raymond pans out and this team can find a direction.
  19. MabusIncarnate

    Goalie Flame War

    Finalists for the 2021 Mike Richter Award Spencer Knight, Boston College (SO – Darien, CT) Jack LaFontaine, Minnesota (SR – Mississauga, ONT) Strauss Mann, Michigan (JR – Greenwich, CT) Dryden McKay, Minnesota State (JR - Downers Grove, IL) Mareks Mitens, Lake Superior (SR - Ventspils, Latvia) Keith Petruzzelli, Quinnipiac (SR – Wilbraham, MA) Blake Pietila, Michigan Tech (SO - Howell, MI) Adam Scheel, North Dakota (JR – Lakewood, OH) Jaxson Stauber, Providence (SO - Plymouth, MN)
  20. My normal sources for lines haven't been updated since Tuesday, so i'll post up closer to game time. Now they are saying they have "no idea" how long Bertuzzi will remain out and is currently week to week. He had a shaky start to the season and this is a lot more down time, I expect when he returns he will need a handful to shake off the rust, maybe the top line can be reunited and the scoring will be better than 0 to 2 goals per game. I'll be here and watching, haven't missed a game this season but it's not getting much easier to sit through. In it for the long haul though, LGW! Also I noticed I have the option to "feature topic" and I have no idea what it's going to do so i'm going to pin and feature this bad boy. UPDATE lines a bit shuffled tonight Fabbri - Larkin - Mantha Ryan - Namestnikov - Zadina Erne - Glendening - Helm Brome - Filppula - Gagner DeKeyser - Hronek Staal - Merrill Djoos - Nemeth Bernier/Greiss (unconfirmed)
  21. MabusIncarnate

    2/25 GDT - Predators at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    1-1 after 1, Glendening with a goal from Zadina and Helm, first point of the season for Helm. PP 0 for 1 Bernier being Bernier and made some great stops, Preds scored their only goal on the PP from Granlund. Pretty even game so far.
  22. MabusIncarnate

    2/25 GDT - Predators at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Superstar Luke
  23. MabusIncarnate

    2/25 GDT - Predators at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Been a while since I did photoshop work here, we have a new sponsor going into tonight
  24. MabusIncarnate

    Hockey Trade?

    They came out today on TSN and said that there has been interest in Glendening, Ryan, and Staal from other teams and the Wings are ready to sell. If we can get anything for Staal, jump on it ASAP. I'd hate to lose Glendening, if the Wings were a good team he would be a valuable player to have, i'd like to think if they do move him, he could bring in a decent return. If Ryan wants to go to a better team, after showing nothing but heart, drive and hard work on this team, I say let him go and get something in return. Again, i'm kind of surprised Staal has interest, but jump on the first bag of pucks offered and get him outta here. I'd assume they would have to retain a bit of salary but either way. I'd be okay with moving Mantha if it made sense, i'm losing faith in how much he actually cares and is giving me the "I don't want to play here anymore" vibes when he's floating out there and seemingly putting forward minimal effort.
  25. Larkin - Mantha - Helm Ryan - Fabbri - Zadina Filppula - Namestnikov - Gagner Brome - Glendening - Erne DeKeyser - Hronek Staal - Merrill Nemeth - Djoos Bernier (unconfirmed)