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    4/2 GDT : Bruins 3 at Red Wings 2

    The only thing worse than internet people who believe their post count validates their opinions, are the people that POINT to their post count in order to validate their opinion. I was around in the 80's and the 90's, and it's a completely different game than it was then. Size of the players, coaching strategies, Goalie skill and equipment, rule changes. Being old enough to compare todays game with the game played in the 80's and 90's pretty much UNvalidates your opinion.
  3. Tane

    TSN: Winnipeg, Toronto and Edmonton top NTC lists

    Talked to a buddy of Corey Perry a couple years ago when the rumors were him getting traded to Toronto. His buddy said not in a million years would he go there, and he'd retire before suiting up in Toronto. Strictly due to the media.
  4. Tane

    Next Number to be retired

    0% chance Datsyuk and Zetterberg Don't get their numbers retired. I'm sick of all this "We're the Red Wings, and our standards of retiring numbers is so much higher than anyone else" Crap! The reason our numbers retired are few and far between, is because we fail to recognize our pre production line cups, and we were absolutely dreadful for about 30 years! It's just now that our guys from our good teams are retired, and have had lengthy careers. Excuse me, but hank and Pavel have both spent long, eventful, trophy winning, cup winning careers with this franchise. It's not like we've had a plethora of players winning selkes and Byngs and Conn Smythes left and right, but they wern't "Elite enough to sit up there with Gordie and Steve" Shut up with that Garbage. We've just been terrible. Now that the 90's teams are all retired, it's a new decision as to who gets up there and who doesn't. Hank and Pavel make it. Fedorov, will most likely make it. Osgood deserves it. Sorry, he's never had a losing season, even with the garbage Islanders and the Blues when they wern't very good. He started a cup run, and absolutely put the team on his back in another. He's amongst the all time leaders in every major goaltending stat, and even higher when it comes to playoff stats. It's not like we've always had goalies like this that "Arn't elite enough to sit next to Sawchuck" News Flash, Sid Abel didn't have a Gordie Howe or Steve Yzerman like career either. Played 9 full seasons with the team, won 3 Stanley cups, won a hart trophy. Fedorov, wow, sounds insanely similar. But add the Selkes, and an extra year or two. Both players iconic of a very successful championship era. Both deserve to have their numbers retired. The Red Wings don't have a lot of numbers in the rafters because we don't have this great, long history of elite players, like some Red Wing fans like to pretend we did. If Kronwall plays 15-20 years with us as a number 1 D-man, then yes, that qualifies him to get his number retired. No, he is not Lidstrom. But you don't exactly get 15-20 year number 1 defencemen every year in the draft. Other than Lidstrom and Kelly, who are our best defencemen? Chelios? Reed Larson? Chaisson? Coffey? Murphy? Vlad? Pronovost? All made impacts in detroit, But none a big enough impact for a long enough period of time to be considered retiring. I agreed with "honouring" Vlad, and make it official in some way. Hell, I wouldn't be upset if they DID retire it. No one's going to ever wear it again anyway, might as well. We've seen jerseys get retired due to deaths during a career, lets be happy it wasn't that serious, but give him the same honour. 40 13 91 30 55 16 6 Look at the Canadiens. A legendary player is a legendary player. They've retired a million numbers, and all it does is show every team that walks into that building how amazing their history has been. Our History has been amazing for the last 25 years. Let's not be too jaded to appreciate it.
  5. Tane

    Do We Really Need a New Stadium?

    When you go to a newer arena......newer as in the last 15 years, you realize what a Dump the Joe is........Great memories....always a good time....but a dump.
  6. Tane

    Thoughts on the Blackhawks

    Thoughts? For a team to have so many draft picks to win a cup, good job on building a team. To have to Dismantle that team and literally lose all your depth and start over from just your key pieces and come back to an elite level, They have an opportunity to be a model Franchise, if they can win a cup with that much turnover. It'd be like us Holding on to Datsyuk, Howard, Z, Kronner and a couple of prospects, and clean house and come back and win another cup.......Kinda what we tried to do, it's just that Chicago did a better job. Mad Respect. I'd rather see an original 6 rival like Chicago doing well over some BS franchise like Nashville or Florida dominating.
  7. 7/8 team "conferences" with the top 4 teams making the playoffs is the absolute best scenario. Long term for the league, you have to understand they'll add 2 more teams. This is what I've been dying for since 93, Divisional playoffs. I want the first 2 rounds of the playoffs to be nothing but rivalry games. This is what creates rivalries Not playing the same team 8 times a year. but playing the same couple teams in the playoffs EVERY year. Imagine your first round opponent's going to be Montreal, Toronto, Boston every year. I get goose bumps thinking about this. I'd take having to go against 1 extra team every year. Perfect scenario, 4 Conferences of 8 teams, You play the other 3 home and home, and the rest is against your conference. Give me Montreal, Toronto, Boston 4 times a year at home, an I'm a 41 game season ticket holder next year. Wild card or Not, Make divisional Playoffs happen. I fear a top 3 team in each division plus 4 wild card team 1-16 seeding scenario. the playoffs lost luster when we had first rounds against non rivals like Edmonton, Anaheim, Calgary, San Jose, I loved when we knew we're going to war with Chicago, St.Louis, Toronto or Minnesota for the first 2 rounds every year. That's how Rivalries happen. 4 divisions, Divisional playoffs, Divisional Championships, and Switch the Damn jerseys back to whites for the home teams, and Hockey will be back to being perfect for me.
  8. Hate it. Gustavsson's sucked since he came over. Couldn't hold a job for the Leafs. Joey MacDonald was amazing last year when needed. Nothing short of amazing. what happened to earning your spot?
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    Tsn coverage

