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  1. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    1 Year at $4 mill with performance bonuses potentially 2.5 Mill (unconfirmed on CapFriendly) if this is what he signed for, Then Im more then happy to have him back
  2. Hockeytown_Ryan


  3. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Things that are better than the Wings special teams.

    A flaming bag of dog poop? yes/no?
  4. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Schenn suspended 1 game for a clean hit

    Call should of been made by the official. I wonder what he saw that made that a clean hit in his view.
  5. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Nick Lidstrom retires after 20 seasons

    I'm no lip reader... But I am pretty sure that is 100% accurate. Awesome Guy... I look forward to seeing his number in the rafters
  6. Hockeytown_Ryan

    2012 Stanley Cup Bracket Wallpaper Now Available!

    Totally Awesome... Fantastic work.
  7. Hockeytown_Ryan

    2012 Photoshop War: Predators vs. Red Wings

    Not mine......... saw this on Facebook.. Thought I would share it here in this thread.
  8. Hockeytown_Ryan

    2012 Photoshop War: Predators vs. Red Wings

    Thinking about cups! My little contribution..
  9. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Nordiques Nation coming to the Joe

    Was at the game today.. They were great... Cheering at the 15:15 mark Good spirits. I talked to one of them and he said it has been a great trip, I wished him well. Lots of them there tho.... WOW!
  10. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Puck on a String

    Thought this was a funny and tricky shot by a Russian player in a skills competition. sorry if doubled... Link with Video
  11. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Mike Milbury charged with assault

    #1) Its Pee Wee Hockey... Ever hear those kids jaw? I have... Milbury needs to let his kid defend himself.... THIS! if he had a problem with this childs way of talking on the ice... Its really easy.. You walk over to the other bench, and it starts with " Excuse me coach........." If what the kid said was really bad. If its just a little jawing like the article said, Milbury is just being a ******... wait till his kid gets to the Bantam level and gets his clock cleaned with his head down. ( Since there is no more open ice "body checking" in Pee Wee level anymore) I would love to see the reaction to that on video....
  12. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Matt Cooke already!

    Found the video in this link! At it already! Link with Story and Video EDIT - Sorry if already posted I did not see it anywhere else
  13. Hockeytown_Ryan

    Shelley Suspended 10 games for hit from behind

    HEH!!!! Here is his chance! Cooke Boards a guy
  14. Hockeytown_Ryan

    New goalie masks for 2011-12

    Mike Smith +1 Love it!
  15. Hockeytown_Ryan

    McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

    Story Says Salei was not on plane went on a earlier flight