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RWNW: GAME FIVE Sunday, May 20

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OK it's that time again!!!!!

I am going to have Game 5 at my house on SUNDAY, May 20th.

Puck Drop is at 12.

I was thinking I'd make my famous guacamole and chips and then we'd order pizza's like we did last time (something impromtu).

Can you make it?

Shoot me a pm or leave a message here.

RWNW -- I expect you FRONT and CENTER!!!

It's an early game..let's pool our Red WINGS SPIRIT!!!!

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If only my parents weren't coming to visit....but the upside is that it will be on NBC so I will actually get to view one game this series!

I am extremely heartened to hear that such an unoffical gathering even exists out here. How many people do you normally get?



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