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NHL's most and least valuable players

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i'm not really a scotty neidermayer fan, but him accompanying stuart on that list shows just how credible the list is...that being not at all.

This is simply looking at how the player does compared to his teammates (only considering those who have played in most of the games this season). I've stated why Stuart is at a disadvantage in that kind of a comparison (weaker teammates than normal, ice-time in situations that are likelier to lead to goals, etc.)... Obviously Stuart would have far better numbers by being on the ice with his normal linemates like Kronwall, Flip, Williams, etc, who can actually score on occasion, but this is a rational analysis of the numbers, many people are acting like the author simply made things up or distorted the numbers.

Consider, Neidermayer is the LOWEST duck in +/-... which is a very telling stat considering he's normally on the ice with Anaheim's more offensively productive players. Neids is one of the best D-men of the past 20 years, but he's had a pretty poor season. Now, he's still far more valuable than someone like Wisniewski, and I don't think the obviousness of that is lost on the author.

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