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  1. Will #5 be back?

    Just watched a segment of satellite hotstove,on CBC.They spoke of Lidstrom probably retiring because his decision will be influenced be his closest friend,Homer,who will probably hang them up now. His second son will also start playing hockey in Sweden this year,which will also factor heavily. Hope they are wrong,as he deserves a better swan song than this...
  2. WCQF Game Three GDT : Predators 3 at Red Wings 2

    Just got back home from the Joe tonight.The pregame light show was amazing,best part of the afternoon unfortunately. We also managed to get passes to the Alumni Club,where we met Bud Lynch,Nick Libett and Eddy Mio. Pretty cool for an old time wing fan. Just wished the team started on time for a better result.
  3. Helm has MCL sprain, out 4-6 weeks

    Helm would be a major loss,especially in the playoffs when he elevates his game even more. I think a reasonable replacement would be Connors, who's nearly as fast,and works equally hard.
  4. Lidstrom on NHL 36!

    Was this available in Canada? I couldn't find it before the game (NBC sport channel not listed in my area) Will it be on again soon? Thanks all..
  5. Wings vs Toronto - January 7th

    I'll be in the 10th as well,which section?
  6. Wings vs Toronto - January 7th

    Going to the game with a couple of kids....maybe take in the HOF and dinner? Where can you get some fine wings and beer before the game?
  7. Holland's most recent signings: Ericsson Modano Bertuzzi Hudler Howard Salei and a little further back, Drake Lang Lets give him props for the Howard signing at a bargain price,and the acquisition of Drake who was a factor in our cup run. Salei was a value signing,but little risk,little reward. The others.....pure genius.
  8. This has to be a 'sign and trade'................. please
  9. No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

    This is a Mike Modano signing all over again.
  10. Ken Holland: Open to trade to replace Rafalski

    My son's bantam house league team
  11. Wings vs. Flyers. Sept 22nd in London ON

    Im from Hamilton,but this venue will probably sell out in days,if not hours. I have seen exhibition games at the acc in toronto,and they have been brutal. The Leafs play their guts out,and we field a GR team. They win by a goal or two,and celebrate like its a cup victory. Probably the highlight of their season.
  12. Changes for Game 5

    Is late,Ericcson,happy?
  13. Changes for Game 5

    He should have had a few games under his belt by now. Erikson and Salei do not inspire confidence defensively,at least Kindl has an offensive upside.
  14. Changes for Game 5

    Here are a few stats for the third period: Hudler ....2 shifts...toi...52 seconds Draper.....2 shifts...toi...1.14 Homer......2 shifts...toi...1.42 Why dress players that you don't trust to be out there in the third?If they're good enough to dress,then have some faith in them.Babcock is contradicting himself with his benching of these players. I'll take Modano over Hudler Mursak over Homer Miller over Draper Give Kindl some experience please,Erikson can take a break.