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Flintstone Cicarelli

I love Hockey Fans.

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I hardly think the OP is going to take career advice from someone that advises him to tell his boss to "f*** Off."

Seriously. ;)

Where are the Administrators to clean up the verbiage??? OMG!!

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As I sat in my local bar on the outskirts of Pittsburgh last night watching game 3, drinking a cold beer and swearing at Fluery everytime he bumbled out of the net and fumbled with the puck like a bear cub playing with his pecker with boxing gloves on; I couldn't but think "damn the Wings are killing us tonight".

Sure, we won. Sure, bounces and penalties and circumstances help the lesser playing team win a hockey game some nights.

But, I'll be damned if the rank and file Pens fans in the bar and the ones that streamed in coming from the game all had a voice of domination and Pens solid play etc etc etc. I sipped my beer silently and thought; christ all mighty, we better play more solid hockey in the next few games or we'll be watching the red and white hoist the hardware again. Three fans in the slot by Zetterberg and Franzen away from being a 5-2 hockey game; I saw it.

Then today, I visit this forum to see what the faithful Wingnuts are saying and I see threads about Cooke and Orpik and dirty play etc etc etc and I sipped my coffee and silently thought "When Krommie does it the Pens fans say the same thing".

It is all about perspective. Hockey fans have zero perspective and fine honed in homer feelings. And I love them. Sit in a bar and listen during the next game; you'll hear the worst hockey color commentary from the gin soaked louts to the right and left.

I love hockey fans.

I read twitterings of Bettman's hands on the game and his orchestrating a ratings series and I laugh. I wonder why he didn't give the Pens game 1 to make it real interesting. I wonder how he moves the post to deflect shots when he needs it too. I wonder how he knows that the 4 or 5 power plays he allowed the refs to call in each game would be enough to keep his master plan on track.

I love hockey fans. I do.

Heres to a great game 4, 5 and hopefully 6 or 7. I'll love every comment, off-based ranting diatribe, sickening me-focused screed and every bashing, tongue lashing and intra-hockey-fan-forum fight.

And my sphincter will buckle everytime I see a huge mule in the crease untouched and a sharp shooter in red left open at the point while my team in black stand dizzily watching. I'll sip my beer and wonder why in God's name someone doesn't d-up the point man and chuck the crease squatter.

I love hockey fans. I love hockey. I do.

Kudos :) , but i disagree with one point, here's to a good game 4 and 5 ! no need for a 6th or 7th :)

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Alas, there is no aventure in a 5 game series. You don't even have enough time to get the accumulation of adrenaline.

Tell that to my failing heart every time a Penguin takes a slapper from the point, or every time we can't clear the puck out of the zone. Adrenaline is the only thing keeping me alive during Wings playoff games!

Great post, however, without the "jaded"-ness in sports, we'd all be sitting in a circle, singing "Kumbaya". Not gonna happen (friggin' hippies).

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