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1/3 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Wild 2 (SO)

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I hope to god we never put Z in another shoot out, great players horrible shoot out player.

Zetterberg isn't completely consistent, but he has rocked some shoot out goals that were very, very great. Against the Avs to win the game... You win some you lose some. Maybe try Hossa in his place, but I don't think Zets should be permanently removed.

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And you wonder why I love watching this guy. I wish I could have seen it live, but I got the chance to see him during the San Jose game, and his incredible patience with the puck is just amazing. He makes the opposition look sick, and doesn't think a thing about doing it. It's just like another day at the office for him.

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I got to see that shootout goal in person. It was quite a while since Pavel used that move.

First two periods were somewhat cautious but the third was great. Up and down pretty much all the time.

Hi! I was there too. Could you compare some notes with me? It seems like I was watching a different game than some people in this thread.

Refs did not call much. There were lots of things I saw that they didn't call (more against the Wings than Wild, it seemed to me- not that I'm complaining).

Kronner had some nice hits.

Homer was really getting some punishment around the net- no matter where the puck was. He really got under the skin of everyone who was in the general area of the crease! Love that guy!

Why Z in the shootout? Seriously. Why not Dats, Huds, Mule?

Is it just me, or did the Wings seem to totally dominate at times? (Would that it was more!)

Talking to Wild fans, I've gathered they hate their coach, but don't know his name. :hehe:

Ozzie was wonderful.

Dats is the greatest thing since duct tape.

I have some pics if anyone is interested in looking. Just some from pregame warmups. Just got a new camera, so not many turned out. (The Krupp jersey was on a fan, not a player, in case you were wondering.)

pics here

The other folder that says Det vs Min is from last year, again, if anyone is interested.

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