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Photos from DET vs. NSH 3/6

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I'd love to be able to take pics like that!
Though I've had my work appear in Sports Illustrated and papers like the NYT, it isn't all that hard to take those kind of photos. I wasn't even using my top-end equipment (I would have KILLED to be able to bring my 80-200 f2.8 into The Joe with me!). Here's some pointers I can pass along to help:

1) If your camera supports it, use "manual mode" for exposure. The light doesn't change on the ice so, there's no reason to let the camera's meter set the exposure. Also, the white ice will throw off meter anyway and give you grey ice and darker players. If the meter doesn't offer "manual" mode, but does allow exposure compenstation, dial in about +0.7 steps of exposure.

If using manual mode, shot test photos to get the shutter speed and lens aperture right. If your camera displays "highlights" information and/or an image histogram use them to check for "blown out" highlights and make sure the ends of the curve on the histogram aren't againt the ends of the graph.

2) If you have manual, jack the ISO as high as it'll go (I used 1600) and try to get the shutter speed up to at LEAST 1/250th a second. Normally, I shoot hockey at 1/500th sec, but with the consumer lens I used it doesn't allow enought light in to go that high at ISO 1600.

3) If shooting the warm-ups, get the lens against the glass or as close as possible. This will cut down on the glare from the rink glass.

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These are amazing! What wonders even a "semi-pro" can do with a camera. I'm a complete idiot with my digital cam. Thanks for sharing the images of this exciting contest!!

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