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Joey MacDonald

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MacDonald had surgery on his back over the offseason and has been out for a while with another back injury this season...He has been a late bloomer and is developing more than just a one time thing with the back issues. A bad back isn't good fr life or for goaltending. Does anybody else think that maybe MacDonald should cut his loses and retire before he can barely walk?

I know that it is kinda rough...but he has to know that Liv is on his way over, Howard is the future, MacIntyre isn't that bad and Manny and/or Ozzie will be back next year, and with a bad back it will be hard to find a job elsewhere.

I think that back issues may prematurly end the career of Joey MacDonald.

I could be wrong and this could be mild, but Redwings central says:

With the playoffs right around the corner, Howard’s strong play has reduced the blow of losing starter Joey MacDonald to a back injury.

I hope he can stay but I wouldnt want the guy to jeopardize his own health to stay in the game

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I tend to agree with you that this looks like it's becoming more of a constant problem rather than a one-off injury.

I like the guy and it's always good to have talent in goal in your AHL team, but it's not like he's the ONLY decent talent we have. As you mentioned, Howard, Liv and MacIntyre are all there and chances are that all (well, maybe not MacIntyre) would get the call ahead of a healthy MacDonald.

Maybe it may be for the best for him to retire, but I'll leave that decision in the hands of him and his doctors. I'm just glad that he's not the ONLY goaltending talent we have in reserve.

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Old news.

Howard has been the man in GR for quite a while now. MacIntyre started tonight because Jimmy was called up. MacDonald is not expected back soon.

That is the reason why I asked if people thought he would retire. Because MacIntyre looks like #2 in GR now and MacDonald's back is becoming more chronic than a one time thing. Especially with Liv coming over.

Next year will look like







Which leaves MacDonald as the odd and injured man out

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