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Lemieux and McCarty

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As has been pointed out above, the fans should be holding players accountable across the board. Not just on players they "hate". If you are going to hold Claude accountable and not forgive, that is fine. The same could be said about Dino and Chelios as well since they did the same things when they were players. There are these kinds of players in every sport. Look at Bill Romanowski when he played for the Broncos and spit in the faces of players or broke fingers when he was at the bottom of a pile struggling to get a ball back. You love these players if they are on your team, and you hate them if you play against them. Just look at how much respect Chelios and Dino get on this forum for instance. Yet, no one wants to mention their past transgressions. Does your attitude change when you see the video or hear about Dino trying to take Richardson's face off with his stick? Probably not, but it should if you are going take the same attitude with Claude.

I hold no one accountable over what happens on the ice. What happens on the ice, stays on the ice.

The "Bill Laimbeer Effect" in action.

I have no problem with whatever happens on the ice, stays on the ice. I don't like LePeww, he made every team he played for better IMO. It's when he said Draper should be grateful for all the extra pub he was getting for the hit that was it for me.

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