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Future stud for the Wings D?

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Kindl and Quincey have nothing in common. I've seen them both regularly in their first three years of their career.

Quincey - big, physical with a heck of a hard shot and a good hitter. More of a stay at home D-man. Not a fighter, but will drop his gloves in a second if it means protecting his teammates.

Kindl - faster, better skater than Quincey. More offensive upside, but far less defensively. Not a fighter nor a hitter. Not a stay-at-home D-Man...often caught behind the play in break away situations. Needs a D partner that can cover both spots. Has always finished the season with a negative +/- (-34 his first year; -14 last year; -4 this year to date).

Question: Does anyone remember who Kindl was generally paired up with 3 seasons ago when he almost made the Wings' roster?

I think when he said like Quincy he meant that he was god up with Detroit for a stint then went to GR and didn't play so hot, then when he came up to the NHL for good he was really good. I don't think he's comparing styles because Lashoff is a lot like Quincy I would say, not Kindl.

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