    any internet TSN feeds?
  10. Tane

    Bettman Re-Alignment Proposal

    I've been asking for them to return to divisional playoffs since 1994. Rivalries arn't made by playing the nashville predators 8 times a year during the regular season. Rivalries are made when you're constantly playing against the same handful of teams every year in the playoffs. I'd love for the first two rounds to be against the same group of 6 teams every year. If the Leafs, Canadians and Bruins can be a part of those 6 teams, I've got a semi. It makes the 1st 2 rounds of the playoffs more interesting. It gives the 2nd round the Divisional Championship, which will mean something again. It makes the Conference Finals Champion vs. Champion. I love it. I love it so much, that I can almost guarentee it won't happen.
  11. Tane

    10 Greatest Wings Draft Picks in History?

    1 - Yzerman 2 - Lidstrom 3 - Datsyuk 4 - Fedorov 5 - Zetterberg 6 - Konstantinov 7 - Holmstrom 8 - Franzen 9 - Osgood 10 - (potentially) Jimmy Howard gotta point out a terrible accuracy flaw in the article though He didn't break into the league until 03 and when he did, he took over for Boyd Devereaux, who was one of the original 2 kids with Datsyuk. That Is all.
  12. Tane

    Hockey-reference.com Player Rankings

    Love it. Just ranked Yzerman ahead of Gretzky for an 8 point swing, to put Orr into first ahead of Gretzky. Got some tough ones though... Who's better, based on YOUR criteria - Jagr or Crosby Joe Mullen or Mark Recchi Trevor Linden or Kirk Muller Modano or Sittler. It's really fun, and I think, for the most part, you're going to get a true list of ranked players. I'll bump most Red Wings ahead, but for the most part, I'm being honest with my answers.
  13. Tane

    First Round of The Playoffs

    Teams I want Anyone in our time zone. Teams I don't Anyone west of Dallas. The way I see it, A Champion should be able to beat anyone put in front of them. If we cant' beat San Jose, then we're not 2011 Champs. I'm sure San Jose doesn't want to play us. If they can't beat us, they don't deserve to be champions. A lighter than normal travel schedule would be ideal. If we don't end up going to the east, I'd settle for at least going back to 4 divisions, and having the first 2 rounds the divisional playoffs. That would at least keep us palying teams like Chicago, Nashville, Columbus, Dallas, St.Louis, etc. for the first 2 rounds.
  14. Tane

    Tampa Bay Lightning unveil new logo / jersey

    I don't hate them. But...... I probably like the Lighting Jersey the best out of all the age of Reebok redesigns. I think the Tampa Bay white jersey is in my top 5 favs right now. Oh well, hopefully I can pick up a cheap Hedman, Lecavalier or St. Louis Age of reebok jersey cheap in the fall
  15. Tane

    Red Wings Skills Contest

    WE used to do it. Every team used to do it, and the best times/scores/ records from around the league would then compete at the ASG Skills competition. So, you'd have the hardest shots in the league, the fastest skaters, best stickhandlers etc. I went to the wing's Skills comp during the 95-96 season. It costa canned good to get in, and we sat lower bowl. Upper bowl was empty. Hardest shot was actually won by, gulp, Stu Grimson. That was his 2nd year in a row he won it, and pretty sure he shot it a bit under 95. I was 11 when I went, and it's too bad they don't have it anymore....Cause what a great experience... Just like the Red Wings Fan Fest / Red Wings Rally. Got tons of autographs during those. Never was atthe right place right time for Yzerman and Fedorov, but I did manage to Get Draper, Osgood, Lidstrom, Konstantinov, Kozlov, Primeau, Dandenault, Cicarrelli, Bob Errey, and What would I do without my coveted Yan Golubovsky Auto?
  16. I generally don't like Jersey changes, unless it's reverting back to 80's/90's style. I hated when they started changing everything in the mid 90's. Looking at the 91-93 jerseys, I can't say I approved of a single change that was made, other than maybe the leafs going to the 92-93 style. THe only teams I'd say I think look better now than they did during that era are the Lightning (but they're changing to a blue jersey) and Maybe the senators. I'm all for 3rd jerseys and throwbacks. As far as 3rds go, the crazier the better. I really liked the Original 3rds that came out. I loved the Ducks' Wild Wing jersey, as well as the Kings original 3rd. I'd have no problem with every team carrying a 3rd, a throwback and a home and away. I really didn't like a lot of the new reebok changes, and it seems like they're fixing up most of what I didn't like. They already have fixed a lot of them (Islanders, Flyers, Sabres, Oilers, Leafs) I think they're starting to get it right. go back to what we grew up with and know.
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    Same reason I don't go for the Spits, and I'm in Windsor. My Best Friend is a Ref in the OHL, and talks about how big of a whiny ****** Ellis Is. And the Stories about Taylor Hall....He'd Score a goal, line up for the face off and say "Man, these hands are worth millions" Or go to parties, take the ketchup out of the Fridge, Sign his name on the carpet, and Say, that'll be worth money some day. I could go on and on about How Big of a ****** Taylor hall was. Also, a few years back, My ex GF was in a haunted house (for halloween) tied up to the table. A bunch of spits came through hammered talking about how they were going to f*** her right there....thankfully, there was a 300 pound Man playing a butcher with her, and he threw them all out. And yeah, I knew a girl who had just about every Spitfire on MSN and had them separated by the ones she banged, and the ones she hadn't. I started watching when my dad would take me to Jr. Wings games at the Joe. My First game was against the Petes. I was a Jr. Wing fan, until they moved to plymouth....now, I can barely keep any interest in the league. All of these stories combined, really soured me on the spits, on the OHL, and actually Hockey players as a whole. Most of them are just Egotistical scumbags that believe they're gods, and everyone else is a piece of s***. It's the main reason I stopped collecting Autographs, leaned away from Hockey cards, and just am not as big of a fan of the sport as I used to be.
  18. Tane

