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3/20 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Canucks 3 (OT)

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hey kira, yea it was insane and lucky you that you were right there infront when dats scored the beaut! infront on nashville, and yea all night long he had the puck on a string the moves omg and in person when you see that you get shivers watching that man dominate no joke, and yea flip was smiling thruout the warmup at the poster i was near my sister to, and yes flip is a wicked guy awesome personality and very polite indeed, his birthday he gets a big goal shorthanded 2 assists and 1st star of an very very imp. game...ps i also told him when i shook his hand that hey fil i still cant get over the goal you scored in game 2 of the 2008 stanley cup finals that superman goal and he was like i watch it all the time on youtube i started to laugh lol but yea ill put the pic up soon!

I've seen Pasha play in a few games now, and believe me when I tell you that when he gets that puck on his stick, the house goes insane...especially if he scores a goal. He's almost poetic the way he plays, and just makes it look so easy and effortless. I'm continuously blown away by him.

I've met Flip up at training camp and he really is a nice fellow. Ive got some great pictures of him if you are interested. I've got some of them up on Facebook (PM me and I'll give you the link). I'll tell you this - he makes the women go crazy up there - they will scream when they see him. I'm not one of them, but I've heard it and seen it happen. You'd think The Beatles had hit town or something. :lol:

hey bud, it was awesome watta comeback i woke up this morning still stoked as if we won game 1 on a cup final or something the night prior lol, yea my sisters a huge huge flip fan and we met some wings after the game as there bus was leaving i got to meet flip and got a pic wiht him n talked for a minute or so ...so next time u go make sure you go to gate 6 right after the game you catch some of the wings n get ur jersey signed and a pic just remember that and if you got fb add me my names byron dafoe lol on fb

I don't suppose you got to meet Pasha?

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Following this team this season has been something else... from the gut wrenching losses to the last second victories (e.g. Helm vs LA or Zetterberg vs. Nucks) this season has defined for me what it really means to be a fan. I went crazy when I was in Staples, and even two nights ago after Rafalski scored I was screaming at the top of my lungs... so much the neighbor started knocking on my door to check if everything was alright.

Nothing like the Red Wings. This team has gone through so much this season, and I could not have put it better than Ken Daniels did in the Zetterberg winner last night..


I am eager to watch tomorrow's match.. and I am glad to see the site finally back up and running after I tried posting when my comp said I shouldn't visit it. Re-watched the game today on NHL Network. Just as sweet.

Cheers for getting the problems fixed MODS.

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