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  1. They very obviously do not want Nyquist to score. They are swarming him like bees
  2. Might be the best defensive game i've seen out of Kronwall this season. He's been on point.
  3. Here we go, here comes my 7-5 final prediction
  4. Bernier has looked a lot better later in the season. I was real concerned after the first half.
  5. 8 years 8 mil NTC, get it done Kenny!
  6. I wanna see Toronto win it. I want to see St. Louis be the Cinderella story and go deeper than expected. AA! Hirose with the A looked like
  7. I will pay big money for that garden gnome if someone will go to that game and lock one up for me.
  8. Playing with Helm is worst case Ontario for Kuffner's confidence
  9. Bold prediction time We lose this one, but it's a ridiculous score like 7-5 in a very entertaining game Nyquist of course scores a goal on us Hirose AA Glenny line combines for 6 points Kuffner gets his first career goal A goaltender will get an assist LGW!! I'm in this one for the late night long haul. I turned on the 3rd period of the Bruins Lightning game, Bolts did to them what they did to us. Went into the 3rd down 4-2, and just capped off a 3 goal comeback for a 5-4 lead with 52 seconds left in the game. Tampa is crazy talented
  10. I'll be here for this one. I find that 2nd line very intriguing honestly, excited to see what it produces. Also getting a look at McIlrath? AND the return of Goose? Might be a good game.
  11. Oh wow what a finish, Larkin is a god
  12. I don't like Eakin he talks crap to Larkin and he's a dirty ginger.
  13. I love how the Vegas fans give the goalie a nice chant when he makes a half assed paddle pass to the right boards. All he's gotta do is touch the puck to get praise. No guys, we don't need a point.
  14. Bowey has had some good offensive chances this period. At least 3 by my count.
  15. I see our future Stamkos had another assist tonight Screw the tank, Hirose is our 1st overall pick. Larkin looks frustrated
  16. Quiet night, eh? Just got home myself.