    Claude Lemieux & Darren McCarty

    It's not letting me post game 4 right now...something about media or multiple posts....I'll post it as soon as it'll let me....I'm sure you can find it pretty easily on youtube on your own though
  19. Tane

    Claude Lemieux & Darren McCarty

  20. Tane

    Claude Lemieux & Darren McCarty

    What do you mean by anything? Those two have made up, they get along. Lemieux said he respects McCarty for what he did, and understands it. He said no hard feelings. He said he didn't necessarily Turtle cause he's a *****, but one of McCarty's first punches landed and knocked him dizzy. They've made up, they've moved on. If you still have a problem with it, than I guess it's just that. Your problem.
  21. Tane

    WJC Gold Medal game

    I said it last year, and I'll say it again this year. As a canadian, I really can't put too much stock into what our junior team does at this tournament. Recent trends have a lot of NHL teams carrying 18 and 19 year old players on thier rosters throughout the year, instead of keeping them down to develop. Look at some of the players that we could have had in the lineup. Matt Duchene (19) - One of colorado's Top Offensive players. John Tavares (19) - How good would he have been in this tournament? Taylor Hall (18) - Busy leading his team in goals in the NHL Evander Kane (19) - Scoring Goals at the NHL level. Ryan O'Reily (19) played 81 games for the Avalanche last year, Tyler Seguin (18) 2nd overall pick, Playing full time For the Bruins Brandon Gormley, (18) Defenceman, Injured. Jeff Skinner (18) Just leading NHL rookies in Scoring right now. No big deal, woulnd't have helped much....right? This year's team was incredibly deep on the Blueline. We lost a player that would have made the team, and been one of the top 2 D-men with Ryan Ellis, but was injured. Other than that, Canada's forwards would have been E.Kane - Tavares - Hall O'Reiley - Seguin - Skinner Duchene - B.Schenn - Ryan Johanson Curtis Hamilton - Connolly - Kassian 2 of the players that made the WJC all star team, would have been 3rd liners. only 5 of our forwards would have made the team. Our 2nd leading goal scorer would have been on the 4th line. In a true under 20 tournament, there's no question, we would have won every game by 4-5 goals. I'd have the same reaction had we won the tournament. Russia's top under 20 players were in the tournament, scoring goals, making a great comeback. Over half of Canada's best players under 20 were playing in the NHL that week. take a look at the 09 draft. Canada's first round players are in the NHL. This Team is made up mostly of canadian players that were taken in rounds 3-5. Who has the Best hockey talent under 20 in the world? Canada. It can't be argued. This is just an entertaining little tournament that we have fun watching for a week, during the holidays, and get a chance to see next years rookies, all performing on the same stage. I really hardly put any importance into who wins or loses these. The only other team that can make a claim to be missing several NHL caliber players is Sweden. But not as many, and not to the same Caliber as Canada.
  22. Tane

    The Big Chill

    No parking at the Golf Course for this, due to wet conditions. Alternate plans?
  23. Tane

    Red Wings history question...

    Hoooooly, 550$ for that one.
  24. Tane

    Bill Daly & Gary Bettman's latest Q&A

    All of the new cities since Bettman joined have had 100% to do with TV market size. That's why Houston and Kansas City keep getting brought up. Nothing to do with hockey markets, or chances of the teams to succeed... 100% to do with those are the Next big Markets to tap into. Definitely not a gate driven league, when most teams' gates don't even cover their players salaries.
  25. Tane

    I Just Won Tickets on The Ticket!

    Yeah, just get to the Joe. Go to the stairs. If you don't see it, walk around the building, it's at the other staircase. Go inside. All the way to your left will be will call....just pick them up when you get to the game, they'll have your name on file. You just need ID. Very quick, simple process....That's how I got the tickets I won off the radio before.