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  1. Even if he does, who wants an injury prone player who has not played in 2+ years and is on a 4x5 contract...nobody thats who. Hope and pray Weiss improves, because he will be a Red Wing for the next 4 years.
  2. Ryan's reaction was the best part. Simply Hilarious. Even scored with a wrong curve
  3. Lol at the title. Nice hit too.
  4. Worst part is that it was a SHG. Lebda shouldn't be seeing any PP time.
  5. By your description, it sounds like Don't bring me down by ELO. Just a shot in the dark though.
  6. A sharks player clearly pulled the puck out of the net. How did the ref not see that?
  7. ^ That is how you properly distract a player.
  8. Adding some fuel to the fire.
  9. I like this part. I would have thought one of these "structural protections" would involve not contacting the head of officials and "venting" about a possibly bad call being made on his son. Just me I guess.
  10. The "drafting" idea is interesting. Although I think it would be better if the coaches were the ones picking the teams. The fan voting is a bit of a joke and very flawed, as demonstrated by Habs fans last ASG.
  11. Sounds like a pipe dream for both Bettman and his haters.
  12. I dont remember who the pens were playing or who Crosby wanted to fight, but a few seasons ago Crosby challenged someone and the other player backed down because Crosby was wearing a visor. While on the bench Crosby had the equipment guy take his visor off. Next shift Crosby challenged the same guy and the guy pussed out. Now Im no Crosby fan, but that was bad ass of him.
  13. Yes but the repercussions are worse IMO. Like you said, players are going to start to think it's ok to skate with your head down while skating through the neutral zone and hitters are going to opt out of laying someone out who is doing so for fear of being suspended.
  14. Horrible. I was all for the league doing away with hits like the ones on Booth and Savard, but this is completely different. I should of known better than to think the league could implement and enforce a new rule without completely going overboard.