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  1. MabusIncarnate

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Streaming live here, Yzerman is about to speak.
  2. MabusIncarnate

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    This is very exciting
  3. So the news hit that made fans of Star Wars both rejoyce and cringe. Walt Disney is the proud new owner of Star Wars and plans on releasing 3 new movies beginning with Episode VII in 2015. There's been a lot of mixed opinions, but my personal stance is excitement. Considering the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and the visual impressiveness of John Carter, I think Star Wars may be in good hands. I'm excited about what's coming in the future, and I know theres a few SW fans on these boards. Thoughts and opinions of SW going to Disney? Are you excited or dreading the future of the franchise? Remember... The Force will be with you, always.
  4. I just came for the nyquististhefuture meltdown
  5. I think it's fair to say, considering Chicago now has a top 3 pick, that the final season standings don't really mean as much as it leads on.
  6. Well.. 6th overall.. it was nice to dream.
  7. Stop asking questions if you know what's good for you...
  8. Looks at your username Your predictions for the future of this team seem accurate.
  9. Larkin EN Mantha 5th point GG Bruins
  10. Jimmy "The Rock" Howard
  11. I thought that got net, I think that's a goal.
  12. I don't like that call at all
  13. This has been an eye opener tonight. It makes me a bit more excited for next season.
  14. "Hey ref, check your voicemail you missed some calls"
  15. What are you even talking about? Have you been drinking?
  16. HIROSE!!! Best game of the season
  17. Bert 10 points in his last 4 games with time to play still.
  18. Come on Wings tie it up, I wanna see @nyqvististhefuture rage more
  19. Frk after shooting from the blue line
  20. Wow we got a PP out of that
  21. Luke is such an animal, gets me pumped up every time.
  22. Underrated effort from Hirose to carry that into the zone, he worked hard to create that.