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  2. egroen

    Jimmy D Speaks out on Lockout, fined $250k

    Jimmy D is a high school dropout who grew up in the bad part of Toronto (yes, they exist in Canada). Eloquence is not his strong suit, but I frankly love it. But the man is a hockey genius and has been a key component on 8 Stanley Cup winning teams. Yeah, fire him.
  3. egroen

    Jimmy D Speaks out on Lockout, fined $250k

    While I side with the owners that percentage of revenue going to the players should go down, contracts signed before the old CBA should be grandfathered in. That's a very legitimate player gripe. It also happens to greatly favor the Wings, who really have not signed any outrageous deals.
  4. egroen

    Jimmy D Speaks out on Lockout, fined $250k

    Love Jimmy D interviews - his frankness is refreshing. Flipping it, to 43% players and 57% owners still seems like a good deal to me. That's still a huge chunk to the players, but you have to remember the owners still have to pay coaches, scouts, doctors, vendors, trainers, administrators, insurance, marketing and maintenance. Imagine if doctors at a hospital demanded 50% of all revenues? It's getting real hard for me to side with the players as this keeps going on. My biggest worry is contracts coming down so much the NHL can not compete with a league like the KHL for top salaries. It's just too bad the top dogs on each side are famous for relating poorly with the other side - Fehr and Bettman.
  5. Tretiak never distanced himself from Dryden or Holacek in his time and Kharlomov was a romantic flash in the pan who is well behind Makarov and only amongst numerous other talented Russian forwards. Fetisov, the "Russian Bobby Orr" is alone amongst his peers in international competition and accolades, while also proving his place in the NHL during his twilight years. Goalies: Hasek Roy Sawchuk Plante Hall Tretiak is in the discussion with Brodeur, Dryden, Holachek, Durnam, Benedict and a couple others to round out the top 10 of all-time. Defensemen: Orr Harvey Bourque Lidstrom Shore With Potvin, Fetisov, Kelly and Robinson rounding out the argument for #6. There is an argument for Fetisov or Tretiak as the greatest Russian player of all-time.... Kharlomov is far, far behind.
  6. Subjective wording from the OP. Fetisov is, IMO, the greatest Russian player of all-time... I voted for him. As far as the greatest Russian player throughout their Wings career, it comes down to Fedorov and Datsyuk.... Which is a hard choice to make. Both are two-way monsters, but thus far I give the edge to Fedorov who always was a playoff dynamo, while Datsyuk has been more of a hit or miss.
  7. I think it is pretty guaranteed he'll continue to clean his act in Detroit, but good lord, I pray he does not lose his edge and get to thinking he's being paid to only hit, forecheck and score the occasional point - Wings have been needing a Maltby and McCarty type for a while, and Abdelkader is not it. Tootoo is a rare combination of pest, legit middleweight fighter, and skills to actually take a regular shift. I'd rather see him keep his dirtiness than turn into Abdelkader 2.0 on the Wings.
  8. egroen

    Player Haters (not so) Anonymous

    Ulf Samuelsson and Uwe Krupp were guys I never got behind wearing the Winged Wheel.
  9. egroen

    Nyquist vs. Brunner

    It's hard to imagine Brunner showing even half of what I am hoping to see from Nyquist - I just think Nyquist has the chops to be a first line, two-way difference maker. Brunner/Swiss league is just a huge unknown variable to me (spoiled a bit by Brunnstrom/Leino in all honesty) . I hope/believe Smith/ Nyquist have the talent to make a run at the Calder... crazy if Brunner is there too.
  10. egroen

    Andreas Athanasiou Helm speed with better hands. Could be a steal. Shootout at the end of the clip is one of the cooler ones I have ever seen. "Athanasiou idolizes and models his game after two Russian stars, Pavel Bure and Pavel Datsyuk. Shows speed like Bure and hands like Datsyuk."
  11. Uwe Krupp is being ignored as well, for some odd reason.
  12. Lidstrom is the only one who was right at his peak/prime that year and if you couple his regular season + playoffs was probably the best player in the world... Though Yzerman had nothing short of a heroic performance in the playoffs that year and I would not have blinked twice if he had won the Conn Smythe.
  13. egroen

    Bouwmeester opinions? Potential trades? *merged*

    Philly, Nashville and the Blues are now all said to be bidding for JBo - agree he is going to be too pricey. At this point the Wings should trade a bottom 6 forward and draft pick to San Jose for Doug Murray and hope an opportunity presents itself at the trade deadline... or maybe Volchenkov from NJ (though like JBo he has a no-trade clause) . SJ and NJ have too many defensemen right now.
  14. '09 loss to Penguins '06 loss to Edmonton '03 loss to Ducks '01 loss to Kings '95 loss to Devils All sucked and were not much fun to watch.
  15. Great choices... Beliveau should be #1. Top player and captain on two dynasties who exemplified class and integrity. I'd put Gretzky and Yzerman as 2a and 2b. Gretzky gets underrated as a captain b/c of Messier, but when it gets to sports beyond high school, I believe the "lead by example" leader speaks to more than the "in your face" type of leadership which speaks to some but turns off others. I do not put Sakic at Yzerman level simply because he signed an offer sheet from the Rangers, while captain of the Avalanche.