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Kitchener Rangers

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I wonder if the Rangers will deal Kindl if he doesn't play better. They traded Heshmatpour...

Heshmatpour was one of the Rangers smartest trades, they dealt him and a second-rate goaltender for an amazing tender. Heshmatpour is big yes but he didn't know how to use his size and was supposed to be drafted this year but never was because his play was just horrid this season.

I don't expect the Rangers to trade Kindl as he is a european transfer player. Teams can have only 2 and if they were to trade one I would see Boris Valabik being traded before Kindl and only if that included a top-notch scorer.

However Kindl did play bad yes and why he was drafted 1st Round by the Wings I dunno...but I expect he will adapt much better to the North American game this year and become a much better defencemen then last year. Last year was bad, in the playoffs he was actually benched 2 games.

McGrath is an amazing player to watch though and Wings fans should be glad to have him especially as a Round 5 pick I think it was. He should make Team canada this year for the World Junior Championships and he's learned from one of the best in the CHL last season, Mike Richards.

The Rangers are a great hockey club that had the tools for a Memorial Cup Appearance however had the Champs in their division..The Knights, they gave them a better run then Rimouski even did. The Rangers have a great coaching staff and crop of players, i mean they lost 12 guys to NHL Rookie Camps and still won a pre-season game 6-4. They have produced great players like Scott Stevens, Paul Coffey, Al MacInnis, Derek Roy, Mike Richards and even a former red Wing Boyd Devereaux.

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I'll definatley be supporting the Rangers this year. I'm one of Kindl's biggest supporters around here. He's copped a lot of crap from people for playing poorly last year, but he's very skilled and last season was his first year of North American hockey. With a years experience under his belt, I think he will be much better set to make an impact this season, and we should see his numbers go up and a little more physicality come into his game.

As for McGrath, I agree that he is very talented and is a kid to look out for in the future. He has all the skills to be an impact player at the NHL level and just has to make sure that he keeps working hard.

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