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Joseph Franks

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Prior to the 2002 season when Detroit won the cup, I started dating a girl from Dallas. Huge hockey fan, but a Dallas fan of course, and so didn't really watch much hockey unless tickets were on sale, and there was nothing better to do. Then she moved to Michigan with me where she watched every single Detroit game, every other night they were on. We eventually moved out to Colorado. We were hammered during the 7 game series between Colorado and Detroit that year (Yes, the one with the statue of liberty goal, where Detroit was up 4-0 end of the first, and went on to win). To this day I still talk to her periodically, and she follows Wings games religiously, and playoff hockey in general religiously, neither of which she did prior to meeting me.

During my time with this girl, I found a club called "Redwings Fans of Colorado", and a bar called "The Tin Lizzy" at which Redwings fans galore would conglomerate....in Colorado, to overfill the place beyond capacity during playoff games. People would overflow to the Old Chicago across the street, which would play all the Wings games on every TV.......right there in downtown Denver.

In Colorado, I started dating an Avalanche Fan. Unfortunately to this day she is still an Avalanche fan, but I started dating her less than a month after Detroit took the Stanley cup in 2002 (Again, in route beating Avs in that game 7 Statue of Liberty goal game). When the Avs got knocked out that year by the Wild, and Wings by...I forget whom off the top of my head, we mourned together :)

But I also got this girl to visit the Tin Lizzy with me, and the Old Chicago. We'd had a pact. I would go to her Avalanche bars, and she would go to my Redwings bars. For christmas I Got her an Alex Tanguay Avalance Jersey, and she got me a Nick Lidstrom Redwings Jersey.

Anyone else got any good tales of cross rivaly friendships/relationships?

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Guest Four

I played road hockey with Derek Roy when he was a Kitchener Ranger. I was the goalie and he hit me in the balls on his very first shot. That is all.

That is one awesome relationship.

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