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Which NHL Players Smoke?

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I know what you mean. Pronger would be the kinda player too. Just look at his face.

Pronger hasn't had weight gain since he was in his first year at St. Louis. He's not buff either he's tall and big framed.

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Kyle Wellwood. Big smoker, and Big Coke Head. He doesn't hide it when he's partying back here in Windsor.

You would think he wouldn't be so fat then :scared:

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Just a story. I have a few connection w/ the Predators, and just before Markov came to Detroit, they told me a funny story.

Morning before game, Predator team meeting in the hotel conference room. All present except Danny. 15 minutes into the meeting, he rolls into the conference room wearing just his boxers and the hotel bathrobe with a lit cigarette in his mouth. Coach stops talking and everyone just watches him. Markov crosses the room smoking the whole way without so much as the slightest acknowledgement of his team or the meeting around him. He gets to the breakfast table, grabs and takes a full pot of coffee, turns around and heads right back out the door.

I want this story to be true so I can laugh some more.

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Why not talk about steroids also? I'm pretty sure many NHLers use them. People just don't talk about it in the media.

Here's an interesting Finnish article.

Take Forsberg for example. He weight 86kg from 1994 to 2001. Then after that he got 7kg more weight in one year. How's that possible? We're talking about muscle here. This isn't fat. His weight had been stable for 7 years and then it just raised 7kg in ONE YEAR. And then it was stable at 93kg. These are professional atheletes, so as I said, it's muscle not fat.

How is it possible to gain 7kg more muscle weight in one year when you're not a teenager anymore? You have to play 82 games a season. When do you have time to train like that? It has been said, that adults can only get maximum of 3kg muscle weight in one year, with normal training.

And I didn't pick Forsberg for example because he's a Swede. It's just funny how stable he's weight has been. Then after 00-01 season the coach said that he gets thrown around too much. And he had to take those pills. Also, Teemu Selanne weight only 70kg when he came into the league in 1992. After the first season he weight 82kg. Now he's about 95kg.

Yeah? You kidnapped Forsberg and weighed him personally every year? Awesome.

Why would he not gain any weight between ages 21 and 28? That's crazy. They probably just didn't update his weight between those years.

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