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    ice hockey, working out, hanging out with friends and family. my job. learning/studying medical stuff. my dream job is to take piet van zants job some day (wings athletic trainer)

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  1. hokeychik22


  2. hokeychik22

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 18

    Friday, February 25 Pittsburgh at Carolina NY Rangers at Washington Phoenix at Columbus Ottawa at Buffalo New Jersey at Tampa Bay Florida at Atlanta San Jose at Calgary St. Louis at Edmonton Minnesota at Anaheim Saturday, February 26 Nashville at Dallas Colorado at Los Angeles Detroit at Buffalo x2 Carolina at Montreal Washington at NY Islanders Philadelphia at Ottawa Pittsburgh at Toronto Boston at Vancouver Sunday, February 27 Tampa Bay at NY Rangers Columbus at Nashville New Jersey at Florida Toronto at Atlanta Phoenix at Chicago St. Louis at Calgary Boston at Edmonton Colorado at Anaheim
  3. hokeychik22

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 17

    went from 33 to 30 in the standings.. moving on up. i've noticed the past couple weeks filling this out at the last minute i do pretty well. got to keep it up
  4. hokeychik22

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 17

    12/21 not to bad. saturday killed me. hope the flamers wing
  5. hokeychik22

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 17

    Friday, February 18 NY Rangers at New Jersey St. Louis at Buffalo Boston at Ottawa Detroit at Florida x2 Philadelphia at Carolina Anaheim at Minnesota Columbus at Chicago Saturday, February 19 Atlanta at Edmonton New Jersey at Carolina Los Angeles at NY Islanders Ottawa at Toronto Florida at Tampa Bay Anaheim at St. Louis Phoenix at Nashville Dallas at Vancouver Colorado at San Jose Sunday, February 20 Washington at Buffalo Philadelphia at NY Rangers Detroit at Minnesota Pittsburgh at Chicago Montreal at Calgary
  6. hokeychik22

    Joel Quenneville hospitalized

    not a fan of chicago and don't really care for them, but i hope do hope Quenneville gets better soon. thats scary for tthe team, his family and hisself. heck chicago fans too (ick on the last comment)
  7. hokeychik22

    Draper the goal scorer

    as a huge fan of draper, gotta say one more year. his jersey is my favorite jersey i own
  8. hokeychik22

    Darren Helm & Justin Abdelkader Autographs

  9. hokeychik22

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 16

    5 or 8. pretty good for a friday, which i almost missed playing.
  10. hokeychik22

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 16

    Friday, February 11 Detroit at Boston San Jose at New Jersey Pittsburgh at NY Islanders Colorado at Columbus NY Rangers at Atlanta Minnesota at St. Louis Chicago at Dallas Anaheim at Calgary Saturday, February 12 Los Angeles at Washington Ottawa at Edmonton Toronto at Montreal Carolina at Tampa Bay Chicago at Phoenix Colorado at Nashville St. Louis at Minnesota Calgary at Vancouver Sunday, February 13 Boston at Detroitx2 i really hope they win for my birthday.. plus ill be there NY Islanders at Buffalo Columbus at Dallas Pittsburgh at NY Rangers Los Angeles at Philadelphia San Jose at Florida Carolina at Atlanta Anaheim at Edmonton
  11. hokeychik22

    Babcock post-game interview

    babcock was pissed, i don't blame him either. i would be too. my favorite part of postgame is hearing him talk. i love his comments/reactions i love miracle, could watch that movie every day and not get sick of it. my favorite quote is in that clip, 'when you pull on that jersey, the name on the front is hell more important than the one on the back'
  12. hokeychik22

    Funny Red Wings pictures.

    this is pretty funny. you did a good job on all these.
  13. hokeychik22

    Detroit Red Wings Charity Poker Tournament

    i just started playing poker with friends. if i was a little better, i might join. right now any wing would beat me
  14. hokeychik22

    Mysterious fainting by another Atlanta player

    reading this thread, i just think about fischer. edit: i posted that before i saw the video and the guy even mentioned fischer
  15. hokeychik22

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 15

    Friday, February 4 Florida at New Jersey Buffalo at Pittsburgh Columbus at Detroit Washington at Tampa Bay Edmonton at St. Louis Chicago at Vancouver Saturday, February 5 San Jose at Boston NY Rangers at Montreal Anaheim at Colorado Toronto at Buffalo Atlanta at Carolina Ottawa at NY Islanders Dallas at Philadelphia Edmonton at Columbus Minnesota at Phoenix Detroit at Nashville x2 Los Angeles at Calgary Sunday, February 6 Pittsburgh at Washington New Jersey at Montreal St. Louis at Tampa Bay