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Guest DatsyukianDeke13

Abdelkader Ready if Needed

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I think we should keep Eaves. He's got more scoring potential out of the two, he's more physical and has shown that he will rough it up a bit more then Miller. He seems to have great chemistry with Helm and if you add Abdelakder on that line next season they'll be one of the stronger third lines in the league.

Theres no way both are kept and Abdelakder is lost, no way in hell.

I would also prefer Eaves. My only fear is that he'll get a larger offer from another team the the Wings can't/won't match. Miller might come back at a lower price which would be the only reason to keep him above Eaves.

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Guest Lidstromboli

doubtful Eaves would get an offer higher than 800k - 1 mil from any other team

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