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Bertuzzi's 4 minute double minor

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Guest Don Corleone

Alright, well first off sorry to the bitchy people who get angry when a thread is started that was already mentioned in the GDT or somewhere else before.

Anyways, I started this topic when Bertuzzi colided with a St. Louis Blues player.

In my opinion I don't think he really even desevered a minor penalty yet a double minor.

It looked completely accidental and he was not intentionally trying to hurt or go after the blues player ( who I can't remember the name of right now)

Does everyone think that this was a fair call, or was it complete B.S. , like a lot of calls the refs have been making against Detroit these past few games. :sly:

Thoughts, opionions, concerns, whatever else...

A player is responsible for his stick. It doesn't matter if it was an accident or not. The initial hit was clean and BertuSHE's stick caught Backes in the mouth resulting in a cut. Automatic 4-min. double-minor.

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I think the whole things comes down to spirit of the law vs. letter of the law. Not only was it not Bert's fault, it was actually Backes'. If the refs were able to use any common sense they could have let that go. But I assume they have to follow the rules exactly as they're written, with very little or no leeway. That doesn't mean I'm not pissed that they called it.

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