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My bet with a Coyotes fan!

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But a shaved ***** still isn't really all that smooth.

At least you can't choke on a shaved surface. I always imagined I would die doing something sex related, but choking on a pubic hair is not what I had in mind!

Speaking of which, if you have a dog and you decide to shave make sure you close the door! I forgot this important step a few months ago and I had to watch my dog Ziggy throw up all over my carpet. :(

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1) How long after the recording stopped did the guy wait to throw up

He was a trooper, he didn't puke or gag at all. I'm really surprised because it smelled awful and I can only imagine that it tasted awful as well. Plus, he drank it all down at once, which I couldn't believe. But we had a couple of cold ones right after so I'm sure the beer put out the fire.

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