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Hey guys, I'm having a discussion with a friend about setting a deadline for Lidstrom to make a decision on his retirement. I felt it was only fair to the team that he lets us know by the 1st of July so we can move forward. My friend disagrees and thinks he should have all the time in the world. Regardless of this discussion it was both our opinions and is just a little back story on my question.

Anyways he cited Sundin and Neidermayer as two players given all the time in the world to decide.

He asked me for any examples of people given deadlines so does anyone know of any players who were given strict deadlines by GM's. I'm sure it has happened but as i'm no GM expert nor have a great memory I can't recall any.

Any help is appreciated and links to news or anything would help.


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Guest DatsyukianDeke13

Lidstrom told Holland that he will let him know sometime before July 1....

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While I was searching for an example I cam across the following which doesn't really state a deadline as in you have till x time but more of a dumb ass idea.

In 1996 John McCaw and Quinn, after many discussions and much pursuit and negotiation had Gretzky all but locked up as a free agent. The papers were drawn up and Gretz had all but committed and asked if he could have a night to sleep on it before he signed...Quinn said OK but Stan McCammon (Canucks President and McCaw lap-dog) when he found out, thinking that Gretzky was shopping the Canucks offer around, called Mike Barnett (Gretzkys agent) and demanded that he wake Gretzky, in the middle of the night, and give the Canukc s a yes or no right then at that moment, ...Gretzky was so annoyed and put off by this he said no and the next week signed with the Rangers.

Anyways I'm looking into the Heatley Ottawa situation and the 4 million dollar bonus. It fits what i'm looking for other than the fact he wasn't a free agent and the deadline was regarding a trade by the July 1st date.

If anyone knows of any cases where a deadline was given to a player to decide to sign or not that would be helpfull.

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