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Prospect Rankings

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Detroit's recent drafting has really shot them up in the prospect pool rankings.

Hockey Prospectus has Detroit first:


Hockey Buzz ranked them 5th:


ESPN has them ranked 5th:


Hockey's Future has them 12th:


Considering other "win now" teams like San Jose, Vancouver and Washington are consistently at the bottom, this bodes well for the future.

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Hockey Prospectus, their ranking is horrible. It is clear that they with bad methods.

Our farm system is really good and getting better, but it isn't the top right now.

I have to say LA is still, they have a ton of prospects.

The Wings are in the top ten for sure, and these rankings might end up being 5th or so if the guys we drafted stay on target.

Have to point out the HockeyBuzz ranking IS the ESPN ranking, and they aren't a good source to go to IMO.

The Panthers are ranked high, but they will likely end up downgraded because things don't work out for them that well. Though I think they got a bump because their draft this year was amazing.

LA might not be first in these rankings just because they lost their top prospect getting Richards.

Hockey's Future is the best list of the group. I think they are the most conservative estimate on us, yet they recognize our strengths and potential.

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