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Tigers are finished!

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I will admit that Granderson was one of my favorite players and is a hell of a ballplayer, BUT you need to look at production. I think the Tigers are looking for a little more production to the leadoff spot. He his just .248 and less than .200 against lefties. That puts the entire team in a hole a lot of the time because he just wasn't getting on base. He has never hit lefties well at all, and I guess they were thinking that they would never be able to get as much value for him as they can right now, so why not replenish the system a bit with MLB ready prospects in a top CF prospect and some much needed bullpen help.

Yes, this trade really hurts because he is a fantastic player and person, but you need to look at the business part of it too and realize that the Tigers may be starting to build a better team because obviously something wasn't working the last couple years.

I hope you're right with the second part. But as to the first (which you are definitely right about), part of the problem is that Granderson should not be a leadoff hitter. The club had been saying since 2006 that they envisioned him in the 5-hole. Yet, in 2009 he was still hitting leadoff because he was the only one in the lineup with good average and speed. A true leadoff hitter is a need the club's known about for years and hasn't done anything about, while they were busy blowing their budget and emptying their farm system acquiring redundant players like Shef, Cabrera, Willis, and Renteria. So this is another way where past mistakes forced their hand to deal Granderson now.

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