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Guest Howard He Do It?!

Cooke suspended

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Guest Shoreline

so what I conclude from what's being said:

1. with no priors you get one free shot.

2. if you are on the ice against a player with priors its okay (perhaps even preferable) to skate with head down.

Don't forget:

3. if a player's skating with their head down it's okay (in fact, it's preferable) to stick out your elbow as a punishment.

Free Matt Cooke!

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Oddly enough, I think Cooke got too much. 6-10 games would have been sufficient, maybe add a 1 game suspension to the HC for effect. The current outcome seems a little too much knee jerk reaction to Mario's griping. What if Cooke's victim got severely injured... we'd probably be looking at a lifetime ban by this scale.

So if a star player (w/precedent) like Heatley throws an elbow, should he face a similar penalty? The league is painting itself into a corner with this one.

Yes. When you're talking about the safety of players, it doesn't matter if the offender is a star or not. But you do take track record into consideration. A suspension for a first time offender is obviously going to be lighter. But Cooke is a proven dangerous commodity and honestly expulsion from the league wouldn't be overkill.

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