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  1. The Noodle 39

    The Noodle 39

  2. The Noodle 39


    Ugh... Guy is showing signs of coming back to form and people still just want to trade him and complain? Be patient Wings fans! He is a good player and can be a great weapon come playoff time! He had to adjust his game last year and was showing good signs towards the end of the year i thought! I have always liked Hudler! Some of you fans are so spoiled! Be patient and give players a break! Our young talent takes time and patience because we have been the best team in hockey for close to 20 YEARS!!! So yea our Draft picks like Hudler and Filpulla may not be Yzerman or Gretzky like you all hoped.. but they sure do a lot of darn good and unnoticed things on this team! And i know Babcock and company give them credit unlike some of you!
  3. The Noodle 39

    Wings sign D Ian White to 2-year, $5.75m contract

    I like both signings of White and Commodore! Solid stuff I know everyone wants to replace Rafalski but you cant... IMO this can be a good thing cause Kronwall gets more ice time and he is our second best defensemen and i think is really coming on! Our D is solid and Erricson may surprise us guys! I think our D is set i want another forward and i think thats what we need maybe at the deadline we could add a goal scoring forward? Thats what we really need cause yes our whole team is solid but sometimes we have a hard time scoring goals in the playoffs and it would be nice to have a legit goal scorer but that is not in our cards this free agency but hopefully at the deadline? I think our D is solid and our goalie Howard good enough back there we need someone who can SCORE! Because we have too many playmakers on our team and no goal scorers lol. I like our team and there playmaking ability just wish we could fit in a brett hull like player in there heh be nice.
  4. The Noodle 39

    A prayer for our team

    Through Christ ALL things are possible!!! Go Wings Go!
  5. The Noodle 39

    Osgood on LTIR

    Thats a kid for us lol! He deserves a shot just cause hes 31 does not mean stick him in the minors forever i hope he gets a chance.. but probably not
  6. The Noodle 39

    Osgood on LTIR

    I say let Joey be our #2 in the playoffs this kid has earned it! I have seen him get bounced around the league and show promise with horrible teams but knowbody ever gives him a full nhl contract! Ozzie has had his time to shine give this kid Joey Mac a shot! Used to watch him make ridiculous saves for the Islanders last year and he has been solid for us lately even outplaying Howard!
  7. The Noodle 39

    How do you cope?

    Take Cover Child!!! Now! Go To Kryptonite!!! Switch To Robins Revenge!!!
  8. The Noodle 39

    Percentage of starts next year for Howard and Osgood

    I know im gonna get flamed for this but.. Come on people Howard needs a capable backup goalie! Osgood was HORRIBLE this past season so much so that Howard was starting every freaking game! We need a capable backup who can at least give Howie some rest! Now maybe I will be wrong next season and I think were stuck with Ozzie for 1 more year? Osgood might play descent or good next year to give our kid some rest but yeesh.. i know Ozzie probably deserves another year but please play descent to give Howie some rest or release him and pick up a capable backup!! I know some members here think Osgood has superhuman powers of verbal awesomeness and random veteran cup winning savvy of the greek gods that inspire and make Howard play insane but I just don't buy it.
  9. The Noodle 39

    Prayers and Well Wishes for Matt

    Hope you feel better soon Matt! Your in my prayers! God bless man!
  10. The Noodle 39

    5/6 OOT Gameday

    God bless the Habs!!! Wooo!! Talk about real hockey fans that arena was absolutely amazing!! Would love to see them in the Finals! If that happens the whole town of Montreal would have a giant massive stroke!
  11. The Noodle 39

    If the wings gets Eliminated by the Sharks....

    Well yea! Wings fan first and Hockey fan second! Always watch the playoffs. If the Sharks beat us then i would root for them to win the cup unless it's against a canadian team! So if it's sharks and nucks in the west conference finals then im rooting for the Caunucks! But if the Sharks play the Blackhawks then im rooting for the Sharks! And in the East it's all montreal baby! Go Habs Go!!
  12. The Noodle 39

    Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    Woohoo!!! In the words of a wrestling legend.. Dominik Hasek was the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!!
  13. The Noodle 39

    Mood Booster!

    LOL nice..
  14. The Noodle 39

    Holmstrom has had a great season

    None taken cause I believe only the elite players should be retired as well. I'm all for the players you just listed to not be retired also. I just think the only exception is Homer! He has played his whole career with us which makes him special and he's a freaking warrior out there man! But yea I know he won't get his jersey retired just wishful thinking!
  15. The Noodle 39

    Holmstrom has had a great season

    This cat deserves to have his jersey hung up in the rafters i don't care what anyone else says he deserves it! I don't think people realize how much of an important piece he has been to this team over the years! Holmstrom and Lidstrom basically go hand in hand there a combo and there offensive success should be credited to each other. Holmstrom has so much heart and he takes such a beating just so we can have some success out there every nite! Homer is an inspiration to any kid out there trying to make it to the big time. I love Homer man he is a true Red Wing no doubt about that!