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  1. Motor city Smitty is a revived nickname but when I saw Ken Kal tweet it I thought we should bring it back for Brendan
  2. newfy

    Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

    Smiths advanced stats are actually pretty good. Hes a better possession player than Dekeyser who gets a way longer leash from wings fans than Smith even though he isnt perfect. Smith was arguably (IMO was) the wings best dman in the playoffs last year against Boston and was great on the top pair after the Olympics. When he has been given the opportunity in the top 4 Smith has actually been really good. I would like to see your stats and facts that support what youre saying. Last season Smith's ES production was tied with Shattenkirk, a point off Drew Doughty, 3 off Krug etc and he was ahead of guys like Franson, Wideman, and Enstrom. For his limited ice time Smith was very productive. I'm not saying hes a stud but hes actually solid when hes in the top 4, unlike what youre saying.
  3. newfy

    Now some gritty forwards.

    No real sense in trading for these guys until Callahan has shown what he can do. Like he said, hes very Holmstrom like in front of the net and in style. The thing is, he can also dish out the punishment a bit to other teams instead of just taking it like Holmstrom did mostly. Callahan has the speed to get on the D on the forecheck and throws his weight around well. After this season and whats so far (only 2 games) looking like a good playoff run, he needs a chance. 30 goals in the AHL just about, tough, fast, gritty and good defensively. Hes got a lot of things the wings are missing and since hes home grown he should be given a chance
  4. newfy

    Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

    Dekeyser starts 15 shifts in the offensive zone per game on average, while Smith averages 14. So while those are a different percentage of their actual shifts, Dekeyser should have more production to show. Youre also lying, considering Lashoff and Kindl both start more in the offensive zone than Smith. Excluding neutral zone starts, Dekeyser averages a massive 0.9% of his shift starts in the defensive zone than Smith per game according to extra skater. Smith starts 29.3% of his shifts in the defensive znoe while Dekeyser starts 30.2% in his own zone. Dekeyser doesnt actually start that much more in the defensive zone at all, he has a much higher neutral zone start that explains the difference in their offensive zone starts. So while Smith does start in the O zone already more, they are both starting in the defenve zone pretty much the exact same amount. So yeah, in other words their deployment really doesnt explain the difference either. Are you still sure theres that much of a difference or whats next on your agenda?
  5. newfy

    Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

    I actually didnt see the chip play at the time but thats still one play in an entire game. The fact that you cant say Smith had a good game against the Pens shows you have an agenda against the guy. He has been playing good hockey for a while now. He had a better game than Dekeyser did against Columbus, it just turns out that his one bad play ended up somehow squeaking past Howard. Dekeyser had a couple shifts in a row with bad turn overs but no one says anything. One got golden boy status from a good run at the end of last year but Smith has been really solid with Kronwall. As for your statistical and video evidence, you show one highlight of one bad play and that counts as evidence?? As for evidence, obviously Smiths pairings havent been hemmed in their own zone very much lately because has a team Dman leading corsi relative and even Kronwall is the only one close to him. Which means hes moving the puck out of the zone well and getting shots at the other end of the ice. On the other hand, Dekeyser has by far the worst of the D. Only Cleary and Glendening are worse and the gap in quality of competition doesnt make up for the difference. And you can also look at the fact that with regular PP time, Dekeyser still isnt out producing Smith (he has one more assist and the same goals). Smith's even strength production is right up there with guys like Doughty. To top all of this off, I wanna say I think Dekeyser looks good out there I dont hate Dekeyser. Just proving a point that while one has been somewhat of a scape goat with people having agendas against him, the other has become a golden boy whose turnovers are overlooked. Smith is playing really solid hockey and has turned it around since early in the year and last season. Both these guys are good, young players and it doesnt make sense to rip on someone like Smith while everyone loves Dekeyser. Maybe people love his defense because he has to make so many defensive plays because he spends more time in his own zone while Smith is moving the puck up ice.
  6. newfy

    Callahan called up from GR.....

    Overall I was impressed with him in his debut. Went after Comeau at one point to stick up for Smith I bleieve. Made some nice defensive plays, skating looked solid, even had a couple chances. Set up Joker once with a really nice cross ice feed. He looked much more ready and impressed more than Ferraro I would say. Hopefully he can stay in the line up over someone like Bert Thursday
  7. newfy

    Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

    I find it hilarious that you guys look at a bad bounce over his stick and say he was terrible this game. It was a bit of a risky play but that was a brutal bounce. And once again Dekeyser has a bunch of turnovers in a game and hes still the golden boy while Smith is the reason the wings lost. Kip you clearly have an agenda if you dont think he played good in the Pittsburgh game
  8. newfy

    Callahan called up from GR.....

    Yep hes in for sure tonight, good for him. I just read his parent swere scrambling to find a flight from LA to the game, good that they could find one. Hopefully the wings get a nice lead so that he can get a shot to show what he has a little bit. And UK I posted those exact same clips plus another one over on HF saying hopefully we see some of this lol
  9. newfy

    Callahan called up from GR.....

    UK did you intentionally copy basically my exact same post from hfboards or is that just a coincidence lol? And it doesnt sound like hes necessarily going to play tonight now, only if someone cant go. If Emmerton is in at wing and Callahan isnt in I'll be rattled. Emmerton doesnt help this team win games, he is filler. Callahan could show something that is helpful
  10. newfy

    Callahan called up from GR.....

    I hope he gets in a fight. Best way to start it is by laying someone out and someone getting the instigator. Than beat the crap out of the guy. Babcock will give you more games if he manages that, especially if hes solid on the PK. I think even if Bert is back, Cally is in for Emmerton
  11. newfy

    Callahan called up from GR.....

    Well deserved, should've had it over Ferraro imo in the first place. I know someone mentioned Pulkkinen not looking that great but its true that hes a scorer. Callahan and Ferraro will both be getting looks in the role that they will be playing next year. Ferraro didnt look ready, lets see what Callahan has. Hes had a much better season than Ferraro to date and is a heavier/stockier guy who wont look so weak out there hopefully. He could give us another presence similar to Glendening out there with legit agitator ability, middleweight scrapper and a PKer. Not sure his goal scoring will ever really transfer but hes shown he can bang in rebounds and tip shots, any scoring from the fourth line is welcome in my eyes. Hopefully he plays wing over Emmerton on Tuesday. He also leads GR in shorthanded goals
  12. newfy

    Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

    Its something that needs to be worked on sure but if it also gives them the best pairings why would you change it anyways? I think what they should try is Kronwall Smith Quincey Dekeyser Ericcson Lashoff Quincey and Dekeyser have been too good together to break up just because of Ericcson, same with the first pair. Ericcson and Lashoff might not move the puck well but defensively they can match up well with most players in the league. That pairing can be used to munch PK time and with Ericcson on it, they can play a bit more 5 on 5. With Kindl out I would just put Smith on the second PP and call it a day. Kindl blows
  13. newfy

    Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

    He needs to stay on the top pair, even when Ericcson is back
  14. newfy

    How does Kronwall not have a concussion?

    Concussion has become such a scare word now. Even losing consciousness doesnt mean you'll get a concussion. Yes they are scary and need to be taken seriously but sometimes I really think we're getting too worried about them
  15. newfy

    Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

    Shouldve had 3 points tonight