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Clement on Hasek and the Wings

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Bill Clement (Hands of Cement) weighs in on Hasek, Babcock and the state of the Wings' D in front of the Dominator.

Nothing in here that most of us didn't know, but a nice read anyway. Clement does a better job than most describing what Hasek brings to the Wings aside from simple puck-stopping. Hasek has changed his style of play to a more conservative flavor than in the past, but it's working.

So far, so good! :thumbup:

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Guest Crymson

Agreed. Dom is a team player now, too. Weight loss, stretches 55+ minutes per day, shows up at the arena an hour early &c.

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Dom has definitely been golden so far. He's never lost one bit of his passion for the game and he always gives his team a chance to win. And most importantly, he performs when it really matters and the going gets tough.

I feel much more comfortable going into the post-season with Dom than with anyone else and I feel that he'll show his best form in the playoffs.

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