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RWNW: Game 5 Wings vs. Ducks

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This is COMPLETELY Impromptu.

I know it's Mother's Day (and my mom knows what an insane Wings fan I am so I actually have clearance clarence should our game not end at it's regularly scheduled time to be either late to dinner or to skip it)...

So here's the deal

Be here at 1:30. Puck Drop's at 2.

I'm kickin everyone out as soon as the game's over so I can make my 5:15 reservation (unless what happens is mentioned above) for Mother's Day.

Please PM me ASAP to let me know if you can make it.

If you want to bring stuff to snack on that'd be great as I'm not doing anything except hosting the party (yes, and we all know that means I'll probably still do something for us LOL).

Let me know ASAP! AndyinSDCA is driving up from SD.. Tami (Vladimir98) should be here as well..

CalWingNut too depending on her family's plans.

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Sorry Jacqui, cant make it. Too much going on tomorrow.

No worries octopus! :) It's such a last minute thing and it's mother's day I didn't expect a huge turnout. I think we're at about 6 people.

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